Woodlands Devon – A Family Day Out

With the half term nearly over, we have barely spent any time as a family, due to the husband being on a course and working long hours throughout the week.  So with the weather looking dry and a hint of sun looming we decided to something that the children would enjoy and get us all out for the day this weekend.  Having a little Google last night I thought we’d give Woodlands a try, not somewhere we’d been before and the winter prices were very reasonable and even cheaper by booking your tickets online!

We took a chance on the dry weather warning and I booked some tickets this morning, we set off and 50 minutes later we arrived.  Glorious sunshine and an empty carpark – just what I like!  We passed through the entrance gates and the look on Miss M’s face said it all – she was full of grins, overwhelmed and couldn’t wait to explore.  The first place she found was this amazing wood and rope castle which she dragged Mister B through even though he was scared, but being quiet and not many people about, he braved his way through with Miss M’s encouragement

woodlands 9Before long Miss M spotted a digger sand play area and rushed over to have a go!woodlands 1Then Mister B caught sight of the Wild West village and had fun exploring the many buildings including the bank, church, jail and even the stable where he fed the horse leaves from the ground – bless him!

woodlands 2Miss M was keen to have a dig and ride the tractor until she noticed a zip wire and eagerly climbed aboard.  With it being so quiet there were no other children around so she happily zoomed up and down for a good ten minutes.

woodlands 3Next it was time to wander over and see the animals – lots of rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, pigs, goats etc and a great little play area full of toy tractors with trailers and pretend logs to put in and move around.

woodlands 7After playing in and out of pretend houses, Mister B getting banished to prison and Miss M riding down a huge bumpy slide, we saw in the distance a huge rocking pirate ship, one that Miss M was desperate to go on.  I decided it was best if daddy accompanied her as I just don’t enjoy big rides these days as much as I did 20 years ago! lol  She chose to sit at the very back and due to it being quiet went on the ride three times continuously enjoying every moment with a huge grin across her face.

woodlands 8Meanwhile Mister B wanted a go on the swings and have a play in the nearby play area.  I have to say I couldn’t believe how many little play areas there were dotted around – so much to keep little ones occupied although we spent the latter part of the day in some of the many indoor soft play and ball pool areas.

woodlands 6One ride they were both determined to go on was the water bumper boats!  Unfortunately Mister B got scared when we reached the front of the queue so Miss M went on first with daddy while we watched.  He soon regained his confidence to go on and went with daddy whilst looking very cute in the little life jacket.

woodlands 4We had a thoroughly entertaining day at Woodlands, one I’d highly recommend particularly at the fantastic price we paid.  There is so much to keep little ones entertained and at this time of year there are no queues.  Some of the bigger rides are closed but my children are generally to short for them anyway.

The day was about the children having fun, getting out and being somewhere they loved and could be free.  I loved to see my children running around, out in the fresh air, seeing the animals, giggling as they played both indoors and out but for me I just adored the peacocks wandering around freely.  I’ve always had a fondness for them and for many years when I was a child I had a peacock’s feather displayed in my bedroom.  So to see a peacock come to full plume was amazing!  The perfect end to a perfect family day!

woodlands 5

Cockington – A Romantic Place to Visit in South Devon

Back in the days before children came along, we used to enjoy days out and about each weekend visiting new places and discovering new areas.  We’d heard of a pretty little village in South Devon called Cockington, and decided to try it out one weekend.  The quaint little streets are car free to visitors, you have to park in a carpark just outside, then walk through the narrow streets.  There are horse drawn carriages if you wish to take a ride through the village to view the picturesque thatched cottages and stunning scenery.

Cockington Court is at the heart of the village, a historic manor house with over twenty craft studios, tea rooms, the Walled Art Garden, a Tudor rose garden, contemporary art gallery and a popular children’s play area.  It was the Tudor rose garden for me that was absolutely stunning.  It was a beautiful place to walk around, with a romantic feel to it.  You can walk hand in hand around the walled garden, sit on the benches in the peace and quiet and take in the beautiful smell of fresh roses that fills the air.

CockingtonDIGITAL IMAGEIf you are ever in the South Devon area, I’d definitely recommend a visit to Cockington for a romantic stroll followed by a sumptious cream tea in one of the many tea rooms.  Why not check out Coast and Country Cottages for somewhere to stay?

coast and country cottages

This post is written for the Valentine’s Day Blogger Competition in association with Coast and Country Cottages.

Wembury Beach – family fun in the January sun!!

Waking up last Saturday to the glorious sunshine, we just knew it was a day to take advantage of.  So we decided to head over to the beach which turned out to be packed, not a carpark space in site!!  The tide was in, the beach was rocky, the few sandy spots were murky grey, gritty sand – but the children didn’t care!!  Dressed in their rain suits, wellies and accompanied with buckets and spades they were in fresh air heaven, digging away, building dams with the rocks across the mini rivers than emanated down from the rocky cliff face, finding rectangular ‘car’ shaped rocks to drive through the makeshift sandy roads, braving the shallow waves hitting the shoreline to fill their buckets with seawater, they were in their element playing as the bright sunshine hit the beach for the afternoon.

Wembury 1Buckets and spades at the ready, Miss M and Mister B couldn’t wait to get digging.  With the tide in, there was little sand to be found amongst the rocks but this didn’t deter them one little bit.  There were squeals of excitement as they dug in,  trying to build the biggest hole they could!

Wembury 2Mister B was excited by a rectangular shaped rock he found and decided it was a car.  He then made a sandy track with his hand to drive his ‘car’ through.  He was absolutely thrilled with his little road and just loved the freedom of the beach and fresh air to play in.

Wembury 3Miss M was keen to have a little paddle and fill her bucket with water to fill their freshly dug hole.  She loved waiting for each wave to come in although had to keep emptying her water filled wellies!!  Not that it bothered her, it just seemed to add to her fun!!

Wembury 4They then decided to venture over the rocks at the back of the beach and Miss M was eager to climb, while Mister B was desperate to copy.  I wasn’t too keen so they posed for a couple of photos and came back down.

Wembury 5All in all we had a fantastic afternoon at the beach.  The children loved being outside, the thrill of the beach, however small and stony kept them entertained for hours and they were sad to go home, but after some dinner and a warm bath they were soon tucked away in their beds fast asleep for the night and mummy wasn’t far behind after spending time in the fresh sea air!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

A day at Bigbury on Sea

With the gorgeous sunshine upon us last week and knowing it wouldn’t last we decided to fit in day at the beach – probably the last opportunity we would have this year.  Having decided to descend upon Bigbury on Sea we set off early with Miss M and Mister B no knowledge of where we were going.  The constant whines of “Are we nearly there yet?” and “It’s a long, long way” soon ensued but the delight upon there faces when we parked up were most definitely worth it.

With buckets and spades at the ready we headed down the steps to the powdery sandy beach.  They were both thrilled to see the sand and run free across the beach to have a paddle in the sea.  It was lovely to see them having such fun and enjoying the outdoors.  At lunchtime we tucked into a homemade picnic then set about burying daddy’s legs in the sand!!

Bigbury On SeaThe beach got steadily busier throughout the day as the sun held high but what a lovely September day and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Late afternoon we set off home and within minutes of driving off through the country lanes I turned around to find two sleeping beauties – aww my little babies were exhausted and just couldn’t keep their eyelids open any longer.

We had a lovely family day out and with family days being limited with Miss M having started school and daddy working lots of weekends it was nice to spend time all together, having fun in the sun!!