U Hugs Customisable Dolls Series 2

U Hugs are customisable dolls each with their own character and accessories, although these can easily be mixed and matched between dolls to create your own character.  From Flair, a second series of these dolls has been released with some fun themes and designs.  We’ve been checking out a couple of them below – take a look!


There are six dolls to choose from in the second season.  These are:

  • Thorny Flower
  • Lazy Hero
  • Cheeky Kitten
  • Sweety Robot
  • Snowy Girl
  • Time-Off Elf

The first one we looked at is Cheeky Kitten who was both mine and my daughters favourite.  She is really cute and has some fun features such as a pin on tail to put on the back.  The unique part of these dolls are the pins, which are basically the accessories, which all have a simple push in pin like action to push into any of the 16 holes that can be found across the doll.  The dolls all have a soft rubbery body, there are no sharp bits and these are so easy to change around almost instantly.  Being a cat, she has cute accessories like a fish, bird and mouse as well as a cute collar with a bell.

u-hugs-2Time-Off Elf is also really cute and perfect for this time of year.  As you can see each doll comes with a selection of small accessories, but also their hair, jackets and skirts are all removable and can be swapped around.  There is a diamond style pin for the top of the head which has a hole through it so the dolls can be used for hanging up or carrying with the loop included.u-hugs-3My daughter enjoys these and has a collection on her bedroom shelf already, she often shows me her new creations where she has mixed and matched them with each other. u-hugs-4 A huge plus with these dolls is that they are hollow and there is a removable patch on the back of them, that is easily opened and closed with a pin.  This means that inside you can store all the little accessories that the doll isn’t currently wearing – a brilliant idea which helps to keep things all together so less chance of them getting lost.u-hugs-5Here is one of the creations my daughter made substituting the eyes for some other fun elements! u-hugs-6

These are fun toys that both my children have enjoyed playing with.  Even my younger boy has fun customising them in various ways and showing me how he got on.  For something different, then these are a bit of fun, and if your child likes playing with accessories on dolls then these could be the toy for them.  A fun, durable doll with fun features, available from all major toys shops now.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.





U Hugs Customisable Dolls – Review

U Hugs are a new range of customisable dolls from Flair, that come with interchangeable accessories to create a multitude of looks.   The dolls comes with holes across the body to insert the accessory pins onto.  Each doll comes with 12 pins although you can mix and match these across any of the dolls.

U HugsWe receivd Sassy Fashion and Scary Baby to try out.  Aimed at children 5+, my daughter was quite excited at the sight of these and couldn’t wait to get them out of their boxes.  The dolls are made from a soft rubber, so are easy to play with and place the accessories into the holes.

U Hugs 2What is really clever and thought out about with these dolls is that they have a panel on the back of their bodies which unpins to reveal a cavity inside the doll, in which you can store most of the small accessories.  This is a brilliant idea as with most toys and small parts, they can easily get lost amongst other toys and it’s hard to find the bits you want.

U Hugs 4The U Hugs dolls have interchangeable eyes, mouths, accessories for their hands and holes in the front of their bodies.  The shoes can even be turned around for a different look.  The jacket on Sassy Fashion can be removed as can Scary Baby’s nappy.

Here are some different looks Miss M created by switching the pins around. She seems to enjoy the dolls and playing with the pins and is often found carrying one of these dolls around with her.

U Hugs 3The U Hugs are a new breed of dolls and so far there are six different models to collect.  They are fun, can be changed around to reflect your mood, style, feel for the day giving them a new look each morning.

U Hugs 5We’ve enjoyed these dolls, why not check out the range now?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.