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Miffy TV comes to Tiny Pop + Win a Miffy Sensory Toy

Miffy is an absolute classic in this house, a character I’ve loved as long as I remember, and one that my children haved loved from birth with their cudldy Miffy’s, Miffy blankets and such like.

We’ve had a Miffy dvd for the last few years that we watch regularly, but how excited were we to discover a new series of Miffy on one of my children’s favourite tv channels – Tiny POP!  On at 7pm each evening you can catch two episodes of Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small.

Miffy on Tiny PopLast night we watched an episode about Miffy playing hide and seek with her dog friend Snuffy.  It was a really cute episode and what we like about the programmes are that they are easy to watch, simple to understand and really fun viewing.  Accompanied by music the programmes are a pleasure which even I enjoy.  With simplistic illlustrations it’s easy to catch up with what’s going on and both my children aged 5 and 7 are glued to it. My children tend to bath, come down in their pyjamas and watch Miffy with a hot chocolate before heading back up to bed for a story and sleep.

As well as the TV series, there are endless number of Miffy items available, all of which look so cute and appealing, including this fabulous sensory Miffy.

Sensory Miffy (4)I have one of these sensory Miffy toys suitable from 6 months+,  to giveaway to one lucky reader!

Just fill in the Gleam form below:


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  1. Tracy K Nixon says:

    I loved her sturdy little story books! I had a few and loved the simple but cute illustrations – I used to attempt to trace them!

  2. Samantha Loughlin says:

    My nana reading books to me when I was little xxx

  3. I really enjoyed the books when I was younger and I intend to read them to my two too as they are adorable <3

  4. Greig spencer says:

    loved these books as a kid

  5. EMMA WALTERS says:

    my mum reading the books to me at bedtime 🙂

  6. Margaret Clarkson says:

    The wonderful pictures.

  7. Mummy Fever says:

    The cute pics – i was obsessed with tracing them!

  8. Steven Appleton says:

    reading to my daughter for a bedtime story when she was tiny 🙂

  9. Emma grantins says:

    Oh wow! I loved Miffy as a kid. I remember sitting with my mummy reading the books which I still ahve (im now 36!) and I sit with my daughter and read them. She would adore this prize!!

  10. Clare Hubbard says:

    I used to love reading miffy when I was younger 🙂

  11. Tracy says:

    I used to read Miffy stories when I was little in school – one of my fondest memories

  12. kim porter says:

    Remember this when i was younger x

  13. iain maciver says:

    books as a kid

  14. ashleigh allan says:

    the great pictures in the books!

  15. Kerry-Ann Pope says:

    My favourite memory of Miffy is it being my favourite bedtime story, I remember my mum trying to hide it in the bottom of the pile so I would choose something else.

  16. Sarah Mackay says:

    Miffy going to the gallery

  17. kim plant says:

    I used to have a miffy teddy and my mum sold it on the car boot 🙁

  18. Jennifer Haden says:

    the simple, lovely pictures

  19. Ruth Harwood says:

    Reading to my eldest when he was small and curled up at bedtime 🙂

  20. claire woods says:

    reading the books.

  21. We love reading the books – lots of childhood memories for me also!
    Helen Dickinson recently posted…Win A Jurassic World Dinosaur Every 15 MinutesMy Profile

  22. I love the books – such an adorable design
    Jessica Powell recently posted…30 Day Horror Film ChallengeMy Profile

  23. Emma Fox says:

    The books – on the cabinet next to my bed

  24. Paula Readings says:

    I remember reading the books

  25. Victoria L says:

    Getting the books from the library when I was small.

  26. sharon martin says:

    readining her books when i was a kid

  27. Katie skeoch says:

    Reading her simple story books to my boys

  28. Michelle C says:

    I remember my Mum treated me to a Miffy book when shopping in Sainsbury’s and I was then hooked! I loved that when I had kids I could then read it to them.

  29. I love their books, so cute.
    Eileen Teo recently posted…Schleich Dinosaur ReviewMy Profile

  30. Rachel says:

    I remember when I was really young, my mum took my sister and me to a bookstore with a Miffy event because we really loved Miffy, and we had our faces painted…Probably to look like Miffy, but I can barely recall seeing my reflection in the subway window when we were coming back from the event, feeling all happy…ahhh, fond memories.

  31. reading the books before bed

  32. amy fidler says:

    I remember my dad,who was a long distance lorry driver,bought me a Miffy book,my first straight from holland,he read it to me the night he came back,after being on the road for 3 weeks x

  33. Nicola Phipps says:

    I remember my grandparents reading Miffy books to my sister and I when we were young 🙂 xx

  34. Vicky Kenny says:

    I loved the books I also enjoy reading them to my children now.

  35. Keri Jones says:

    Sitting on the mat at playgroup listening to my Gran (she worked there) read Miffy books, then years later sitting in the same seat reading the same books to the next generation 🙂 x

  36. Danielle jupp says:

    I love all miffy books

  37. Gill Mitchell says:

    my mum reading me the books 😀

  38. Laura Kevlin says:

    Receiving my first Miffy book – loving the simple lines and colours 🙂

  39. I was given Miffy In The Snow as a present when I was about 3 and I asked my mum to read it to me repeatedly for the whole month! I loved that book!
    Angela McDonald recently posted…Amazon Treats Mini Haul!My Profile

  40. My dad coming in from working a night shift and reading me Miffy stories before I went to school.
    Anna Robinson recently posted…Meal Planning Monday #3My Profile

  41. Sue McCarthy says:

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  42. laura stewart says:

    watching it on tv

  43. Caroline Blaza says:

    My mum reading me Miffy books

  44. S Edwards says:

    seeing the smile on my little girls facing when they first started to watch miffy

  45. Joanne Hutchings says:

    Seeing my little boy watch Miffy for the first time!

  46. val cooper says:

    reading the books when i was young and then reading them to my children xxx

  47. Liam Bishop says:

    I remember reading them as a boy in the school library! 🙂 Must have been very young.

  48. aaron broad says:

    I remember watching the shows as a kid

  49. Sam Goodwin says:

    When I was little I used to have a Miffy puzzle, I remember it so well!! I remember dropping it down the stairs once, and watching all the pieces of Miffy and her friends jump and scatter themselves down the stairs!!

  50. Rachel Craig says:

    Story books at Nursery.

  51. I loved the books as a child x

  52. Julie D says:

    reading Miffy books to my sisters littleones

  53. Julie Ward says:

    Nothing its the grandchildren now that watch it, have read a couple of the books to them

  54. Andrea Fletcher says:

    Being read the books as a child.

  55. kayleigh Bates says:

    Reading with my nan x

  56. victoria thurgood says:

    reading the books to my sons

  57. Robyn Logan Clarke says:

    We had a big miffy poster in our nursery, it was in our nap time room, I can still remember staring at it for what seemed like ages.

  58. lia sturman says:

    reading the books when i was at school

  59. sarah rees says:

    reading the books when I was younger

  60. karen cowley says:

    Having these as a kid was so amazing, loved them x

  61. Chris Reid says:

    Got to be reading the books to my children.

  62. Tina Holmes says:

    Reading books

  63. Tracy Gladman says:

    Being read the books by my mum.

  64. Viv C says:

    I remember reading miffy books in primary school in the library.

  65. Carly M says:

    Toys at nursery

  66. Karen Knox says:

    reading the books at my Grandma’s house

  67. MANDY DOHERTY says:

    Reading the books to my daughter

  68. Natalie Crossan says:

    The fantastic pictures x

  69. Val Pownall says:

    I remember so well reading the lovely Miffy stories to my children, and now I’m reading them to my little granddaughters! The years have flown by (I am the same age as Miffy!) and dear little Miffy hasn’t changed a bit in all those years. So lovely to see our next generation enjoying the magic of Miffy. Timeless!

  70. i remember my dad reading me the books when i was little. i love that my two children enjoy them too

  71. stephanie says:

    reading the miffy books at my nans house with freshly made cookies. xx

  72. caroline walliss says:

    I loved reading the books and the great illustrations.x

  73. Reading the books with my little one when she was learning to read, it was great fun x

  74. Jo m welsh says:

    My mum reading it to me when I was little

  75. Rebecca says:

    I love the books so dose my daughter

  76. Shivon Davis says:

    When Miffy went to the Zoo i love reading it to my son his eyes light up he loves it x

  77. Marycarol says:

    Love Miffy books as a child and so did my son xx

  78. Kay Broomfield says:

    I remember the original books!

  79. tracey ryder says:

    my mum reading the books to me

  80. Emily Henderson says:

    Miffy Books!

  81. christine shelley says:

    Reading the books to my adopted daughter

  82. jules eley says:

    I remember Miffy Books at Nursery we all loved them 🙂

  83. ellen sturman says:

    love all the miffy books <3

  84. Karen Lloyd says:

    I had a little cardboard Miffy Book, I’m thought Miffy had red clothes back then though. Can’t remember, was too long ago.

  85. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    I remember my aunt giving me a Miffy cuddly toy from Hong Kong it was dressed in a lovely pair of red silk pyjamas and it was lovely

  86. Daiga Vanaga says:

    Fingers crossed for this awesome toy 🙂 🙂 🙂

  87. Dawn McBride says:

    I loved the Miffy Books, still do! The bright colours and simple clear pictures make them so appealing to little ones.

  88. Selina says:

    Reading the books with my mum at bedtime!

  89. saj fareed says:

    love the books 🙂

  90. Michaela Jennings says:

    Reading the books when I was little

  91. Becca Staples says:

    Reading the books as a kid, also had a doll of her that changed colour in the bath x

  92. Heidi Brown says:

    likemost others i remember the books 🙂

  93. hayley pemberton says:

    reading the books at school

  94. abigail edkins says:

    collecting the little playset

  95. olivia Kirby says:

    I used to have loads of the books. My daughter has a big cuddly Miffy and she’s made it a Superhero cape and mask!

  96. Jo Hutchinson says:

    My first bag for primary school it was blue with a great big miffy on the front and back.

  97. clair brown says:

    I loved the little books

  98. ray becker says:

    Reading the books as a kid

  99. Rhia P says:

    She’s so adorable, I love the simplistic style and bright colours!

  100. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    Having my mother read me Miffy Bedtime stories – drifting off to beautifully dream filled slumber with images of Miffy stamped on it!

  101. Lisa Pond says:

    I had miffy socks when I was little

  102. jen morgan says:

    reading it when I was younger x

  103. sharon sheppard says:

    Loved my grandad reading books to me when i was younger x

  104. Brenda Wilkes says:

    The books

  105. Victoria Cunniff says:

    I used to get these books bought for me when I’d done well at school

  106. AnnaH says:

    I still remember being read Miffy books when I was small – nearly 40 years ago!

  107. fozia Akhtar says:

    I remember reading Miffy as a child

  108. Reading story books 🙂

  109. paul martin says:

    just the books

  110. Anthony Harrington says:

    My Wife knitting a Miffy for our little Grandson, the first toy she made for him.

  111. Carina Miller says:

    My 21month old can’t talk properly yet but she can sing the theme tune to Miffys adventures big and small.

  112. curtis cleary says:

    I love the books.

  113. donna l jones says:

    remember from when i was a child

  114. leanne weir says:

    The wonderful books

  115. Jon Sellers says:

    Reading the books with my daughter

  116. Lizzy Cooper says:

    I loved the books 🙂

  117. Christine Caple says:

    Reading the stories to my boys when they were little.

  118. Jo Carroll says:

    Miffy saw me through school. I had her stickers plastered all over my books when I was younger. x

  119. karen Howden says:

    I was brought up with these books so have very fond memories of her

  120. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    I read some Miffy books when I was little

  121. Gemma Crossley says:

    I loved reading Miffy books before i went to bed as a child.

  122. elaine stokes says:

    the hat my mum knitted me back in the 70s, I wore it everywhere…. just the wrong colour for me being white

  123. Andrew Hindley says:

    books as a kid

  124. Simon M says:

    I’ll be honest, it’s not a character i’m familiar with.
    However it seems really popular and our first child is due in April so would love it 🙂 Thanks

  125. Being read these as a child 🙂

  126. Barbara Handley says:

    I read a Miffy book to my two youngest grandchildren which we all enjoy.

  127. tina edwards says:

    i remember my mum reading this to me when i was very young she would cuddle me and read it, its a special memory for me as she passed away when i was 10

  128. antonia richardson says:

    The miffy abc frieze at school

  129. antonia richardson says:

    The miffy abc frieze at school

  130. samantha walker says:

    i remember reading the books as a child and im sure i had a video too..could be wrong though it was awhile ago!!

  131. Charlotte pettitt says:

    I had miffy books and have just brought miffy building blocks 🙂 beautful products

  132. SUZANNE DUFFY says:

    has to be reading the books as a child 🙂

  133. gemma nisbet says:

    I used to love reading Miffy books with my Nan.

  134. The books, I love reading the Miffy books x

  135. Sara Owen says:

    I loved her story books

  136. Monica Gilbert says:

    I found a book with a clock when I was living in Japan. It was a great way to teach children to tell time in English.

  137. Elspeth McMillan says:

    Who doesn’t love Miffy every child I know just loves the books 😀

  138. Caroline J Robinson says:

    Using the Miffy App, my child is autistic and we have found this is great for him, it captures his imagination and gets him involved in the stories.

  139. katie w says:

    having the book read to me by my grandma

  140. Susan B says:

    I remember reading the bright little books to my daughter. Miffy is certainly enduring.

  141. Nat Jones says:

    I loved the books as a child and will read them to mine to

  142. Kelly L says:

    I had a miffy book when younger!

  143. Joanne Jackson says:

    Reading the books to my children

  144. lynn neal says:

    I can remember looking at Miffy picture books in my village infant school!

  145. kimberley ryan says:

    Reading my eldest son the books (hes 20 now) and re-reading them to my twin boys (who are 2).

  146. Kerry W says:

    I loved her little story books!

  147. Rebecca Mercer says:

    I loved my mum reading them to me when I was little

  148. michelle speight says:

    the little books

  149. My parents owned a bookshop and remember finding a quiet corner and getting stuck into the books!
    Rosie recently posted…Turkey Shed – Part The SecondMy Profile

  150. the illustrations in the book, bold colours and lines

  151. pm liu says:

    I used to love reading the story books when I was little

  152. Kay Foster says:

    The simple story books….they were so lovely.

  153. Gemma Cook says:

    I loved these books when i was a kid and now so does our little girl xxx

  154. Sheena Taylor says:

    Aww Everyone Loves Miffy!! My daughter has some of the books also some clothing items <3

  155. kristin burdsall says:

    A lovely wooden Miffy jigsaw i had as a small child

  156. Teresa sheldon says:

    I loved reading Miffy’s adventures when I was young, I also had a puzzle which was great fun too

  157. Teresa sheldon says:

    I loved reading Miffy’s adventures when I was young, I also had a puzzle which was great fun too.

  158. Sarah Franks says:

    I loved reading Miffy when I was little, and now I’m loving reading Miff to my two little ones.

  159. Neha Parmar says:

    I used to love reading the books when I was a kid and now I read them to my daughter.She simply loves hearing Miffy stories at bedtime.

  160. janine atkin says:

    i had a miffy plush as a child which i loved

  161. alice lightning says:

    use to read the books to my children lovely stories ,lovely giveaway

  162. Sheri Darby says:

    Reading the books with my little sister

  163. Rebecca Powell says:

    Reading Miffy books to my little boy

  164. Kerry Smith says:

    I remember reading Miffy books on my mum’s knee. Now we both do it for my twins

  165. Miffy in the Snow was my absolute favourite!
    Jade Wilson recently posted…Comment on If I could.. by Angela at DaysinbedMy Profile

  166. Kirsten Barthy says:

    Decorating my daughters first nursery with Miffy pictures

  167. Jane Middleton says:

    reading the books

  168. Corinne Peat says:

    My eldest son used to love miffy so much he named our kitten after her about 12 years ago. Now my two younger children love her too!

  169. Caroline Buckley says:

    I unfortunately don’t remember Miffy but my son loves it!

  170. Rebecca Smith says:

    My favourite memory is my daughter Paige dressing up as Miffy for her 3rd birthday party which was also Miffy theme

  171. Nicola Baxter says:

    My son has just started really liking books and Peekaboo Miffy is his absolute favourite. So just at the beginning of making memories, but the toy would help!

  172. Hayley Colburn says:

    I’m going to be totally honest I have absolutely no memory of Miffy, I’ve only heard of it because my little girl likes her/him

  173. Tamsin Dean says:


  174. claire little says:

    reading her books to my children

  175. Monika S says:

    Reading it to my daughter and her trying to turn the pages to see next pictures

  176. Sarah Parker says:

    I loved the books when I was little 🙂

  177. champaklal lad says:

    the great pictures

  178. My niece was given a Miffy book around 1980
    Lydia Graham recently posted…Halloween Party With St. John Ambulance 🙂My Profile

  179. Rich Tyler says:

    Memories of when I was little

  180. TJ Wells says:

    My favourite memory of Miffy as a child is one of my earliest memories – in our local library with my Mum, fascinated by the bold colourful illustrations in the Miffy books.

  181. I remember reading Miffy books when I was very young. I think I still have one in the attic too!
    Nat Ralph recently posted…Sleepy pupsMy Profile

  182. jamie millard says:

    reading miffy books to my little sister.

  183. emma gough says:

    I remember the brightly coloured story books and how easy miffy was to draw 🙂

  184. marsha richardson says:

    My grandad reading the books to me as a small child 🙂

  185. Hayley Todd says:

    My favourite memory of Miffy is being curled up on my mum’s knee and her reading the stories for me before bed 🙂

  186. Candyce says:

    Honestly I vaguely remember Miffy growing up,but I do read the Miffy books to my girls now.

  187. Catherine Bell says:

    Reading the Miffy books

  188. My first memory was buying the thick cardboard books for my daughter who is now 35 which she loved, and is now buying for her own children

  189. Kirsty Woods says:

    I don’t really remember Miffy

  190. kim styles says:

    I still have one of the original Miffy books and I had a little Miffy sleeping bag too

  191. kelly morgan says:

    the theme tune

  192. liz ferguson says:

    Reading the books to my children

  193. Ella L says:

    The reading corner in the library.

  194. sherri Fordham says:

    I remember going to the libary on a sat morning with my mum and Miffy books were always the first i picked up each week. I remember sitting in the childrens book corner after choosing my books to take home and whilst waiting for my mum i would start to read the books. I obviously just couldn’t wait til i got home lol

  195. Lyndsay-Rose says:

    I remember reading Miffy books as a child

  196. Debbie Cross says:

    My Miffy Pyjamas xx

  197. Jill fairbank says:

    So remind me of my childhood

  198. Rachael W says:

    Reading these books with my kids.

  199. Damian Thomas says:

    I love reading them to my little niece 🙂

  200. Donna Lewis says:

    Looking at the clear pictures in the book and reading the stories.

  201. sandy ralph says:

    mine is my mum reading the stories to me as a child and her friend knitted me a miffy because i loved it so much

  202. nicola james says:

    loved miffy as a child,still do its awesome

  203. Louise Whittaker says:

    reading the books when I was little and now I read them to my girls

  204. Claire Ward says:

    Reading the books as a kid

  205. Jade Missy Evans says:

    Reading the books to my son when he was little!

  206. Kelly Hirst says:

    Getting Miffy books from the library with my oldest daughter

  207. Denielle Nicol says:

    reading the books with my Mum when I was a little girl! Great memories Dxx

  208. Amy Lambert says:

    I loved the books when I was younger!

  209. Karen Dixon says:

    Reading them with my mum

  210. Natalie Richardson says:

    I used to have a ‘miffy at the seaside’ book when I was little that was one of my favourite books x

  211. Pauline Burroughs says:

    Loved reading the books and looking at the cute pictures

  212. David crabb says:

    My favourite Miffy moments come from reading the Miffy books to my daughter and now my son.

  213. claire fawkner says:

    My fav moments are reading the books to my four children

  214. christine westlake says:

    reading to
    my granddaughter

  215. Emily Jayne Phipps says:

    The story books 🙂

  216. Rachel B says:

    I enjoyed reading the books to my nephew when he was little. Miffy is so cute!

  217. Pia Stephens says:

    Reading Miffy books with my then best friend, a Dutch girl whilst we went to a Dutch pre-school in Bahrain back in early 80’s 😀

  218. Colette Sheeran says:

    Reminds me of my Infant school days.

  219. pauline black says:

    The thick mini storybooks that all the kids had

  220. Tracey Tedford says:

    To be honest I do no remember Miffy

  221. Alison says:

    Loved reading these to my little girl and now to my Granddaughter 🙂

  222. belinda porter says:

    reading to my daughter now my granddaughter is enjoying them

  223. Reading the books with my son
    Erica Price recently posted…Week 45 of 2015My Profile

  224. Natalie Gillham says:

    reading the books with my daughters 🙂

  225. Rosemary Vincent says:

    To be honest the earliest I remember Miffy is when my daughter was first born and now her two little brothers like Miffy too!

  226. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    I loved these books and so will many future generations.

  227. Fiona K says:

    I remember going on holiday to Holland when I was small. We visited Utrecht and went to a shop which had all sorts of Miffy toys and other items that were not available in England. My sister and I were each allowed to choose 1 toy (due to luggage restrictions). My Miffy toy came with additional outfits so you could change her clothes. I kept her until I was in my teens, then sadly she got given away to charity when I was at college. I just hope that someone bought her and enjoyed her, although she was a bit threadbare by that time.

  228. betony bennett says:

    My muj using Miffy as a teaching age for reception aged kids 🙂

  229. A.E. ADKINS says:

    Picking the books off the library shelves over 40 years ago!

  230. Matt Brasier says:

    I remember reading the books

  231. says:

    I loved reading the books to my daughter at bed time xx

  232. Kelly Simpson says:

    My mum reading the books to me when I was little.

  233. Sallyanne Metcalfe-Mullins says:

    My granny reading the books to me

  234. Charmaine Godolphin says:

    the books 🙂

  235. nicole says:

    Watching miffy for the first time with my toddler!

  236. Catherine Gregory says:

    Reading these books with my Mum when I was younger

  237. Kelly says:

    Loved reading the books and it’s just fab that my little boy gets to enjoy it too!

  238. katrina walsh says:

    I remember visiting our local library as a child and seeing the bright bold illustrations of the Miffy books and being drawn to them as they were so different to the others

  239. Victoria Prince says:

    Reading Miffy at the Playground when I was little – I remember that so well, for some reason!

  240. Ruth Wollerton says:

    A teddybear

  241. Laura Asplin says:

    Reading the books

  242. Vickie Jackson says:

    The books. They were so simple to read and bright and colourful too 🙂

  243. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I loved reading the books as a child

  244. Portia Mattinson says:

    This brings back so many lovely memories as a child. My mum tucking me in and reading a miffy story to me. Wonderful to think about.

  245. Adam Berger says:

    Watching my sister play with Miffy.

  246. Gerri Anne Tennant says:

    We are the same age -I grew up with her!

  247. Minnie15 says:

    Collecting everything Miffy I could find!! 🙂 x

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