Getting Organised in the Mornings

One thing I do like to be is organised in the mornings.  There is nothing worse than getting up on a cold rainy morning, the house is cold, it’s dark and you need to get the children up ready for school and yourself ready for work.  By getting things prepared the night before you are not only saving time but it make’s life a lot easier in the morning if you have less to do and you are less likely to forget anything.

The night before I always make the pack lunches, pop them in the fridge and leave the lunch boxes out ready along with book bags and any other bits that need to go to school the next day. That includes my bag for work of course!  Then I ensure all of our clothes are ironed and laid out for the morning.  Lastly before I head up to bed I get the bowls and spoons out for breakfast, one less thing to do in the morning – a great little time saver.

One thing I often forget before I go to bed and only realise as I’m laying there reading is that I have left the heating on!!  It’s either quickly run downstairs to turn it off, or leave it on (which often gets me in trouble with the husband!) but Hive have come up with this helpful gadget to make your life easier, save you money and save energy!  Hive Active Heating uses innovative technology to let you control your heating and hot water remotely via your smartphone, tablet or laptop.  How fabulous is that?  No more leaving your heating on at night – I could turn it off through my phone whilst laying in bed and have it set to come on half an hour before my alarm in the morning so the house is nice and warm when we get up.

Hive logoWith it’s ability to schedule your heating to come on and off throughout the day, you can ensure the house never get’s too cold, but is always warm when you arrive home.  But the handy thing is that if you are going to be home later than planned you can just simply adjust the time the heating comes on through your phone to save you both money and energy.

Helpful gadgets like this are a great help for busy families like mine and perfect for cold winter days.  It’d be great to know that when I leave work and pick the children up from school that I could walk into a warm house and if we pop to the park first I can always delay the heating coming on.

Anything that saves me time, money and energy is always worth considering.  Why not take a look?

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  1. Mummy of Two says:

    Sounds like a great idea. I always think I’m organised but end up forgetting something so anything that can help is a big bonus!

  2. LauraCYMFT says:

    This sounds fab! Anything to make life a bit easier! I wonder who will invent an app to do the housework for you LOL

  3. It sounds insane. I have no idea how that technology works. I love the idea of turning the heating on when I know we’re about an hour from home though…

  4. Tina Mansfield says:

    this sounds interesting, and a great idea, not sure it would save me money but would save time walking down stairs!!

  5. Great idea, amazing what you can do these days
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