Battroborg Warrior – Review

Battroborg from Tomy, are motion control robots that battle against each other to determine a winner.  Using a one handed controller, you can make the robot move and fight, and once you master certain sequences using the control, you can perform some special moves and even temporarily freeze your opponent.

battroborgThe set consists of an area style battleground, two robots and two controllers.  The controllers require 4 AA batteries each so make sure you have plenty ready beforehand or try some rechargeables.  You receive two different robots, a Samurai and a Ninja.  Each robot is fully customisable with it’s armour and weapons and gives children something to do before battle commences.  The pieces simply slot on and off the robot but not too easily, they are sturdy enough and well made to withstand battle.

battroborg 1Once you have placed batteries inside the controller, you need to charge the robots by attaching them to the controls which powers them up.  There are lights on the control so that you can see when it is charging and when it is ready.  You are then ready for action!

battroborg 2Aimed at ages 6+, my slightly younger boy could fight using the waving action of the controller but it needed the concentration and skill of my 7 yr old to perform the special moves, therefore I think the age range is right.  It’s quite simple to do basic moves with the robot using up and down waving movements with the controller.  This will move the robot around gradually and wave their arms up and down.  But if you want to win the battle, it’s useful to have a few tricks up your sleeve and there are guided instructions included on how to to do these within the box.

battroborg 3We all had a lot of fun with Battorborg, it really brings out a competitive nature in all the family, with everyone eager to have a go.  There is lots of opportunity to play, from accessorising your robot in armour to playing for battle.  You could play rounds and keep scores and turn it into a tournament between two or more people.  Although my two enjoyed this I think a slightly older pair of children would get more out of this game initially.  My two children are competitive and just play basic battles at the moment but are thoroughly enjoying themselves and the toy will grow with them until they start performing sophisticated moves in a determination to win their battles in a more manipulative way.  All in all, this is a great fun interactive toy that has certainly provided entertainment to our household!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the toy in order to write the review.


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  1. Mummy of Two says:

    My son keeps bugging me for some of these – they do look like a lot of fun!

  2. We had the older version and kids love it! Quite nice to fight!

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