Celebrating 150 years of Beatrix Potter – Giveaway

The year 2016 celebrates 150 years of the life of Beatrix Potter, most famous for her endearing tales of Peter Rabbit and friends, encased in little white books that formed a fond part of my childhood.  With 23 tales in all, Beatrix Potter was not only a successful author, but an ambitious businesswoman helping launch the range of Peter Rabbit merchandise, as well as being a botanical artist and passionate conservationist.  With a year full of various celebrations around Beatrix’s life, I’m here to join along a blog tour taking over from Jo yesterday, sharing with you some of my memories as well as giving you the opportunity to win some fabulous Peter Rabbit goodies!

150th logoTo mark the occasion we have been trying out some of the newly released merchandise in the form of this rather delicious milk chocolate Peter Rabbit from Charbonnel et Walker (rrp £15).  It’s beautifully detailed and consists of thick milk chocolate, that tastes rather divine.

Peter Rabbit Novelty Side ViewThis Peter Rabbit plush by Gund stands at 16cm tall.  It’s really soft and beautifully made, a perfect gift for anyone this Easter and suitable for ages 1+.  This soft toy is available from H Samuel and F Hinds.

Gund PlushWhen I was a child I was an avid reader, and recall fondly visiting the local library at the top of our road once a week to change my books. I always remember picking up one of the little white covered books by Beatrix Potter as one of my selection and gradually worked my way through all the titles, before reading through them again and again.  I loved the tales of Jemima Puddle duck, Miss Tiggywinkle, the Flopsy Bunnies and Squirrel Nutkin to name just a few.  I’m pleased to say I’ve managed to pass on some of my love for Beatrix Potter onto my children and they have several books that I read to them each nighta and they enjoy them just as much as I did.

To celebrate 150 years of Beatrix Potter with my readers I have the most gorgeous bundle of baby goodies to giveaway from Mothercare and Puffin books worth almost £48!

peter rabbit

The bundle consists of a really smart bodysuit £8, Hat and Mitt set £8 and grey shawl £22 from Mothercare. This are all simply beautiful and if I was having another baby now, I’d have this on it, I just love the soft grey and white colours.  Also in this bundle is this really lovely set of Milestone cards £9.99 in Peter Rabbit designs.  Again these are so nice and I wish they had been around when my children were born.

I also have two other Beatrix Potter giveaways running – 4 tickets up for grabs for entry to Peter Rabbits Playground at Willows Farm, just enter HERE and a family ticket to the World of Beatrix Potter HERE.

To win the lovely bundle of baby goodies simply fill in the Gleam form below:

Peter Rabbit baby bundle

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the chocolate and soft toy in order to write an honest review.

198 thoughts on “Celebrating 150 years of Beatrix Potter – Giveaway

  1. When we were young we used to collect all the Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, coming from the potteries. I wish I had saved them – I just have Jemima Puddleduck now.

  2. I have a picture of me in front of my peter Rabbit mural on my bedroom wall. It was my fave! I have tweeted the pic

  3. my mum reading me,my first beatrix potter book,it was petter rabbit,i just loved the story and my mum enjoyed reading it to me,time and time again x

  4. My mum reading me Beatrix Potter books at bedtime and admiring the pretty pictures. Good times and memories ;D

  5. Mine is loving listening to my gran read me the series and I always remember the chamomile tea and wondered what it was like!

  6. I had a Beatrix Potter VHS tape. It was a bit scary though because some rats tried to roll one of the animals up in pastry! I could be remembering that slightly wrong though.

  7. I remember my mum reading me The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin for the first time at my grandad’s house in Devon when we were visiting one summer, there were a lot of Red squirrels there then and I remember thinking that Squirrel Nutkin lived in the tree in my grandad’s garden!

  8. I had Peter rabbit book and my nan used to read all the other Beatrix books at her house roundest childhood memories xx

  9. I loved the Beatrix Potter stories as a kid. I used to make plastercaster models using rubber moulds of the characters, models were made with plaster of Paris and I loved painting them afterwards.

  10. I remember being at Nursery and the only thing that would stop me crying for my mum would be when the teacher read a Peter Rabbit story. I was such a fan my auntie bought me a Peter Rabbit china tea set

  11. Eating my lunch off of the Peter Rabbit plate my mother bought me. I still have it, and it’s in surprisingly good condition.

  12. I remember my parents reading The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies, Mrs Tiggywinkle and Peter Rabbit to me at bedtime, and I now read them to my daughter 🙂

  13. My Dads nickname for me as a child was Jemima Puddleduck. I also had a collection of miniature books bought my sister which I still have

  14. I grew up adoring Peter Rabbit stories. My ‘blankie’ had Peter Rabbit printed on it too…will never forget how happy that made me 🙂

  15. My childhood memories of Beatrix potter are reading the box set of her books and my mum collecting the Beatrix potter Peter rabbit plates. My partner has a Peter rabbit soft toy which he had a a baby, now our little girl has the same toy! X

  16. My mum is a huge Beatrix Potter fan, i grew up with the stories. Mum collects the little Peter Rabbit figurines, and each year family members would buy her something to add to her collection. i remember, when i was around 12, i saved up and bought her a Jemima Puddle duck figure to add to the collection

  17. My favourite childhood memory of Beatrix Potter is reading the stories to my older 2 children when they were small, all snuggled up together on the sofa and getting lost in the wonderful tales.

  18. I remember being obsessed with the mrs tiggy winkle story and totally adoring her cosy little woodland home.it always made me want to curl up and go to sleep in there

  19. My favourite memory of Beatrix Potter is staying round my aunts house in the summer holidays and she would always read me Beatrix Potter books. The stories have stayed dear to me all these years and I have shared my love of her books with my own children.

  20. My grandmother used to read the books by Beatrix Potter to me at bedtime. I loved them as she would always embellish the stories and make them really funny. It’s a tradition that I carried on with my children and grandchildren.

  21. My Mum used to read the stories of Peter Rabbit and I think these stories were my favourite for two or three weeks.

  22. Besides watching all of the films I had the entire collection of books, and printed plates on my wall. It was a big part of my childhood!

  23. Going to visit the Tailor of Gloucester’s House every time we went shopping to Gloucester on a Saturday – magical!

  24. I remember always watching the tv adaptations we had taped on video, at Christmas time every year when I was a child.

  25. I remember getting some of the books from the library and I just kept on renewing them as I didn’t want to give them back!

  26. She didn’t “dumb down” – I can still quote from Peter Rabbit (the sparrows “implored him to exert himself” when he was stuck in Mr McGregor’s garden). My mum was reading this to me at the same time that I was learning to read with Peter & Jane (“See Pat run”) and I knew which one I preferred!

  27. my first memories of Beatrix Potter was long before I went to school, mum used to take my sister and I to the local park, which held the library in those days, so we would sit on the polished parquay floor and slide about very quietly, (no noise or giggling or shouting allowed!!!) to see all the books, but the Beatrix Potter books were our very favourite. We were too young to read then but the lovely pictures of the animals delighted us nearly every day! (my mum was an avid reader and we used to go nearly every day as the park was so close to us) We felt so proud to have our own library ticket and it was through the books she wrote, that we both began to read slowly, even before school,I remember too mum reading them to us every night, which inspired us both to become real book lovers for ever! My own children and grandchildren love Beatrix Potter books too, so life has gone full circle, her books never go out of date!

  28. I remember our holidays to the Lake District and trying to find Peter Rabbit. I have carried on this tradition with my son and enjoy it just as much now as I did 25 years ago!

  29. My dad used to sit outside the bathroom and read these books to me and my sister whilst we were in the bath of an evening….loved hearing the stories!

  30. A lovely old pottery Mrs tiggywinkle we had in the laundry room and naming my beautiful rabbit Cotton-Tail

  31. Visiting Hill Top Farm and looking at the views from there and tying to put the
    stories into perspective , seeing real rabbits running about and how Beatrix must have imagined them , then to go to the Museum and to see all of the stories almost come to life, what a wonderful way for a child to start life is with a wonderful imagination and there is no better than Beatrix Potter for doing this.

    Regard and best wishes Terrad

  32. when me and my sisters used to stay at my mums friends house and she had the whole collection so we used to read them before bed

  33. Oh I have so many! A gorgeous big book I had (and still have) of all her stories which mum used to read to me, watching the stories on television and I had a beautiful Peter Rabbit bowl and mug set as a child which I loved 🙂

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