Horrid Henry: Rocking the World DVD – Review and Giveaway

Horrid Henry: Rocking the World DVD is the new Horrid Henry DVD to be released by Abbey Home Media.  Having two fans of Horrid Henry’s antics in the house I knew this would be a hit, something they would enjoy watching and would keep them entertained.

HH Rocking the World RGBFeatures 6 episodes giving you 66 minutes of Horrid Henry fun:

  • Horrid Henry Rocking the World Moody Margaret, Superstar
  • Horrid Henry Goes to the Theatre
  • Horrid Henry, Money Talks
  • Horrid Henry’s Unhappy Day
  • Horrid Henry and the Special Spa Day

This DVD contains new episodes from series 3 of Horrid Henry all of which see Henry get up to his usual mischievous antics.  It really does keep little ones entertained seeing Henry do all the naughty things they often long to do but know is wrong.

Five year old Miss M really finds Henry funny and laughs out loud at some of his capers.   During this new dvd, she was literally glued to some parts, saying “Shh mummy, this bits really funny, I need to watch it”.  I think that confirms that it has been a hit with my children and as ever bit as entertaining as previous Horrid Henry dvd’s.

Horrid Henry Goes to the Theatre seemed to be one of their favourite episodes, although they all went down well.  This dvd would make a great Xmas stocking filler for any young Horrid Henry fan or even

The DVD is released on 23rd September 2013 and can be purchased from all good DVD stockists.

For more information can be found on the Abbey Home Media website or their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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134 thoughts on “Horrid Henry: Rocking the World DVD – Review and Giveaway

  1. My youngest daughter used a WHOLE tub of my E45 cream on her legs – she was white and it took ages to get off (and from the carpet too) The only good thing was – her skin on her legs is ultra soft lol!

  2. I can remember when I was little I set my sisiters hair with sticky buds out of the garden. Mum had to cut chunks out of her hair :/

  3. Chewing the covering off of the cable for the Wii Numchucks! Both the youngest ones chew things they are 4 and 5 I thought I might have stopped by now. Then because they didn’t work through them across the room and stamped of in a strop

  4. My niece hid under my sister’s bed with a box of chocolates and she couldn’t be found anywhere,it took ages to find her and my sister was really panic stricken!

  5. my 4 and 6 year old sons decided to swim in a MASSIVE puddle at the end of our road last week even though the both got told not too as the were already a bit sniffly,the youngest was that wet that his wellies filled to the top with water when he stood up!although i was furious i still couldnt help but laugh when the both were stood looking like drowned rats on the doorstep x

  6. Bare in mind my son isn’t one yet so doesn’t really do anything too naughty. But a month or 2 ago I went in to get him up in the morning and he was stood up in his cot, no nappy on, weeing through the bars of the cot. What made it worse was he had done a poop before taking his nappy off and his poor bedtime Mickey had a turd tache. 🙁

  7. My little one is in to ripping addresses off of envelopes for the recycling box and did it to an unsent card. Annoying as it also ripped the card but he was trying to be helpful so not so naughty!

  8. Stealing the sugar out the sugar canister , she knows she is not to do it but it seems the sugar is too tempting, sugar tin has now been moved out of reach for the time being … moral of the story don’t try and outsmart mamma i got 30 yrs on ya baby lol

  9. Don’t know about naughtiest, but definitely the most embarrassing experience was just last week, when (being the cruel tyranical parent I am) I made my 4 year old wear his coat to school! He screamed the entire walk and got progressively worse the nearer we got to school. Once at his classroom he was screaming bloody murder, eyes were streaming with tears and he would not be calmed by anyone! The teacher was shocked asking what had happened as if it must be truely terrible for this reaction! “I made him wear a coat”….that is all I could offer! 10 minutes into lesson time he finally stopped screaming and hyperventilating and I was able to leave after a big hug (through reception as all the gates had been locked by then!)

  10. My little sweet pea, went and dropped car keys behind the electric cupboard in the smallest place possible, the keys ended up under the floor, omg she was sat on the naughty step for ages lol

  11. My son loves his cars but my wall doesn’t, he has habit of driving up the wall which has left black marks from the tires

  12. Locked mum out of the house as she threw out the rubbish so that he could raid cheese in the fridge! Had to call the fire brigade to get back in!

  13. my daughter got in my pantry once and made a lovely mess over herself and the pantry with a mix of orange squash flour and cocoa!

  14. let the tyres down on the car and blamed the dog (we must have very clever dogs because they get blamed for everything)

  15. Grandson nicked and hid the plug off the bath. Didnt find out till he had gone home, had to rung his mum to find out what he had done with it. Hidden under mattress in bedroom

  16. my son sneaked a pair of scissors up the stairs early in the morning before i got out of bed and cut up his bedsheets and pillow! hes 8. cant say i was very happy

  17. My daughter poured juice into the keyboard of my pc because apparently “it needed cleaning”!! My older daughter when she was 4 used a purple felt pen to join the dots on our Dalmatian dog.

  18. I was a very good child 🙂 never got up to much badness – however my older sister was a rascal and was always hiding my fav things one me

  19. My son is terrible for drawing on things. My partner left a red permanent marker on the PC desk which I kept telling him not to, our son coloured in the whole PC monitor with it. It took my partner ages to scrub it all off, lesson learned hopefully!

  20. My daughter rode her toy horse down the stairs, she lay at the bottom saying again, again and no I didnt let her do it again x

  21. I work at a local supermarket and a young lad about 2 years old saw me in my bright yellow “here to help” jumper and he started shouting “mum, mum, look” when she looked up the boy pointed at my yellow jumper and shouted “banana!” so the mum really embarrassed told him not to shout that at me, but he kept shouting it! She took him around the corner so he couldn’t see me, but he carried on shouting “BANANA, BANANA!”

  22. The most naughtiest thing I done as a little one was decided to keep a garden snail as a pet then I forgot about it and my mother had a lovely suprise when she tidied my room!

  23. Some years back now but my sister was a toddler and poured beet root in her head my mum had a fit before she realised

  24. my daughter got hold on some nail scissors this afternoon and decided to play hairdresser with her twin sister. safe to say they dont look alike anymore.

  25. My two year old is so cheeky the last thing he did that was naughty but funny was he turned round bent over and made a fart noise at everyone and hes always blowing raspberries at people.

  26. Today I saw couple of kids in the pub eating with their parents, they were not allowed to have any drinks because they were naughty a day before. When mum and dad left a table for a few minutes, they ordered a drinks without permission.

  27. My middle daughter wanted to make a new outfit for her Barbie doll, so she took her safety scissors and decided to cut a chunk out of my lounge curtains!!! So much for being supervised by granny!!

  28. my 6 yr old daughter was on the loo and my son who is 4 wanted to go i told him to use the other toilet up stairs but in stead he decided to wee on his sister

    • an hour after he got the felt tips and drew all up his arms and legs and happily said he now has tattoo’s my son is a menace and is always upto no good i can give u a million stories of him just in the past month

  29. My son put a packet of jaffa cakes in the shopping trolley, my husband and I both thought the other had put them in and we only realised his trick when we got home!

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