Portable North Pole – Review

With two children whose innocence of Santa Claus is so lovely to watch, the perfect accompaniment to the run up to Christmas each year is Portable North Pole. With personalised messages, videos and phone calls, it really has it all to show your children that Santa really is watching them and knows who they are and what they get up to.


The service offers a free version with limited options but is still fantastic as we have used this over the last few years.  This year though I had the opportunity to try out the Magic Pass which at £9.99 opens a lot more options with:

  • Unlimited premium videos
  • The reaction recorder
  • Unlimited Santa calls
  • HD downloads
  • Storytime with Santachild_digital_gift_guide_lr_en

For me the value of the pass is fantastic especially with two children as I have a range of videos to choose from which means they can always receive different words from Santa.  That’s particularly important to me as I don’t want them to give up the dream of Santa dropping their presents down the chimney on Christmas Eve!

They have both received their first video this year and it’s the smile on their faces as they eagerly watch it that gets me, then the questions they come out with: How does Santa know this?, How does Santa know that?


I’ve been busy creating some other videos for each of them to watch over the next few weeks.  What I like about them is that they are only a minute or two long, perfect for your child’s attention span, and with all the personalisation, names, relatives, where they live and even photos, it really does help to bring the magic alive!  I’m particularly looking forward to the Christmas Eve video and also Santa’s storytime each week which I think my youngest will really appreciate.

Portable North Pole really does make your kids Christmas really special and adds to the build up throughout December.  I’d highly recommend it to add to the Christmas spirit in your household and keep everyone on their toes – Remember Santa knows if you are being naughty or nice!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.




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