Jordans Country Crisp Strawberries Cereal – Review

Jordans Country Crisp Strawberries is an oat baked cereal, consisting of crunch oat clusters, mixed with chopped hazelnuts and strawberries.

jordans Jordans Country Crisp Strawberries Cereal   ReviewMy husband being an avid cereal fan, couldn’t wait to get stuck in!  I know from previous experience that the Jordans crunchiness can be addictive and this Strawberry version didn’t disappoint.  This cereal is crunchy, moreish and interspersed with strawberry bites that give it a tasty, indulgent texture at every bite.  This cereal was a hit with us and enjoyed by all.

We decided to make some Crunchy White Chocolate Bites with the cereal using melted white chocolate mixed in with the cereal.  Miss M who is 6 was the chief mixer and excitedly mixed it up and spooned the mixture into little silicone cases.  We let them chill in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving them with fresh strawberries!

jordans 1 Jordans Country Crisp Strawberries Cereal   ReviewThe whole family enjoyed these bitesize snacks and they are perfect for pack lunches too!  Why not have a go at making some yourself – a quick little baking activity for the school holidays!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.

Suteki Stencil Station – Review

Suteki! Mega Stencil Station by Cool Create is the new Japanese stenciling art craze using a golden ninja stamper aimed at children aged 5+.  The set comes with 9 stencils, 3 picture frames, 4 coloured paints, a ninja stamper and a workstation.

Suteki Suteki Stencil Station   ReviewSuteki! has everything you need to produce three finished framed pictures although the paints, stamper, stencils can be used again and again.

suteki 2 Suteki Stencil Station   ReviewThe stencils are layered using different coloured paints on each stencil to create a picture.  You receive enough stencils to create three different pictures, three stencils being used for each.  Also included are three picture frames consisting of a front frame, backplate and sticky pad on the back to adhere to a place of your choosing.

suteki 3 Suteki Stencil Station   ReviewAs soon as 6 year old Miss M caught sight of this, her eyes lit up.  She loves her arts and crafts and the Suteki box really appealed to her.  It was the golden ninja stamper that really caught her eye and she was eager to try it out.

The first design she tried was of a girl.  You start by placing a blank cardboard square into the workstation, then put the first stencil in place.  The stencils are cleverly coloured the same as the paints so you know which colour paint to use with each one.  Although this is only a guide and you are free to colour them as you wish.  The workstation has four areas to squirt each coloured paint into – a job Miss M thought was great fun!

suteki 4 Suteki Stencil Station   ReviewIt’s then time to start by dipping the golden ninja stamper into a coloured paint.  The stamper is a great size to hold and comes with 2 screw on sponge applicators at the bottom.  This allows you to swap to use a different colour without having to wash the sponge every time.

Once you have paint on the applicator then dab it on top of the stencil ensuring all the cut out bits are covered in paint.  It is then best to allow the paint to dry for about 5 minutes before continuing.  During this time we carefully lifted off the stencil and washed it along with the sponge applicator.

When the paint is dry, you cover the picture in the next stencil and use a different colour repeating the dabbing process as before.  Finally repeat with a third stencil to get the finished picture.

suteki 5 1024x337 Suteki Stencil Station   ReviewAs you can see above, the finished result of the Suteki is very effective.  Miss M absolutely loved doing this and it was easy for her to produce a great piece of art without it being too involved.  I like the idea that frames are included as this really brings the picture to life and it’s ready to hang on the wall. This is perfect for her age of 6 years and requires minimum effort for a fabulous return.  Anyone can do this, I think the age of 5+ is correct though in terms of keeping the template steady and not over dipping the stamper in the paint.

Miss M was keen to create another picture straightaway, so she got to work creating the monkey picture.  By now she was well away on her own, happily following the process I’d guided her through on the first picture.

suteki 6 1024x1024 Suteki Stencil Station   Review And look how proud she is of the finished result!

suteki 7 1024x1024 Suteki Stencil Station   ReviewI have to say Miss M had a huge grin on her face the whole time while doing this Suteki activity apart from a few moments of concentration here and there.  She throughly enjoyed it and was eager and keen throughout.  I like it because it something a bit different, it has an element of fun with the golden ninja stamper and has been designed well with a plastic workstation tray that keeps any mess contained.

Here is Miss M proudly showing her finished pictures!

suteki 8 1024x768 Suteki Stencil Station   ReviewSuteki has been a hit in this house, a fun activity that I think is great for children to enjoy.  It is a lovely to have a finished piece at the end that can be admired and enjoyed long after it was created.

suteki 9 1024x768 Suteki Stencil Station   ReviewWhat not give Suteki a go or check out the Cool Create website where there are prizes to be won!

And if you are looking for other Cool Create art and craft sets, why not check out our Cool Create Daisy Chains review.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.

Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum – Review

Avène a French brand launched in 1990 uses Avène Thermal Spring Water in it’s products to ensure it’s range cares for all types of skin, however sensitive.  The Avène Intensive Hydrating Soothing Serum is highly concentrated in the Avène Thermal Spring Water as well as glycerin to improve suppleness and comfort.

avene Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum   ReviewThe serum comes in a high quality glass bottle with a pump action dispenser.  It is easy to dispense a good blob to spread across your facial skin and suitable for use both morning and evening between your cleansing and moisturising routines.

I found this serum easily glided across the skin and absorbed instantly, leaving the skin feeling soft and supple with a fresh and light fragrance.  It definitely left the skin with a more hydrated and plumped feel to it.

Having used this on my skin for the last couple of weeks, I wouldn’t be without it.  My skin feels so much softer and is a great base to add your moisturiser to, it just glides over leaving your face ready for make up.

I really like using serums on my skin, they make such a difference and the Avène Intensive Hydrating Soothing Serum is such a gentle formula, it’s perfect for all skin types.  Perfect if you want soothed, soft skin – I definitely recommend this.

Avène Intensive Hydrating Soothing Serum is available from Escentual, currently for a price of £14.45 compared to the RRP of £17.  Why not grab a bottle today?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.

H&A Kid’s Character Haircare Range – Review and Win

H&A have launched a new kids hair care range to compliment there already successful bath time kids ranges.  With a variety of character hair care products on offer there is sure to be something to entice you child to have their hair washed.  I know with 3yr old Mister B it’s always easy to wash his hair whilst in the bath without him noticing too much but 6yr old Miss M’s hair is a nightmare and she begs me not to wash it due to her natural curls that tangle up.

Shampoo 1 H&A Kids Character Haircare Range   Review and WinFor Mister B we received the Ben 10 shampoo.  It has a mild and gentle formula that is all important “tear free”, a must have for little ones.  It has a citrus fragrance which is fresh and fruity, but light giving hair a nice clean smell.

So what did Mister B think?  When he saw the tube, he grabbed it, gave it a cuddle, then danced around the room shouting “Ben 10, Ben 10, I’ve got Ben 10 shampoo, Ben 10, can I use this in the bath mummy, I love Ben 10″

shampoo 5 H&A Kids Character Haircare Range   Review and WinSo the packaging definitely appealed and when we it reached bath time that night he excitedly took it up with him and couldn’t wait to squirt it on his head.

What did mummy think?  I thought it was great, simple to use, easily lathered up, ran down his face with no tears and left him with soft, cleaning smelling hair – I can’t ask for more than that!

I must just comment on the packaging of the H&A hair care range.  All the shampoos come in large tubes which stand on a nice wide lid so don’t easily fall over.  I love that the product sits at the opening end so that you can quickly and easily squirt a blob into your hand or your child’s head with no fuss.  The tube is flexible and easy to squeeze, so I give the design of these tubes a big thumbs up!

Miss M tried out Disney Princess Ariel’s range of products from H&A which consist of a conditioning shampoo and a detangler spray.  The products immediately appealed to Miss M and although she would rather not wash her hair, she wanted to try these out on the days I insisted that we had to wash it!

shampoo 2 H&A Kids Character Haircare Range   Review and Win

The shampoo has a fruity fresh fragrance which Miss M immediately picked up on and said “I like that smell” as we started to wash her hair.  As with the Ben 10 shampoo, this lathered up easily, leaving the hair feeling clean and fresh.  You can tell the shampoo’s have conditioning properties as you could feel the hair was softer and more manageable after shampooing, a good start in getting rid of those tangles.

shampoo 3 H&A Kids Character Haircare Range   Review and WinWith Miss M’s coarse curly locks the only way we can truly brush it is when wet using a large amount of conditioner and a tangle brush.  Although her hair felt softer and the tangles had eased we did have to add a separate conditioner in order to ease the matted tangles out.  Most children would have a great result using just the conditioning shampoo, but Miss M’s hair is an extreme exception and one that I’ve had to learn to manage over the last few years.  I think it’d be great to see a separate conditioner in the range for children that need it.

Once left to towel dry for 10 minutes we sprayed some of the Ariel detangler spray which Miss M loved the fruity fragrance of.  It really helped her tangle brush glide through the damp hair and in particular allowed me to separate it ready for plaiting.  As recommended on the bottle of Ariel detangler, a great way of keeping tangles at bay is to keep your hair in plaits.  This is something we do regularly with Miss M as when her hair is down it ends up a knotted mess by the end of the day and impossible to brush out or style the next day without another wash.

Without the Ariel detangler, the hair would have started to frizz which leads to tangles and so I’d highly recommend this to aid combing and styling.  It also has a heat defence formula to protect hair should you require it.  Being able to use this spray on both wet and dry hair it’s perfect for us to use each morning to redo Miss M’s plaits.  The Ariel detangler spray is a daily staple for us and we wouldn’t be without it!

Ariel pics H&A Kids Character Haircare Range   Review and WinWe’ve really enjoyed trying out the H&A hair care products, they are great value, the children love them and they work!

shampoo 6 H&A Kids Character Haircare Range   Review and WinThe products above as well as other in the range are all RRP £2.00 and available from Tesco and Wilkinson.


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shampoo prize H&A Kids Character Haircare Range   Review and Win

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A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley House

Last week we reached our 10th wedding anniversary, having been together for almost 18 years.  I’m not sure how we made it this far, but I’m keeping this post positive and want to show you the beautiful hotel we got married in and returned to last week to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

On the morning of our anniversary, my husband passed me an envelope with an anniversary card in.  Within this card was a note instructing me to pack the children’s bags and take them to my mum and dad’s house along with Mister B.  Miss M would be picked up from school and I was to wake the husband at 1.30pm (as he needed a bit of a sleep after coming off night shift that morning).

So we set off and as we drove I had my suspicions as to where we were headed.  We soon turned in to the long, winding entrance lane to the hotel we married in exactly 10 years earlier – Kitley House.

kitley 7 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley HouseImmediately I could feel the memories flooding back as well as feeling incredibly relaxed.  The building hadn’t changed, apart from a bit of the decor which had naturally been updated.  I love the beautiful double sided staircase which I walked down with my dad to the room I got married in, the dining hall where we had the afternoon wedding meal in, and the peaceful ambience of the whole place.

kitley 2 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley HouseThe stairs haven’t changed but they do have a new red carpet!  It got me looking back at old photos and I found this one of me and my dad walking down the stairs into the ceremony room back in 2004!

File0010 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley HouseAfter checking in to our bedroom, “the bridal suite”, where we stayed 10 years ago, I felt so relaxed and away from everyday life.  I found out the room has literally just been refurbished in the last few weeks and my husband had only seen it in a mid decorative state when he booked it so wasn’t sure on the final finish.

Gone was the four poster bed and in it’s place was much larger queen bed, which although I like the idea of a four poster, the luxurious queen bed was definitely more indulgent being three whole pillows wide and littered with rose petals – a treat I’ve never had before.

kitley 1 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley HouseThe view from the bedroom window is one I won’t forget in a long time, it looked so tranquil, I felt I was a million miles from home, although only 7 & a half, but felt like I was in a different place and time.  I love this picture and can’t believe it was taken from my phone through an old little pane of glass on the panelled bedroom window.

kitley 8 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley HouseWhen we arrived in the room I was overwhelmed to find flowers and wine from my mum, and champagne waiting for us due to my husband having ordered the indulgent package for our overnight stay.

kitley 6 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley HouseWe then explored the room and I couldn’t forget the enormous bathroom that I’d got ready and dressed in for my wedding 10 years ago, before arriving a fashionably ten minutes late to the ceremony!  It had the same sink and bath but was revamped with new wallpaper, wooden style flooring and some lighter dressing table furniture which really lifted the room giving it a lighter, French feel to it.

kitley 5 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley HouseA then and now picture below, although I must stress that the now doesn’t mean I’m single – we just didn’t have anyone to take a picture of us both and couldn’t stage the camera in the middle of the doorway to get the same view!

Anniv1 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley HouseAfter dropping our bags off it was time to go down to the bar for a cream tea, I had hot chocolate with my warm scone, jam and clotted cream – a proper bit of indulgence for the afternoon that I hadn’t been expecting!

kitley 4 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley HouseWe then enjoyed our bottle of champagne before freshening up to go down for a three course meal in the dining room.  I loved the little bread rolls that were served to us in flowerpots and my meringue dessert was amazing!

kitley 3 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley HouseThe next morning we took a stroll around the grounds, down over the little bridges across the lakes.  It turned out that we were staying for lunch and you never guess who turned up – my beautiful children accompanied by my parents who were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary that day!  A lovely lunch followed before it was time to head home and leave the idyllic surroundings of Kitley House behind us…

kitley 9 A 10th Wedding Anniversary Stay at Kitley House

Bananagrams Game – Review

Bananagrams is a fun, quick paced crossword building game that can be enjoyed by both children aged 7+ and adults.  The game consists of 144 high quality letter tiles in a handy zip up banana shaped bag.

bananagrams Bananagrams Game   Review

The object of the game is to use up all your letters by constructing them in a crossword format and the first one to do so is declared the winner!  I love the banana associated words used during play such as “split” to start the game, “peel” to pick up another letter, “dump” to change a letter and “bananas” when you have completed your crossword.

bananagrams1 Bananagrams Game   ReviewMiss M is 6, but a confident reader and writer, and was particularly eager to play the game.  We each picked our 21 letters and began to create words.  I was really impressed at the words Miss M produced, some not valid, but i saw this as a great educational game for her to boost her learning, in particular spellings.  I didn’t play a race game with her but just played with an aim to use up our letters.

Bananagrams has really encouraged Miss M to think of words and how she can join them together.  Also her spelling has been tested, although I was impressed with how well she did – her writing isn’t usually so well spelt!

bananagrams2 Bananagrams Game   ReviewBananagrams is a compact game when packed away which makes it great for travelling.  I also love the fact that anyone can play the game and the rules can be adapted to suit the age range of the player or the situation.   For Miss M we just played with the 21 tiles and tried to complete a crossword, but when the chidren were in bed, my husband and I enjoyed a full game of Bananagrams using all the letters from the banana bag!

bananagrams3 Bananagrams Game   ReviewThis is a fun game with durable pieces that I envisage having many years of play from.  I think as the children get older they’ll use it to play against each other and we can have family fun playing together.

Bananagrams is a fun little game, simple yet one that you can happily play again and again.  There are lots of other fun games in the range too such as Appletters, Fruitominoes as well as jumbo versions of each game which are all being tested out as part of the Rainbow Awards.  Why not check them out?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.

Chill Factor Colour Blast Slushy Maker – Review

Chill Factor Colour Blast Slush Maker is part of the new brightly coloured range of slushy maker cups.  These cups believe it or not are designed to turn a cup of juice (and various other drinks) into a cup full of slush.  I have to admit, this is not something that appeals to me, but my 6yr old daughter Miss M is an avid slush drinker, having them at every café that serves them, on every school lunch I let her have, and as a treat at the local leisure centre after her swimming lessons.

Chill Factor Chill Factor Colour Blast Slushy Maker   ReviewWe received the red Chill Factor Slush Cup which looks modern and bright and had an eager Miss M desperate to try.  The cup requires approximately 6-8 hours time in the freezer before use, overnight is ideal, after which time it is ready to produce slushy drink.

It is also recommended to chill your drink beforehand, although we’ve found it does work with a freshly made drink.  We do aim though to put a cup of Miss M’s favourite Summer Fruit squash in the fridge at least an hour before we are ready to make up the slush.

When the Chill Factor Slush Cup is ready, it’s action time!!  Bring the frozen cup out of the fridge, pour in a cold drink.  Leave for 30 seconds, then squeeze up and down the cup for a minute or so and the cup converts the drink into an icy slush.  I found this really simple to do and required little effort, the slush just simply emerged from the cold sides of the cup as you squeeze – we are very impressed at the results!  Also due to there being an outer flexible casing to the cup, it is not at all cold to touch.

Chill Factor 1 Chill Factor Colour Blast Slushy Maker   Review Miss M has absolutely adored having a homemade slush drink and has enjoyed one everyday since we received the slush maker.   She is an absolute slushy addict and I’m really surprised how much these have appealed to her.  I was worried the flavours may let her down compared to shop bought slush, but no, she just craves one of these every night after school and doesn’t forget, so we always ensure we put the cup in the freezer once it has been washed. chill factor 3 Chill Factor Colour Blast Slushy Maker   ReviewThe slushy cup has been a total hit with Miss M, in fact so much more than I originally thought.  Firstly, it fulfils the demands of a slushy style drink, secondly it is easy to use, requires little effort and produces slush in minutes.  I guess having a slush loving child helps and Miss M is seriously into her slush!!  A big hit with young children and perfect for the summer months!!

Miss M also wanted to give the slush a try with some chocolate milk which we had in the fridge, the suggestion on the box was to add any milky drink to the frozen cup, then refreeze for a further 3-4 minutes before squeezing to make a slush.  This worked perfecty for our chocolate milk and Miss M loved it.chill factor 4 Chill Factor Colour Blast Slushy Maker   Review

We would definitely recommend the Chill Factor Colour Blast Slushy Maker for anyone that wants an icy drink.  We have already got value for money from ours and I envisage many more slushy drinks being made.


All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.

Greased Lightning – Showroom Shine Car Wash Review

Greased Lightning is a waterless car wash and wax in a bottle that makes cleaning the car a simple and effortless process.  We received a litre bottle of the showroom shine along with two Microfibre cloths, one to be used for cleaning, the second to be used for buffing and shining.

Greased Greased Lightning   Showroom Shine Car Wash ReviewWe had a lovely sunny day last weekend and took advantage of it to clean the car, 6yr old Miss M keen to help.  I don’t normally clean the car, what with all the buckets of soapy water required, then the effort of going around cleaning and waxing but with daddy at work, I decided to have a go with Miss M.

The car had a mild dirt layer across it, with a lot of dead flies on the very front and a few large patches of bird droppings across the bonnet.  We set to work with the blue microfibre cloth to remove the dirt.  The bottle of Greased Lightning comes with a spray top which we inserted immediately to use.  You then need to shake the bottle to mix the contents, which activates the product ready for use.  It is then a simply case of spraying onto each area of the car and wiping off the dirt.

greased 1 Greased Lightning   Showroom Shine Car Wash ReviewI was surprised how well this worked and really did get the car clean, even stubborn bird droppings which took an extra squirt of the Greased Lightning but did come off relatively easily.  Even Miss M enjoyed cleaning the car and we had no mess with soapy water, refilling buckets or waiting for it to dry.

greased 2 Greased Lightning   Showroom Shine Car Wash ReviewAfter each area had been cleaned, we used the yellow microfibre cloth to buff the car to a showroom shine.  The first cloth used will become dirty and also trap any grit that was on the car within it’s fibres so once the main bulk of the dirt has gone, a new cloth prevents any grit being dragged across the paintwork.

Whilst buffing the car, I have to say I didn’t see any smears as I went along, the car just got shinier and shinier, really glimmering in the sun with minimal effort.  This was definitely a lot easier than I had expected.

greased 3 Greased Lightning   Showroom Shine Car Wash ReviewGreased Lightening is definitely the easy option for washing your car, one that I would certainly use again.  It’s waterless, that’s got to be a big advantage on the environment, it cuts through grease and grime aided by the power of a microfibre cloth which is soft and easy to use.  It takes a lot less time than the traditional method of car cleaning and it brings the car to a mirror shine, smear free finish with extraordinary little effort.

greased 4 Greased Lightning   Showroom Shine Car Wash ReviewWe had lot’s of fun cleaning the car with Greased Lightning, it was so easy to use and great to see results so quickly.  It’s easy, convenient (especially when you can’t park outside the house – we rarely can!) and only requires the bottle of liquid and a couple of cloths to give your car a showroom finish.  Each litre bottle can clean up to 10 cars and with a single bottle costing £14.99, that’s just £1.50 a car wash – pretty impressive for the ease and finish you get!!

I’ll be using this again – why don’t you give it a try today?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.

How to Catch a Star – 10th Anniversary Edition – Review & Win

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers is a classic children’s picture book that tells the story of a young boy eager to catch a star from the sky.

catch a star 5 How to Catch a Star   10th Anniversary Edition   Review & WinTo celebrate the 10th anniversary of the book a special set has been put together which we were lucky to receive including a hardback copy of the book, some glow in the dark ceiling stars and a star shaped usb stick.  There were also lots of activity sheets which my children have been having lots of fun with.  The special edition of the How to Catch a Star book includes a letter from the author and previously unpublished drawings.  Aimed at ages 2 to 7 years, this is perfect for both my children to enjoy being aged 3 and 6.

catch a star 3 How to Catch a Star   10th Anniversary Edition   Review & WinHow to Catch a Star follows a young boy who loves stars and spends many hours gazing up at them.  It then shows the journey of his efforts to catch his own star and after various attempts he finally finds one.  The book is simply yet beautifully illustrated with full colour pages that keep little ones entertained whilst listening to the story.

This has made the perfect bedtime reading for 3yr old Mister B as it’s a relaxing easy read that doesn’t bring too much excitement yet has a storyline that little one’s love.  Mister B loved it when the boy went up in his rocket to search for a star.

The activity sheets proved a big hit with both my children, Mister B loving the mazes which he could sit and do with his finger.  He loves following the lines around hitting a “dead end” before having to turn back and find an alternative path.

catch a star 2 How to Catch a Star   10th Anniversary Edition   Review & WinMiss M who loves her cutting and sticking was immediately attracted to the mobile to make.  She sat carefully cutting out each shape before glueing them together with a piece of cotton inside.  I then helped her to stick them to a cross that we made out of sturdy cardboard strips.  She was so proud of her effort and wanted it hung in her bedroom so she could look at it whilst in bed.

catch a star How to Catch a Star   10th Anniversary Edition   Review & Win

Why not print the activity sheets for you little ones to do?

How to Catch a Star Activity Sheets

Released on 27th March 2014, How to Catch a Star is available from Amazon for £12.99.

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers is a great book with a storyline that little ones love and I’m pleased to say I have a copy of the book to give away to one of my readers.  If you’d like to win, just fill in the rafflecopter form below.

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Girl Talk Magazine Launches #Girls Are Amazing Campaign

Girl Talk magazine celebrates it’s 500th issue this week and are launching a #Girls Are Amazing campaign to promote positive female role models and broaden ambition in young girls.  This comes in direct response to a recent readership survey where some unsettling and surprising results revealed:

“that an overwhelming 80% of young girls wanted to be referred to as “pretty”, “kind” and “funny”, with only 20% choosing “clever”, “strong” or “brave” as important attributes.”


Girl Talk 500th Edition Cover Shot Girl Talk Magazine Launches #Girls Are Amazing Campaign
With my daughter Miss M being 6, I am wary of the future influences that she’ll be around and the way the media will encourage her to think.  She is a very strong willed young girl, determined to make her own decisions although so far I think she’s on the right track, being a sporty, outdoors kind of girl avoiding some of the more girly activities out there.  She is yet to show an interest in pop stars and media idols, which I’m pleased about as I’d like her to enjoy her childhood without growing up too fast.  I have to say though that I do think she’s AMAZING in nearly every way, but of course I am her mum.

girl talk Girl Talk Magazine Launches #Girls Are Amazing Campaign

Girl Talk is a pre teen magazine aimed at 7-12 year olds and they plan to run the #Girls Are Amazing campaign throughout the year with features appearing in every issue of the magazine.  They’ll be featuring career profiles and stories of inspirational women excelling in sport, science, business, technology and lots more. There will be stories from Girl Talk readers who’ve achieved something great plus opinion pieces about issues affecting them.  Also they will be running an amazing BFFs competition in partnership with Westfield, where they’ll be looking for the UK’s best BFFs! The winners will get a chance to be Girl Talk cover stars and receive fantastic prizes.

Girl Talk want to hear from pre-teen girls all over, their thoughts and ideas about being a girl, their life, heroes and dreams, to put those opinions in the magazine and celebrate each others’ achievements.

Do you know any girls around the age of 7-12 years?  Girl Talk would love to hear their thoughts and opinions on being a girl and any AMAZING stories that they’d like to share to go in a future edition of the magazine!

Send everything to:

#Girls Are Amazing,
Girl Talk magazine,
Immediate Media,
44 Brook Green,
W6 7BT

OR Email:

 And lets not forget #Girls Are Amazing!!

We were sent some goodies in exchange for writing about about the #GirlsAreAmazing campaign.