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Tractor Ted Easter Activity Book – Review and Giveaway x 5

Tractor Ted is a cute green tractor that lives in Tractorland and gives children a great insight into tractors and farming life through a series of books, dvd’s, clothing and more.  We were exciting to receive Tractor Ted’s Activity Book 2, a special Easter edition of the series of activity books from Tractor Ted.

TT Easter Book coverMy first impressions of Tractor Ted’s Activity Book 2 were really good. Firstly I loved the quality of the book, a high gloss cover and thick, durable pages inside covered in brightly coloured illustrations.  Also the size of the book is quite handy compared to usual children’s activity books, as it’s easy to carry around and gives younger children just a one activity per page to concentrate on.Tractor Ted 1It’s aimed at Early Years children and I feel that Mister B who’s 3 and a half next month is the perfect age to carry out the activities within the book.  I also feel that the activities have been well thought out and put together, giving a great variety but also being of an appropriate level for Mister B to do.

The book shows children about farming and all things related to Easter time, such as baby animals and Easter themed recipes.  There are also counting activities, colours, matching, mazes, recipes, colouring in, writing skills and baby animal recognition.  I am really impressed with the variety and quality of this activity book.

Tractor Ted 2Mister B has loved looking through this book, taking in the information from the pictures and really having a good practice of his writing skills.  Even big sister Miss M joined in beside him copying the same words on a piece of paper and guiding him through the writing.  She’s also keen to try out the recipes at the back of the book, being an eager cook.  I can honestly say I’d recommend this book for a 3/4 year old to get to grips with pen skills and learn about animals and farming.  Of course Mister B was loving all the tractors and enjoyed picking out his favourite coloured ones.

Tractor Ted 3Tractor Ted have kindly offered 5 copies to give away to my readers, so if you have a little one who’d love to learn more about farming, baby animals and boost their writing skills then why not enter to win one below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UK only
Winners will be selected by Rafflecopter at the end of the giveaway.
Winners will be contacted within 48 hours of the giveaway ending and if I am unable to make contact within 14 days, then I may pick an alternative winner.
Your details will be passed to Tractor Ted who will be responsible for sending out the prize.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the book in order to write the review.

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  1. melanie stirling says:

    Goats are my favourite.

  2. Ducks – always make us laugh.

  3. Tracy Nixon says:


  4. Mummy of Two says:

    I love pigs – although not the smell coming from their sty sometimes!

  5. Stephanie Tsang says:

    My favourite farm animals are cows.

  6. Jo Hutchinson says:

    The chickens and chicks

  7. We love the rabbits
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  8. Cheryl Kean says:

    I love cows, i think they have the kindest faces 🙂

  9. Lucy W says:

    I love cows 🙂

  10. Lauren S says:

    Lambs are the cutest 🙂

  11. Lisa Sands says:

    Pigs and especially at this time of year PIGLETS 🙂 xx

  12. iain says:


  13. pauline hill says:


  14. tracey huber says:


  15. ann clements says:


  16. Graham Riches says:

    Gotta be Sheep

  17. kim neville says:


  18. Gina M says:


  19. Rita Hutton says:


  20. alison johnson says:

    cows x


    What is your favourite farm animal?
    sheep – they always seem so calm

  22. Harley says:

    The donkeys, they always look like they want a fuss

  23. karen cowley says:

    Love Cows xxx

  24. larissa says:

    my little ones would love this and love lambs!

  25. Paula Barker says:


  26. Georgina Jacobs says:

    Pigs – it’s fun watching them roll in mud!

  27. Catherine McAlinden says:


  28. ashleigh says:


  29. Claire D says:

    I like pigs best

  30. richard hill says:

    cows and sheep and chickens

  31. jennifer thorpe says:

    Pigs are my favourite

  32. MARK THOMAS says:


  33. Kathy Cakebread says:

    love goats because they’re so funny

  34. Kerry T says:

    my fav farm animal is cows

  35. sarah rees says:

    ducks 🙂

  36. Emily says:

    I love the pigs

  37. Donna R says:

    Pigs – I love little Ginger ones

  38. clair dutton says:


  39. Lisa Jones says:

    Sheep, they are so cute and fluffy !

  40. Louise Perry Fairweather says:

    a cow

  41. katie Kathurima says:


  42. claire griffiths says:

    pig 🙂

  43. Scott Fallon says:


  44. laura stewart says:

    pigs xx

  45. samantha price says:


  46. Isabell Whitenstall says:




  48. claire woods says:


  49. Caroline H says:

    Cows, especially the black and white Friesians.

  50. Jane Green says:


  51. Laura Pritchard says:

    Pigs are brilliant!

  52. Tracy Newton says:

    Sheep, especially lambs

  53. Lara Davis says:


  54. Susan Sargent says:

    Love Pigs

  55. Spencer Broadley says:

    Anything edible !!!!!

  56. I love pigs!

  57. helen atkins says:

    sheep cute!!

  58. sofia ramos says:

    I like cows

  59. michelle banks says:

    i love piglets!

  60. Debbie Kilroy says:


  61. Tina Holmes says:

    Ducks 🙂

  62. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Sheep are my favourite

  63. Kirsty Fox says:


  64. Rosy says:

    Cows! They always look so curious

  65. Lynn Heath says:


  66. Zoe Roxby says:


  67. Mickie Bull says:


  68. Nicola Holland says:

    The mucky pigs

  69. angela muir says:


  70. Diana croos says:


  71. Solange says:

    I love cows

  72. jen morgan says:

    goats they are so funny

  73. Kay panayi says:


  74. Helen B says:


  75. JULIE WARD says:

    The lambs, cute

  76. jessica agyin says:

    lambs are

  77. Jo welsh says:


  78. says:

    little woolly lambs

  79. Christine Shelley says:

    Sheep because OH grandfather knew all his by name

  80. Alex Telford says:


  81. Fiona R says:

    The lambs, reminds me of bottle feeding them as a child 🙂

  82. jamie banks says:

    lambs xx

  83. Mike says:


  84. nat eveleigh says:

    chickens!! 🙂

  85. Amy Skinner says:

    Pigs because my son was fascinated by them

  86. says:


  87. sarah stevens says:

    kids love pigs cos its like peppa pig 🙂

  88. Chantelle Kemp says:

    Baby Piglets 🙂

  89. Jo Greenhalgh says:

    Goats – how I would love some goats!

  90. Jo-Anne holton says:

    Baby chicks!!!

  91. Sophie Buckle says:

    Piglets are just too cute

  92. emma falvi says:


  93. Janice Mackin says:


  94. helena clark says:


  95. Helen Wilson says:

    Ducks, because they always sound like they are laughing at you, they have me in stitches!

  96. Allan Fullarton says:

    Ducks my favourite

  97. Jackie ONeill says:


  98. Karen Barrett says:


  99. kim heeps says:


  100. Mark Palmer says:


  101. JOANNE PEARSON says:


  102. Jamie says:

    Chicken 🙂

  103. Joanna Sawka says:


  104. Lani Nash says:

    Goats as they have so much character

  105. marie lindsay says:


  106. Rachel Craig says:


  107. Elizabeth Ferguson says:


  108. jessica newman says:

    my 3 year old loves pigs

  109. JULIE CAMM says:


  110. Phyllis Ellett says:


  111. heidi brown says:


  112. Jane Henshaw says:


  113. joanne liddement says:


  114. becca staples says:

    Sheep, me and my boys love them x

  115. pigs are my fav farm animal
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  116. carly bryan says:


  117. Tobys Proud Mummy says:

    My little one loves the baby piggies

  118. laura morgans says:


  119. Vera Bahounkova says:


  120. sarah palmer says:

    either lambs or Kids all so cute xx

  121. Ian Yates says:


    “A dog looks up to you. A cat looks down on you. But a pig looks you straight in the eye.” Winston Churchill.

  122. Erica Field says:


  123. says:

    The sheep dog!

  124. Natalie Henderson says:

    Cows!! 🙂

  125. Marie Horton says:

    Pygmy goats

  126. Jill Cordner says:

    A pig……I think my kids watch peppa too much lol xx

  127. Gary Topley says:

    Calfs x

  128. laura jones says:

    Sheep especially baby lambs i love seeing them in the fields this time of year

  129. Laura Morris says:


  130. DENISE WILDEN says:


    1. says:

      You ARE beautiful, but if your heart is telling you it’s time to lose the baby weight, then do it for your health, and out of respect for the body you’ve been given to use in this world. That’s where I am. And I need accountability!

  131. Hayley Anderson says:

    My daughters favourite farm animals are chickens. She just loves going to Grandads house and helping him feed the chickens, letting them out for a runaround and then catching them again.

  132. Pam Gregory says:


  133. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    A pig 🙂

  134. Rebecca Powell says:


  135. louise e bennett says:


  136. Rachael Jones says:


  137. says:


  138. says:

    I love cows 🙂

  139. monika s says:


    1. says:

      What a great post! I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with us. I have bookmarked this site and will be sure to check for updates. Keep up the good work!

  140. Diana says:

    Cow 🙂

  141. Rebecca King says:

    I love donkeys!

  142. C Parkin says:


  143. jodie harvey says:

    little piglets 🙂

  144. Donna Clinton says:


  145. Becky Shorting says:


  146. Tina Downs says:


  147. sarah wells says:

    Lorna’s favorite are the hens she loves to feed them and they love her because she gives them great big chunks of bread. She also loves to collect the eggs, the little blue ones are her favourite.

  148. stephanie campbell says:

    i love ducks!

  149. Lisa C says:


  150. emma kinsey says:


  151. Keith H says:


  152. Helen McCarron says:

    I love horses. Which probably explains why my two kids can’t pass a field with horses in them without wanting to pat the horses!

  153. Alice Colling says:


  154. taja mckenzie says:


  155. Maria Messruther says:

    Pigs are most definitely my favourite farm animal with cows a close second. I love how cute they are as piglets, how intelligent they are, how they look after their piglets and protect them, the fact they come in all shapes, colours and sizes.

  156. Cathy Clowes says:

    Cows 🙂

  157. Emma Green says:

    Pig – OINK

  158. claire little says:

    chicken 🙂

  159. Champaklal Lad says:

    CHICKEN – home made Indian Tandoori style, so tasty

  160. Matt Brasier says:


  161. Heather Tinkler says:

    Sheep 🙂 baaaaaa

  162. Helen Garner says:


  163. There is definately a great deal to find out about this issue.
    I like all the points you made.
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