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Everyone likes to keep a diary of some sort to try to organise their day to day lives.  I normally have a small diary then end up with lots of bits of paper stuffed in it or separate notepads on the go.  So when I discovered some gorgeous Personal Planners I was intrigued to find out more.  They let you customise each element of the design from the picture on the front, to the page layout inside, even down to the colour of the ruler and elastic that holds it closed!

ppI have ordered a planner to review and can’t wait for it to arrive, a lovely size to keep all my dates, things I need to do and lists in.  There are additional pages at the back which you can choose to have either as plain pages, colouring in pages, puzzles etc.  The personalisation is great, so much more than just picking a front cover, it really lets you change each aspect to create a truly unique planner.

pp2If you would like to win one of these lovely planners for yourself, the perfect way to organise your life for 2014, then enter my giveaway below.  The winner will receive a code allowing them to choose and customise their own planner in any design of their choice.

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88 thoughts on “Personal Planner giveaway

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  2. I use post-its and scraps of paper that I stuff in my bag and forget about. I used to use my phone but I couldn’t figure out how to use it properly.

  3. Lists in my diary, lists on the kitchen noticeboard, Post Its on the back of the front door, lists in my purse, sticky notes on my laptop, a letter rack filled with various notes on scraps of paper – it really isn’t an ideal system!

  4. By getting up early, clearing the kitchen, doing the washing or inroning in the morning and making lists as I go along, crossed off the list, Grandads present has gone in the post….

  5. I have a pretty good memory but there are always a few things I forget so as I randomly remember them, I note them on a “to do list”

  6. loads of bits of paper attached to the fridge with magnets that always fly off when somebody (usually moody teen) slams the fridge door shut, and all the bits of paper fly off under the fridge

  7. Scraps of paper, that generally haven’t got full message on so when I find them, end up wondering whose number it is p, or what’s happening on that date.

  8. Post-its on my fridge atm its a lovely array of colours especially with al the chocolate finger prints on them where the kids have been think I need to throw a few out

  9. Lists upon lists that then get drawn on by children or used for shopping lists so not very organised at all so one of these would be perfect

  10. I use scraps of paper scattered on my desk. I used to have a planner which was great for organising stuff but I used it all up, been meaning to get a new one!

  11. I’m ok at the moment as i’m off on maternity leave – am going to need something to help when I go back to work in January & this planner looks fab. I usually get by using various apps on my phone but they only work if you remember to check them!

  12. I have a wall calendar in my kitchen which I write absolutely everything on as my memory is terrible! But I really do need something I can carry around with me, as if friends ask me if I’m free I always have to say can i let you know when I get home and check the calendar!

  13. I’m professional, I’m always organised, stay away from scatty brained people, loads of which are in town centres and shopping malls, supermarkets (hurling uneducated comments thinking they are clever)

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