Lightbulb Baubles – Crafty Christmas Decorations

When Lightbulbs Direct suggested using old lightbulbs and recycling them into Christmas decorations, I knew someone who’d be up for the challenge.  My daughter Miss M loves her arts and crafts as is always keen to make something, forever looking for items in the recycling bin to glue together.  I hadn’t thought of using old lightbulbs before, but I found her a couple of and she set to work.

lightbulbs 1

We used some craft bits already at home and started by putting each bulb in a white square of tissue paper and gathering it at the top of the bulb.  We wrapped some Christmas ribbon around the top and made a loop to use to hang our baubles.

Miss M then took one of the lightbulbs and used her purple glitter glue tube to make swirls all around it.  The other bulb she covered in glue and sprinkled coloured glitter on to make it all sparkly.  We let them dry before hanging them on our Christmas tree.  Although simple in design they looked really effective amongst the other tree decorations and with the lights on the tree shining behind the baubles, the glitter shines and glistens away.

Lightbulbs 2

I think these our lightbulb decorations look great, a perfect addition to our tree. Unfortunately the glitter didn’t show up as well in the pictures as it does in real life but hopefully you’ll get an idea of the effect.  Miss M loves seeing her home crafted baubles hanging up and loves telling people she made them.  I’m really proud of 5yr old Miss M’s efforts and we are keen to decorate some more lightbulbs in the future – a great way of recycling your old lightbulbs and having crafty fun too!!

Why not try making some new lightbulb baubles with the children, a great activity to keep them occupied at the start of the Christmas holidays!

This post is a competition entry for LightBulbs Direct ‘Light Bulbles’ Xmas Crafting Competition

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  1. They look great, we were approached about this competition, I just didn’t have any spare or dead bulbs. Good luck
    over40andamumtoone recently posted…Zeamu Music – a CD reviewMy Profile

  2. spicers1976 says:

    aww lovely, good luck to Miss M

  3. Mummy of Two says:

    They look lovely. I don’t really use these lightbulbs anymore though and was a bit worried about crafting with them with little hands around! You both did a great job!

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