Plum Little Foodies meals – Review

When Plum sent me some of their Little Foodies meals to try, I was really keen to see how well they would be enjoyed by Mister B.  I often find myself rushing in the door after a busy day and the first thing Mister B says is “I want my dinner”.  I want to try and keep his main meals as nutritious as I can although when time is limited and you have a hungry 2yr old it would be good to have something in the cupboard that is quick and easy to heat up and serve.

The Little Foodies range from Plum are super-nutritious meals with chunky textures aimed at 1-3 year olds and contain at least two of their daily portions of vegetables.LITTLE FOODIES RANGEThe four meals in the Little Foodies range are:
Caribbean Jerk Mango & Chicken with Wholegrain Rice
Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Apricots & Bulgur Wheat
Neapolitan Tomato & Beef Ragu with Ditalini Pasta
Vegetable Biryani with Wholegrain Rice – a vegetarian dish with 3 of a toddlers 5 vegetables a day!

The first meal that Mister B tried was the Morroccan Lamb Tagine with Apricots & Bulgur Wheat which he seemed to throughly enjoy and tucked into until his dish was empty.  One thing I was intrigued about before we tried these meals was the portion size and whether it would be enough to fill a 2.5yr old without be having to top him up after.  I’m pleased to say that I found these generously sized and more than enough to fill him up.  He polished off each meal to the end with the exception of the Vegetable Biryani which he didn’t seem quite so keen on.

Plum meals

I think these meals are great for keeping at home in the cupboard for days when time is short, or excellent to take out and about when all you need to do is heat and eat!  The nutritional value in these is really high and the variety of vegetables, spices and grains used is really good to give your toddler a good palate and keep them interested in vegetables.  We really enjoyed trying these meals and will definitely be keeping a few in the cupboard for those awkward days.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

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  1. Soni says:

    I still use these for my 5 year old sometimes as a quick mix in to yoghurt

  2. Soni says:

    I mean the fruit sachets of course!

  3. Love iti try in most of time

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