Underpants Wonderpants – Children’s Book Review

Underpants Wonderpants from Parragon books is a wonderfully fun story by Peter Bently and illustrated by Deborah Melmon.  It’s a brightly coloured picture book about Underpants Wonderpants, a super hero dog who always comes to the rescue of people and animals wherever they may be.

Underpants WonderpantsI read this with 5 yr old Miss M and 2 yr old Mister B.  They loved the illustrations and found plenty of things to point out.  The story is quite short so kept their attention and with it’s rhyming lines it was easy to read.  They found the pants on every page amusing as Underpants Wonderpants the dog used them as a “pantachute” to help the queen to the ground, as a scoop to gather water to put a fire out and as a sling to zap the aliens back to space.

This book is a fun, amusing read with full colour pages to keep children visually entertained as well as listening to the story.  Mister B liked counting various objects on pages such as mice, fish and ants as well as telling me the colour of the various pairs of pants on each page!  We’ve had lots of fun and giggles with it and it has become one of the bedtime stories every night this week.  A great little story that’s sure to entertain any young child.

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