Disney Wall Vinyls Light and Clock Review

Disney is always a hit in our house and Worlds Apart have a fabulous range of wall vinyls to decorate children’s bedrooms including clocks, night lights, doorbells, wall hooks and light switch stickers.  My children were lucky to get to try out the Disney Planes Lumiglow and the Disney Princess Tick Tock clock.

planes princessMister B has recently been asking for a light on at night and the Disney Planes Lumiglow seemed like the perfect option.  A light that he could make come on by himself and give a soft glow in his bedroom, but goes off again after two minutes.

The Disney Planes light comes with 50 wall stickers to create a scene around the light.  There is a large background sticker to use as the backdrop for the light and other smaller stickers to decorate as you wish.  The light requires 3 AA batteries to work which are easily put in the back of the nightlight.  The light also cleverly sticks to the wall using velcro sticky pads, meaning you can easily take the light off to change the batteries.

planes1The stickers are of a good quality and stick easily and well to to the wall, although you can peel off and re stick should you need to.  Mister B decided he only wanted a few plane stickers around the light and the others have been dotted across his bedroom!  The light is very easy to activate requiring a simple clap, loud voice or other noise.  You can also touch it lightly and it comes on.

planes 2Mister B loves his new night light and has shown every visitor to our house his special light.  He loves being able to switch it on like magic and it’s been a great incentive to get him up to bed at night.  It gives a really soft, gentle glow which is great as it allows him to drop off to sleep with the knowledge that it will switch itself off after two minutes!


The Disney Princess Wall Clock from Worlds Apart has been a huge hit with Miss M who is currently learning how to tell the time.  It comes with 50 accessory stickers to decorate the wall, creating a pretty fairytale scene.  The main sticker is a fairytale castle tower with princesses at the bottom that forms the backdrop to the clock.

princess 1The clock requires 1 AA battery and can then be stuck to the tower using velcro sticky pads for easy removal.  The scene stickers include clouds, hearts, flowers, trees, butterflies and more.  There are also the 12 number stickers that enable you to tell the time, these even glow in the dark which Miss M loves.  The size of this clock on the wall along with all the stickers really does make this a feature on the wall rather than just a clock, brightening up any young girls room.

princess 2Miss M has this clock on the wall to the side of her bed and loves being able to look up at the time in the morning, she just about knows her half and quarter pasts, so we are now trying to learn the rest.

I think both of these vinyl wall products from Worlds Apart are lovely, being both wall decoration but also functional with the clock and the light.  They look good, the children love them, and so I definitely recommend them!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the wall sets in order to write the review.



Dinosaur Wall Stickers from Walls of the Wild

Every child loves something on their bedroom wall and with Mister B’s room looking rather bare at the moment, we’ve been keeping an eye out for some kind of wall art to give it a bit more character.  Walls of the Wild are a collection of beautifully hand painted images that are reproduced onto a self-adhesive, peel and stick polyester.  They include ranges such as birds, plants, underwater, jungle and something that would have great appeal to Mister B – dinosaurs!

We received a selection of dinosaur wall stickers from Wall of the Wild to try out and couldn’t wait to get them up on the wall.  They are very sticky so adhere to the wall very easily, and can be removed if required.  It’s easy to smooth them out and create a flawless finish.  The only one we did find a little tricky was the large Triceratops, which being such a large sticker did require a little more time and care to apply smoothly.


The Walls of the Wild stickers are a peel and stick polyester which gives a seamless finish to the wall.  The designs were originally hand painted by artist Dede Lifgren before being reproduced into wall art.  The detail in the picture is fantastic and creates life like images that truly look painted onto your own wall.  If I had the time it would have been great to paint a background scene on which to place the dinosaur stickers!

I think they look truly fabulous and so seamless to the wall.  My personal favourite is the Pterodactyl with it’s wide swooping wings.  This looks really stunning on the wall, although I have to say my photos do not do these stickers justice.  I catch a glimpse of it every time I walk past Mister B’s bedroom door and always have to take a second look.

So what did Mister B think?  Well he already has dinosaur duvet covers, storage boxes, model dinosaurs, and dinosaur pyjamas, so when he saw his newly decorated bedroom his little face just lit up into a huge grin!

“I love it mummy, I’ve got a dinosaur bedroom”


The dinosaur stickers from Walls of the Wild have been a big hit with us.  We would thoroughly recommend them for their quality.  They are a little expensive compared to other stickers I’ve seen but with a combination of the artwork and durability I think it’s a case of you get what you pay for.  They are well worth a look.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.