Kersplatt! – The Fun Family Board Game

Kersplatt! is a fun new game release from Paul Lamond Games and one that has been thoroughly enjoyed here with the exciting aspect of splatting other players dough pieces!  The game consists of a brightly coloured playing board, a deck of cards and four coloured pots of dough.  Requiring 2-4 players and a suggested age of 6+, my two children aged 7 and 10 were keen to play along with mummy and daddy and see if they could splat our pieces and win.

The board for Kersplatt! is well made and folds into quarters for storing in the box.   Each player needs to choose a colour, red, blue, yellow or green and the idea is to make yourself some dough characters and move these around the board without being splatted.  Once you get two onto your home space you are declared the winner. To play you take turns in turning a card over and this determines your move to a space of either the colour or number you turn over.  Or you may turn a card that allows you to Kersplatt! another persons playing piece.  The kids loved this element of the game and thought it was hilarious splatting another player on the board.  All of the squashed pieces remain on the board and those squares are out of action which means it makes it quicker to get your pieces around to the home spaces as the game goes on.

With two kids ready to play, we got started.  With four of us playing it made it fun and competitive and was actually a game we all really enjoyed and would happily play again (well we already have a few times!).  The kids thought it was great to create your own pieces and we ended up with some fancy creations that they were sad to see get Kersplatted! but that’s the nature of the game.  A great family friendly game that is simple to play but fun and keeps kids entertained on rainy days, evenings or just when you are looking for something exciting to play!

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Kersplatt! game

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

181 thoughts on “Kersplatt! – The Fun Family Board Game

  1. With my daughter and husband. They are both quite competitive and board games are lots of fun in our household!

  2. Family. Playing board games with the family can be such fun. This one seems like it would be good to play it with individuals of various ages. Children and adults ( whether parents, grandparents, etc) can enjoy laughing and bonding whilst making use of appropriate board games. Boys likely to enjoy this game, as pace increases. Board games good for when indoors due to bad weather, etc.

  3. I think my great-niece and great-nephew would love this, so would like to play it with them. Can see them taking forever about their “creations” though. 🙂

  4. Id play with my nephews as they have just started to get excited about board games, which is lovely considering i couldnt drag them away from their tablets normally

  5. Hello Fiona, what an amazing game you have shared in your blog. I like this board game, a great family friendly game which is very simple to play and keeps the kids entertained on rainy days or in evening times. Thanks for sharing.

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