Satori – Plymouth’s Premier Beauty Salon

Located in the Upper Mall of Drake Circus shopping centre in Plymouth lies Satori, a beauty haven which offers a wide variety of premier beauty treatments from simple manicures to more advanced procedures such as microblading.  I was invited to a demonstration evening to find out what they have to offer and see what I thought.

satori-2The salon has a modern, sleek feel to it with appealing decor.  The staff were all very friendly and welcoming along with the owners who were highly approachable and lovely to meet.  I always knew they offered nail services as the manicure tables are in view from the glass windows but I was intrigued to see what else was available.

I started off by trying an increasingly popular eyebrow treatment, threading, and have to admit I am a total fan.  I did try this once before many years ago and having it done reaffirmed that this is my eyebrow treatment of choice.  It is quick, effective and has minimal pain and leaves you with shapely brows free of any redness at the end.  satori-3

I then peeked in on a live microblading demonstration.  For those who haven’t heard about it, it’s the latest eyebrow trend and consists of semi permanent results that look natural and is maintenance free.  If you have thinning, overplucked or want a more defined shape then microblading uses a special pen to add very fine strokes of pigment just under the skin that can last up to two years.

Delilah cosmetics is a new brand for me but the instore display stand at Satori shows a stunning looking range of cosmetics in both packaging and product.  The range focuses on having a boutique feel packed full of English influences in it’s design.  I love the array of smoky coloured eyeshadow, all in the range of colours I wear.  It’s a capsule collection but contains everything you need including brushes but importantly the colours and textures are really appealing and suit most skin tones. satori-5The Elemis SkinLab offers state of the art skin mapping along with a consultation to discuss your lifestyle and then considers skincare solutions for you to maintain a healthy and youthful glow to your skin.  A small camera takes a photo of the side of your face which the computer then analyses before giving you a printed copy of the results followed by a discussion with the consultant.  As you can see below I have rather sun damaged skin, but I put it down to my 40+ years and negligence to sun block in my early 20’s.  I did try but often forgot it, unlike these days when everyone is hot on it, even to the point that I have SPF in my moisturisers and foundations now days.  With two young children I’m pleased to say that school has instilled in them the importance of skincare and they need to wear sun protection to school everyday in the Summer before they are allowed out to play!

satori-4The results of my consultation suggested that the Elemis Pro Collagen range would be perfect for my ageing skin to aid hydration and fine lines.  I got to smell and touch the products and was also shown the amazing gift ranges that are available on the run up to Christmas.  These are all boxed and cost considerably less than if you were to buy the products individually.  The SkinLab travels around the country and will be back in Satori Plymouth from the 23rd to the 29th November 2016, so I’d highly recommend you visit then as you’ll get a consultation for a £20 fee but this is redeemable against 2 or more Elemis purchases.satori-6Satori Plymouth is definitely the modern high end beauty salon and whether it’s just for occasional use (like myself with a busy lifestyle and two young children but do enjoy a beauty treat every few months) or for a regular salon user, then it’s well worth checking this place out.  Luxury in the heart of the city makes it easy to fit into your routine and is accessible to all for even if it’s just a Christmas treat!

I was invited to Satori salon for a promotional evening and received complimentary samples and treatments but my opinions are all honest and my own.












Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Baker Ross has a fabulous range of home craft kits and the box of summer crafts we received from them certainly didn’t disappoint.  My two children love arts and crafts and couldn’t wait to get started! baker rossWe started with the Rainbow Lacing kits which they did when a couple of friends came over.  All the children were totally engrossed and loved this craft.

baker ross rainbow 1Firstly they had great fun using a pencil to punch out the centres of the pre cut holes in which the laces go.  Then they laced around the rainbow adding beads at the end before sticking cloud and sun stickers to give it a 3d effect.

baker ross rainbow 2Another lacing craft we did was the Wooden Frame Lacing which I wasn’t sure how keen they would be but both of them were so enthusiastic and wanted to do these, it surprised me.  They sat eagerly in the garden totally engrossing themselves in picking coloured strands of wool and threading them across the frame.

baker ross threadAnd here are their finished results!

baker ross thread 2The Garden Gnome Wind Chimes caused a lot of excitement over who was going to colour which design.  We also received some acrylic decoration pens which I was very impressed with.  They were so easy to use and left really vibrant colours on the wood as we coloured without any mess.

baker ross gnomesI loved the children’s creations and couldn’t wait to hang them in the garden.

baker ross gnomes 2Finally we set to work on this cute little craft baskets which the Deco pens worked perfectly on.  We also had some stick on gems, which had a simple peel off back to add some glitz to the baskets.

baker ross bags4yr old Mister B did his own designs, while 7yr old Miss M decorated some baskets especially for Nanny as it’s her birthday coming up and we are going to get some chocolates to put inside and use as a gift bag.

baker ross bags 2My children have absolutely loved the Baker Ross craft kits and have sat down over many days trying out different ones.  These are all perfect to occupy little ones over the summer holidays and are simple to do, but effective when completed.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.



Threading Animals(wooden toy) by Asco Educational – Review

We were asked to review the Threading Animals by Asco Educational for izziwizzikids.

The box we received contained two beautifully made wooden animals, a butterfly and a turtle which were painted to a perfectly smooth finish.  40 shapes and 20 laces in 4 bright colours were supplied which was more than ample so a very positive first impression.

Miss M had already attempted the basic process of threading with a little book she has that comes with a few laces and holes in the pictures on the pages to thread through – a bit like dot to dot with laces – so this toy was the next step up in the challenge for her.

With some guidance and assistance from mummy, Miss M happily sat threading away despite a few minor issues we had with the product, but we overcame these by using the shapes slightly differently to how we initially thought upon opening the box.

Overall we love the concept of this toy, found the wooden pieces to be beautifully made and are really pleased to see plenty of shapes & laces to work with for both animals.  This is a lovely toy particularly for girls and really encourages great hand eye coordination.  It ranges from ages 3 upwards so is great for little ones that require some help and encouragement or older children who would be able to play this independently.

Threading Animals is available to buy from Asco Educational.

Here is our video review for izziwizzikids:

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.