8 Ways To Make Mom’s Mealtime Fun

When moms are feeling overwhelmed with the daily tasks of caring for their family, mealtime can be a chore. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few ways that moms can make mealtime fun and not just For Your Little One. These ideas will help you keep your sanity during those long days when there’s no end in sight.
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Turn Healthy Snacks Into Fun

Make healthy snacks fun. Try using cookie cutters to create different shapes with vegetables. Or even making fruit skewers or smoothie popsicles.

Make It Their Idea

Don’t make food a battle. Kids will always lose in the end. So instead, let them help you pick out ingredients at the grocery store or choose what veggies they’ll be eating that day. They’re more likely to try something new if it’s their idea instead of yours.

Embrace The Mess

Embrace messy playtime when making cookies or cupcakes together rather than worrying about getting dirt on your carpet. Kids are less concerned about cleanliness when playing and having fun. Plus, baking is much easier for little fingers, so have no fear. Don’t feel the need to clean up after every meal. Let your kids play in their food sometimes by letting them make a mess when they’re done eating. Allowing them to use edible glue (like honey) instead of regular flour when baking cookies, etc. Messy kitchen equals built-in cleaning crew! 

Split It Up

Don’t force your child to eat something they don’t like or want. It’s okay if your kids aren’t fans of the same foods as you. Try splitting up different dishes onto small plates instead of one large plate, so everyone has their own space to dig in. This also helps with portion control. All children know when enough is enough when presented with smaller portions on several plates rather than just their own full dish. It may even encourage them to try new things that way since there will already be some familiar flavors in front of them.


Make It An Activity

Create paper crowns or superhero capes out of napkins. Then, with glitter glue pens, let them decorate utensils with faces. Or if they’re old enough, have them come up with funny names for condiments like “Mustard Dog.” Be sure to take pictures during these activities.

Learn As They Eat

Turn eating time into learning time. If you’re having themed meals, make a fun activity from the theme. For example, when you have Indian food for dinner, play “I Spy” with items on your plate or in your meal’s name.

Do Your Own Master Chef Kids 

While making breakfast, let kids help out by adding ingredients and mixing things together. Then, as they get older, start letting them do more of the work. You can also teach about healthy foods this way. Just be sure to write down their favorite recipes, so they feel like they’re getting credit too.
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Eat Outside

Eating around an outdoor table is always special because everyone feels refreshed during warmer seasons. Plus, there are fewer distractions from the screens inside. If possible, try using homemade placemats, which will add another dash of creativity to the meal. If you can’t eat dinner outside, try going for a drive to find the perfect spot. This way, everyone eats together while enjoying nature’s beauty.


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