Join in to Win with National Board Games Week (May 8th-14th)

With National Board Games week coming up during 8th to 14th May 2017, it’s time to get all your family favourite games out of the cupboard and enjoy some fun, quality time together.  I know my children are fond of board games and it really is something that all ages and generations can enjoy together.  We’ve been trying out Boggle recently which the children have loved and made me giggle at some of the words they find!

If you are really into competing then The National Board Games Championships are being run by Pork Farms, in association with the Micropub Association and games supplied by Hasbro. You can get involved by attending heats at your nearest participating micropub, with winners moving through to semi-finals and grand finale during National Board Games Week (May 8th-14th) along with travel and accommodation provided by Pork Farms.

You can also join in the fun from your own home by hosting a board games night, using whatever board games you have in the cupboard . Just sign up and Pork Farms will email you a free games night pack nearer the time, which contains things like printable winners certificates. Then for a chance to win a stack of board games and a year’s supply of pork pies just share photos of your board games night with Pork Farms through social media and their website.

Boggle from Hasbro was a bit hit with us and I loved the way the children were learning words and spellings but having immense fun at the same time.  Board games are always a hit with every member of a family no matter what the ages and really brings people together for some quality time.  Dig out all your games, have some fun and join in with National Board Games Week!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received a game in order to write an honest review.

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