Britains Farm Green Landrover & General Purpose Trailer 1:16

Britains Farm Green Landrover & General Purpose Trailer is one of the newest items in the Britains Farm range of replica toys from Tomy.  Scaled at 1:32 and suitable for ages 3+, these vehicles are a great size for young ones to play with, use their imagination and set up a play farm with.

britains landrover 5This set comprises of a Green Landrover Defender and a detachable trailer with two hay bales.  Joined together they come to approximately 54cm in length so that gives you a great idea of the size of these which my little boy found really appealing.

britains landrover 4 The Landrover Defender is extremely well built and exceptionally sturdy, perfect for young ones to handle.  It is made from die cast metal and very strong plastic and shows lots of detail.  The canopy on the back is easily removeable, simply by lifting it off and leaves room to store any items your child wishes to store in there.  A great feature of the landrover is that by pressing the grey button on the bonnet, the headlights light up and it makes various vehicle sounds such as the engine starting up and the horn sound.  Mister B, who is 4 was quite keen on this sounds and they helped enhance his play.

britains landroverThe trailer is a flatbed design with a simple hinged tailgate at the back that drops down allowing you to load or unload your goods.  Here, as well as hay bales, Mister B has enjoyed filling the trailer with pigs, horses and even small toy cars!  The trailer is a great attachment for the landrover giving children the opportunity to use their imagination in loading it up, moving things across the room, then unloading again.

britains landrover 3This landrover and trailer set from Britains Farm has been a big success with my children, particularly my 4yr old boy and what I really love is that it is totally compatible with any other Britains Farm vehicles.  For example the landrover can will attach to any trailer such as the pig trailer we have and also a tractor can pull the hay bale trailer.  These really are versatile toys that have kept my son occupied for hours.

He really wanted a driver for his vehicles and it’s amazing the various drivers we’ve had over the last couple of weeks from Mr Happy to superman and batman!  I love toys that allow for children to play freely and this are perfect for my 4yr old right now.

britains landrover 2I’ve found all Britains Farm toys to be of the highest quality and well worth what you pay.  They are built to last and have lots of play value.  I highly recommend them, so why not check them out yourself?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.

Tomy Britains Big Farm Toys – Review

Tomy Britains Big Farm Toys are a realistic range of farm vehicles, animals and accessories made to a 1:16 scale and aimed at children aged 3-8 years.  Each toy is sturdy, durable, made to a high standard with a good level of detail and feels like it will last.  The plastic has a soft flexible feel to it that can withstand little fingers and lots of play, overall the set of toys are impressive and my children were eager to open the boxes and play.

Britain Farm toys tractorWith two excited children it was time to explore the vehicles and try them out.  Some vehicles require AA batteries to create lights and realistic sounds on them which gives an added dimension to play, something little ones are particularly keen on.

Britains farm tractor and landroverThe first vehicle we looked at is the CASE IH 210 Puma Tractor.  I love the deep red colour of the tractor and the removable roof/windows.  This comes off in one simple lift off piece to reveal the seat and steering wheel.  Mister B loved this feature and used it depending on the weather, if it was sunny the tractor was open top, if it was raining the roof came on.

Britains tractorThe tractor requires 3 AA batteries which enable lights to come on and very realistic engine and reversing sounds.  These are actioned with two easy to press buttons on top of the tractor.  The bonnet also lifts up to reveal the engine.  By turning the steering wheel, the wheels move in the direction you are going.  This is a well built model, that the children loved playing with.

We also received the Backhoe, a great farming accessory that attaches to the back of the tractor with a simple slot in motion.  This is hinged with a scoop on the end and two fold out legs to stabilise it when in use.  This added to the play value of the tractor and my two children were continuously driving the tractor around the room then stopping to pick things up with this.

Britains BackhoeThe Land Rover Defender is a great vehicle, very sturdy and has had lots of play.  This also requires 3 AA batteries which light up it’s headlights, as well as making realistic engine sounds.  The cover over the back of the Land Rover is removable leaving an open storage area that the children loved filling with things during play.

Britains landroverTo go with the Land Rover we had a Pig Trailer with Pigs.  This was a realistic large trailer with a drop down jockey wheel, fold down ramp and gates at the back – perfect for moving farm animals around in.  It’s complete with a family of pigs, 2 large and 3 piglets.

Britains pig trailerMister B loved playing with this, he spent ages walking the pigs up the ramp into the trailer before pushing the land rover and trailer around the room.  He also enjoyed sitting the pigs in the back of the land rover.  These really do have plenty of scope for imaginative play and we found our trailer loaded up with various things to move about.

The whole range of Britains Big Farm Toys are like dream toys for young ones.  Both my children are within the suggested 3-8 years age range and they have both enjoyed playing with them, but particularly Mister B who liked imitating the sounds and creating his own imaginative farm world in the front room using lots of animals and figures that we already had.  He was keen to sit figures in the driving seats of the vehicles and fill the backs up with animals.

Britains Farm toys kids Britains Big Farm Toys are of a fabulous quality, with great detail but really durable for little fingers.  They are lovely toys to introduce children to the world of farming and I envisage them providing many hours of play ahead.

I think they are well priced and have lasting value.  They are also suitable for outdoor play which would provide great fun during the summer months.  I’d definitely recommend these.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the toys in order to write the review.