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With two children at school I’m always thinking about lunchtime ideas, particularly for school lunchboxes and days out.  I aim to keep them healthy so that I know what they are eating and then can treat them at home when they are with me.  Hartley’s is a familiar brand that we often have at home, jelly is something both of my two love and being a low fat dessert is ideal to use for the kids.


My top 3 tips for packing a healthy kids lunchbox that children will eat are:

  1. Keep it familiar – when children are away from home, if you give them the unexepected they are less likely to eat it, give them foods they eat at home and then you’ll know they’ll eat them when away from home.
  2. Add colour and texture – Keep children interested with various colours and textures in their lunchbox, this is easily done by adding fruit, vegetables and Hartley’s Jelly which all brighten up and add colour to lunchboxes.
  3. Keep it fun – try to make food look interesting, cut different shapes, add fun pots of salad, fruit etc to keep children intrigued as to what they will be tasting next.

Hartley 3

In supermarkets now, Hartley’s are offering the chance to collect 12 special edition green lids from across the No Added Sugar Jelly Pots (115g), to claim a free Hartley’s lunchbox and stickers.  You can claim their exclusive lunchbox by heading to the Hartley’s website Each one comes complete with a sticker sheet of Hartley’s much loved characters and a sticker alphabet for children to personalise their lunchbox.
As you can see 5yr old Mister B loved personalising his lunchbox and he is really excited to take it back to school in September.  He has also asked for jelly to be included everyday as he thoroughly enjoyed devouring the Hartley’s jelly pot that we tried out!
Hartley 2

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