Miffy TV comes to Tiny Pop + Win a Miffy Sensory Toy

Miffy is an absolute classic in this house, a character I’ve loved as long as I remember, and one that my children haved loved from birth with their cudldy Miffy’s, Miffy blankets and such like.

We’ve had a Miffy dvd for the last few years that we watch regularly, but how excited were we to discover a new series of Miffy on one of my children’s favourite tv channels – Tiny POP!  On at 7pm each evening you can catch two episodes of Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small.

Miffy on Tiny PopLast night we watched an episode about Miffy playing hide and seek with her dog friend Snuffy.  It was a really cute episode and what we like about the programmes are that they are easy to watch, simple to understand and really fun viewing.  Accompanied by music the programmes are a pleasure which even I enjoy.  With simplistic illlustrations it’s easy to catch up with what’s going on and both my children aged 5 and 7 are glued to it. My children tend to bath, come down in their pyjamas and watch Miffy with a hot chocolate before heading back up to bed for a story and sleep.

As well as the TV series, there are endless number of Miffy items available, all of which look so cute and appealing, including this fabulous sensory Miffy.

Sensory Miffy (4)I have one of these sensory Miffy toys suitable from 6 months+,  to giveaway to one lucky reader!

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247 thoughts on “Miffy TV comes to Tiny Pop + Win a Miffy Sensory Toy

  1. I loved her sturdy little story books! I had a few and loved the simple but cute illustrations – I used to attempt to trace them!

  2. Oh wow! I loved Miffy as a kid. I remember sitting with my mummy reading the books which I still ahve (im now 36!) and I sit with my daughter and read them. She would adore this prize!!

  3. My favourite memory of Miffy is it being my favourite bedtime story, I remember my mum trying to hide it in the bottom of the pile so I would choose something else.

  4. I remember my Mum treated me to a Miffy book when shopping in Sainsbury’s and I was then hooked! I loved that when I had kids I could then read it to them.

  5. I remember when I was really young, my mum took my sister and me to a bookstore with a Miffy event because we really loved Miffy, and we had our faces painted…Probably to look like Miffy, but I can barely recall seeing my reflection in the subway window when we were coming back from the event, feeling all happy…ahhh, fond memories.

  6. I remember my dad,who was a long distance lorry driver,bought me a Miffy book,my first straight from holland,he read it to me the night he came back,after being on the road for 3 weeks x

  7. Sitting on the mat at playgroup listening to my Gran (she worked there) read Miffy books, then years later sitting in the same seat reading the same books to the next generation 🙂 x

  8. When I was little I used to have a Miffy puzzle, I remember it so well!! I remember dropping it down the stairs once, and watching all the pieces of Miffy and her friends jump and scatter themselves down the stairs!!

  9. We had a big miffy poster in our nursery, it was in our nap time room, I can still remember staring at it for what seemed like ages.

  10. I remember so well reading the lovely Miffy stories to my children, and now I’m reading them to my little granddaughters! The years have flown by (I am the same age as Miffy!) and dear little Miffy hasn’t changed a bit in all those years. So lovely to see our next generation enjoying the magic of Miffy. Timeless!

  11. I had a little cardboard Miffy Book, I’m thought Miffy had red clothes back then though. Can’t remember, was too long ago.

  12. I remember my aunt giving me a Miffy cuddly toy from Hong Kong it was dressed in a lovely pair of red silk pyjamas and it was lovely

  13. Having my mother read me Miffy Bedtime stories – drifting off to beautifully dream filled slumber with images of Miffy stamped on it!

  14. I’ll be honest, it’s not a character i’m familiar with.
    However it seems really popular and our first child is due in April so would love it 🙂 Thanks

  15. i remember my mum reading this to me when i was very young she would cuddle me and read it, its a special memory for me as she passed away when i was 10

  16. Using the Miffy App, my child is autistic and we have found this is great for him, it captures his imagination and gets him involved in the stories.

  17. I used to love reading the books when I was a kid and now I read them to my daughter.She simply loves hearing Miffy stories at bedtime.

  18. My eldest son used to love miffy so much he named our kitten after her about 12 years ago. Now my two younger children love her too!

  19. My son has just started really liking books and Peekaboo Miffy is his absolute favourite. So just at the beginning of making memories, but the toy would help!

  20. I’m going to be totally honest I have absolutely no memory of Miffy, I’ve only heard of it because my little girl likes her/him

  21. My favourite memory of Miffy as a child is one of my earliest memories – in our local library with my Mum, fascinated by the bold colourful illustrations in the Miffy books.

  22. I remember going to the libary on a sat morning with my mum and Miffy books were always the first i picked up each week. I remember sitting in the childrens book corner after choosing my books to take home and whilst waiting for my mum i would start to read the books. I obviously just couldn’t wait til i got home lol

  23. Reading Miffy books with my then best friend, a Dutch girl whilst we went to a Dutch pre-school in Bahrain back in early 80’s 😀

  24. To be honest the earliest I remember Miffy is when my daughter was first born and now her two little brothers like Miffy too!

  25. I remember going on holiday to Holland when I was small. We visited Utrecht and went to a shop which had all sorts of Miffy toys and other items that were not available in England. My sister and I were each allowed to choose 1 toy (due to luggage restrictions). My Miffy toy came with additional outfits so you could change her clothes. I kept her until I was in my teens, then sadly she got given away to charity when I was at college. I just hope that someone bought her and enjoyed her, although she was a bit threadbare by that time.

  26. I remember visiting our local library as a child and seeing the bright bold illustrations of the Miffy books and being drawn to them as they were so different to the others

  27. This brings back so many lovely memories as a child. My mum tucking me in and reading a miffy story to me. Wonderful to think about.

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