Personalised Photobook for your child from love2read – Review

What child doesn’t love seeing themselves in a book?  So the combination of personalised photos, text and keywords all put together in glossy, little book makes the perfect gift for children.  Love2read have created an easy to use website which allows you to make such a book.  It is simple to use with a set format for the book, although there are many titles to choose from and it does allow for customisation of colours, text and the main title.


I took inspiration from one of the suggested titles “I love…” and changed it to “We love…” to allow both of my children to enjoy it.  I filled it with pictures of them together and added the appropriate text, each page starting with “We love…”.

The idea is for the child to read the book themselves and the fact that it includes photos of people they know encourages the child and gives them the motivation to want to read it.

So what did 5 yr old Miss M think?

Her first reaction was “wow, it’s got me and Mister B on it”.  She couldn’t wait to turn the pages and the little grin on her face said it all – she loved it.  She was fascinated at seeing a book full of pictures of herself with her little brother.  She read through the book, all the words being quite simple so she managed really well.


I really liked this book,  having personalisation in a book is always a hit.  The pages are quite thick with a super glossy front cover to add to the quality.  With it’s simple to use website, I think these make an excellent gift for children that they’d all enjoy not only to help and assist them in reading, but as a treasured keepsake book that they would hold on to for many years.

Check out the love2read website for more info and you may just feel inspired to make one yourself!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.


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  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    Great idea for Christmas!

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