Get Organised with Storalex Garage Shelving from Tufferman

Having moved to a new house earlier this year with a garage, who’d of thought we could practically fill it with belongings that lived inside our house mainly in under stair cupboards previously.  We came from a large Edwardian terrace with only a courtyard garden so never had a shed or garage so the luxury of having a garage now has been bliss.  Only how are we to store everything easily so that it’s accessible and easy to find.  The answer has been with a fabulous range of Storalex Shelving bays from Tufferman.

tuffermanI left the husband to build the shelves whilst I was at work and apparently they are simple to assemble, didn’t take to long and something he was quite able to do on his own.  The shelves are of a great quality, they look good and seem very strong and durable, just what we need.

tufferman-2What we really like is the versatility with them, you can choose the height of each shelf so can have them equally spread or some smaller and some wider apart.


Also rather than just having a tall shelving unit, you can split the shelves into two seperate pieces to create a workbench scenario.  My husband wanted the workbench so we created an L-shaped area in the centre of the other two shelves to use to work on.  We’ve also attached some boards to the wall which we’ll attach tools onto.


We’ve managed to make a huge difference to our garage storage which was just piles of boxes across the floor.  It’s become an organised place with easy access to what you need.  The shelving looks great and matches which helps the space look tidier.


With durable, hard wearing shelving like Storalex from Tuffermans you can’t go wrong.  It’s definitely worth checking out if you are looking for garage storage solutions.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.








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  1. Angela says:

    I like that you can adjust the height of the shelves. Not everything you want to store is the same size is it.

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