Xmas present ideas for girls – Next!

Well Miss M has been a challenge to buy for this year – a combination of reaching the age of “I want this mummy” and mummy thinking of what is really practical and will be most used/played with.

So a few months ago I started picking up bits and pieces, a combination of clothes and books etc that I thought would be educational/useful.  Let’s hope Miss M agrees on Xmas day (well she does have a few extra surprises along the way).

One fab place to look for girly gifts is Next.  The one stop guaranteed place to pick something up for the girl in question.  Whether it be my 3 year old daughter or my mum!!  And below you can see a great selection of gifts for girls at the younger end of the spectrum.

thumb_large_97e35155d59b98f6b91214fca84915f58fdeec3dHow fabulous is the Peppa Pig Tutu top!! My daughter would adore this as I’m sure any little Peppa Pig fan would. The Tutu top is just a stunning addition to any girls everyday wardrobe that practically doubles up as dressing up gear!!  Available for £11 – £12 http://bit.ly/rxJgZ4

And to go with it, how about the exciting new Peppa Pig DVD £9 – http://bit.ly/smXDB9.

Another favourite of mine from the Next collection has to be the Miss Yu Trolly Case £18 – http://bit.ly/uYyKiM.  These are great for little girls to carry along on either a holiday or weekend away.  Not only is it lovely to see the independence in your child carrying their belongings but they really enjoy it and are proud to be able to transport their own things along.  I would highly recommend getting your child a case of this type.  They will forever want to pack their clothes and toys inside but the satisfaction they get from it is worth it.

The other items in the picture shown are available from Next as follows:

Pink pull on boots £14 – £16 – http://bit.ly/soG6Jv
Spotted Robe with Ears £12 – £19 – http://bit.ly/sDqHBm
Piggy Bank £8 – http://bit.ly/tgrEM6
Because it’s a classic! Pocahontas DVDs £9 – http://bit.ly/szoKsn
So they stay away from your chocolates – Gummy Mix £10 – http://bit.ly/vhVmhN
To bring out her creative side – John Crane Art Easel £35 – http://bit.ly/sJFJY6

Hopefully you will have found a little inspiration from this to buy for your little girls this Xmas!!

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