Chrono Bomb Game Review & Giveaway

Chrono Bomb is an exciting game from IMC Toys that creates excitement and fun for children as they weave their way through the unique combination of strings that you set up in order to reach the end before the bomb goes off.  With numerous set ups possible it really is down to your imagination on creating a mission ready for the game to begin.

chrono bomb imageThe box contains a bomb unit with timer, six clamps, of which one attachs to the sensor and another has the reel of string on.  There are also 8 object cards and two special cards which are used to pick up as you make your way through the course, although there is also an app that can be downloaded with a couple of further variations of the game on it for extended play.  The bomb unit does require 3 AAA batteries to play.

chrono bomb 1Each clamp needs to be set in place and although they are fairly flexible to move around, you do need to find the right thickness of furniture to attach them too.  We didn’t really have anywhere suitable so set up in the garden using garden chairs and this worked just fine.  The first two clamps have to be level in order to balance the sensor but after that you can zig zag the string up and down to create a varied course.  It does require an older person or parent to assist with this although my 8yr old soon got the hang of setting up a course.

chrono bomb 2There are two variations of the game plus the ones on the app, but my children occupied themselves in many ways with their own variations and it managed to keep them entertained for most of the afternoon trying to trick each other out!

Here’s our video of the game in action:

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Chrono Bomb game

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146 thoughts on “Chrono Bomb Game Review & Giveaway

  1. My house is an obstacle course most days as my 2 year old Grandson lives with me! I would love to play this with my Grandchildren and my nieces and nephews – such fun!

  2. Yes I do and I often organsie them for my children in our garden! They love them so they would love this game!

  3. My two kids will play the game together as they love obstacle courses round the garden and are competitive to want to take on the challenge xx

  4. Although I am not a fan of obstacle courses I could manage this one and would be so much fun to play with my niece!

  5. I would have loved this when I was younger but now I would have to be content with watching my grandchildren. They would definitely enjoy it.

  6. I really enjoy obstacle courses! Especially with friends! I’d love to play this with my children and nieces and nephews

  7. I play obstracle courses with my 9 year old son in the garden, he wears me out! He would absolutely love to play this game, looks so cool 🙂

  8. oh yes love obstacle courses we use bean bags hula hoops stilts and hopscotch and make a lone obstacle course down the drive

  9. I used to love making obstacle courses when I was a childminder and young mum! I’m not a spring chicken anymore though so I’d be happy to sit and watch my nephew play!

  10. This looks so much fun. I think my son is a little like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible the way he alway searches out obstacles to climb on, over or through so he’ll love showing on by playing this with his cousins I’m sure. x

  11. Yes we love an obstacle course. We jave been doing some today. Having our own mini olympics. I normally play with my kids. They laugh when I cant do it lol

  12. I loved obstacles courses as a child, and the mind is still very willing even if the old bones are reluctant. I’ll play with my two little rascals, who will win because they’re much more flexible!

  13. I would play this with my nephews. Every since I let them watch Home Alone they have been setting traps for me all over the house.

  14. My kids like it when I leave little clues written on paper around the house, Each clue leads them to the next clue eg go to the place where you can clean your hands. When they get to the sink another clue is waiting. This looks like a great extension of that!

  15. My living room looks like a Lego obstacle course at the moment, my son and daughter love obstacle courses. Looks great

  16. I do enjoy them although I may not be as flexible as I once was. My nephews will love this game so they will have loads of fun with it

  17. Ellie loves to build her own course, usually involving Grandy’s workbench and ladders! Not forgetting dust sheets and planks, rather resembles a builders yard when they have finished.

  18. My son create and race on obstacle courses that they make in the garden – I’m not very flexible so would probably lose this game 🙁

  19. Enjoy setting up obstacle courses in the garden with the grandchildren who I would love to play this game with 🙂

  20. I would play with my son and daughter and possibly my husband- my living room feels like a permanent obstacle course so it’s hot or miss whether I like it…if it is competitive I love obstacle courses!

  21. Wow, this looks like a really fun game to play with our 2 girls! I haven’t done an obstacle course for years! In my younger and much fitter days I used to do them regularly as part of circuit training.

  22. i used to when i was younger and fitter and would love to try again i have to say, i would play this with my grandson

  23. as a child I used to make lots of different ones, some I tried cycling through, or climbing ones…. so much fun.
    If I won I would give it to my great niece.

  24. I used to love obstacle courses as a kid and still do although slightly harder to complete these days 😉
    Would play this with my kids…..we would love this and be in fits of giggles trying to play lol

  25. I love obstacle courses but im not very bendy to get over and under things! I think my niece and nephw would love this

  26. Myself and my daughter Ellie are always throwing cushions on the floor to use as logs and jump around all the obstacles to avoid crocodiles

  27. Wow, this looks like a really fun game to play with our 2 girls! I haven’t done an obstacle course for years! In my younger and much fitter days, I used to do them regularly as part of circuit training. would play with my nephews. they love setting up obstacles

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