Win an iPod Shuffle with Otovent Glue Ear Treatment

Parents get used to dealing with a range of ailments in children, but problems with a child’s hearing can be one of the most distressing conditions to deal with, as it can cause everything from pain and trouble sleeping, to a delay in learning development and social engagement.


One of the main causes of hearing loss in children is glue ear – a common condition that’s caused when a sticky, glue-like fluid fills the middle ear and causes the child to develop hearing difficulties.

Fortunately this is not something I have come across with my children so far, so was surprised to read that approximately 80% of children in the UK suffer with glue ear, with the majority of those being under the age of ten.

Otovent Pack new

Otovent from Kestrel Medical, offers a simple and non-invasive alternative to antibiotics and surgery in treating Glue Ear by using pressure from a balloon to help drain fluid that gets trapped in the ear and causes hearing problems.

Paediatrician Dr Ranj Singh said:

‘Glue ear can be problematic and frustrating for children and their parents.  Despite the potentially significant consequences on development, there has traditionally been little in the way of treatment, other than surgery.  Now for the first time, there is a real alternative that has clinically-proven results.

By using an auto-inflation device, parents have a relatively non-invasive and low-cost option for helping to treat their child’s glue ear before thinking about surgery, potentially avoiding antibiotics.  Such an easy-to-use and effective treatment has been long overdue!’

With such an easy and effective treatment available, I think that’s great news for parents of affected children, there’s nothing worse that losing your hearing, think of never hearing conversation, sounds around you and music.  Music was a large part of my growing up years, whether at home, to occupy yourself on transport, nights out and nowadays I love listening to music whilst doing the housework and DIY etc.

In collaboration with Otovent, to celebrate the joy of hearing, I’m pleased to offer one lucky winner an Apple iPod shuffle to be delivered in time for Christmas.


Just fill in the gleam widget below:

iPod shuffle

This is a collaborative post with Otovent

299 thoughts on “Win an iPod Shuffle with Otovent Glue Ear Treatment

  1. I’m an old rock head who sniffs at anything that isn’t Pink Floyd or the Stones… but as this iPod is for my exclusive use I’ll ‘fess up – first thing on there is going to be Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars.

  2. Fight or Requiem of a Drunk by The Dirty Youth or possibly Here by the great new talent Alessia Cara or even Sex, The 1975 cover by another up and coming talent Daisy Clark. Oh decisions decisions.

  3. Wake Me Up by Avicii as it’s an upbeat song that lifts my spirits and ups my tempo so very useful when doing the housework!

  4. Well I am hoping to receive the new Corrs Album for Xmas – so it would probably be that. I can’t name a song as haven’t heard any of them yet! (@PeanutHog)

  5. As I would love to win this for my daughter I would download sorry – Justin beiber for my daughter !!
    As she wants an I pod shuffle for Christmas .
    Great prize !!!
    good luck everyone ! 🙂

  6. The first song I would put on it would be “the more I look inside” by carly Simon from the piglet movie. My son’s nickname was piglet as when he was born he was a tiny 2lb 7oz. Unfortunately he was only with us a few hours and this song is what we had playing at his funeral x

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