Halloween craft from Baker Ross – Review

Halloween is a time of year my children love, dressing up, carving pumpkins and lots of spooky crafts.  Baker Ross has a wonderful selection of children’s crafts that different and fun, in fact both my children thoroughly enjoyed this selection.

baker ross halloweenThey were keen to decorate the top hats which I think is a really fun idea as it gives them something to wear at the end of it.   We also received some brightly coloured foam skull stickers to use and along with some coloured pens the children got to work.

baker ross halloween 2The hats came in three pieces which were easy to stick together with a bit of pva glue.  Once finished they looked fun as well as scary due to the bright colours and my children proudly paraded them around the house and are keeping them ready to wear on Halloween!

baker ross halloween 3Next we had a go at the stained glass monkey decorations which were really effective.  The monkeys come with pre punched shapes that the children enjoyed popping out.  Then they cut pieces of coloured cellophane which they glued onto the back of the monkey.

baker ross halloween 4This was simpler to do than I initially thought as you didn’t have to be that neat or precise with the cutting out as once the monkey is turned over you can’t see all the cellophane shapes and just see an amazing stain glass effect.  I thought these looked really good especially held up to the light!

baker ross halloween 5The haunted houses scratch art are fabulous, I never expected them to be so easy to scratch and the sparkly silver effect that they reveal underneath is really effective.  The pack comes with pre cut black haunted house shapes in various designs along with some plastic sticks to scratch with.

baker ross halloween 6Just a gentle touch was required with the stick to uncover a wonderful sparkly silver.  I wasn’t sure this activity would be suitable for my youngest but he proved me wrong and without any assistance, created a staircase with a spider hanging down and a bat flying overhead – I was so impressed.  Miss M on the other hand was well away inspired by the designs on the front of the packet.

baker ross halloween 7We absolutely love the sparkly finished designs and will be decorating our house with these for Halloween.

All the Baker Ross Halloween inspired crafts have been fabulous and an excellent way for children to be creative, a lot of fun with some great results!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the crafts in order to write the review.


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