Spring has Sprung with Baker Ross Kids Crafts

After dull Winter days it’s nice to see the colours of Spring coming out in the garden and these craft kits from Baker Ross are perfect for kids to make and brighten up the inside of the house too!  From flowers to bugs, everything is bright and colourful and they are all so simple to make, that I find they have a wide appeal which both my 9 and 6 year olds love to get stuck into.

Without any hesitation, the children sat down and started making, colouring and sticking, they love these kits and it’s always a joy to see them engrossed in creating something we can enjoy to look at for the next few months.

I thought the Flower Suncatcher Decorations looked stunning strung across the kitchen windows catching the sun as it beams through.  Everyone that has visited has admired these and they really brighten up the view.

These Creative Colouring Flower Wreaths are so simple but look so effective, the children are working their way through colouring the whole set so I can hang them up somewhere.  They love dipping in and out of colouring these after school, at breakfast time etc.

How cute are these Bug Pom Pom Decorations?  A simple pom pom ball with a few sticky accessories that makes them come alive.  Making the pom pom is best suited to slightly older children so Mister B left these to Miss M to make.  She’s finished this little ladybird and is currently working on a bee.  I can’t wait to see the trio of finished bugs altogether, so cute!

One of the children’s favourite to make were these Peacock Crinkle Decorations,  so simple by just fanning some crepe paper for the feathers and then just sticking extra details on.  These look lovely on my kitchen wall and I think it’s great for the children to see and admire all the beautiful things they make everyday.

As you can see, Spring really has sprung inside my house with all these beautifully coloured crafts the children have made for me using the fun kits from Baker Ross.  These make a great anytime activity, which children enjoy and love seeing the finished results!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.



Spring Garden Flowers from OK Bouquet

There’s nothing like a gorgeous bunch of flowers to brighten your day, and the ‘Spring Garden‘ bouquet from OK Bouquet certainly does that.  With it’s brightly coloured flowers in my favourite colour hues, pink and purple along with some added foliage, this really is a stunning bunch not to be missed.

OK bouquetThe flowers were delivered in a large box and a clever water box at the bottom which kept the flowers beautifully upright and perfectly watered. They were delicately wrapped and the flowers came out completely undamaged.

OK bouquet 2The bunch was huge and slightly too many for my largest vase, which was a bonus as it meant I could have two vases of beautiful flowers to adorn my house.  These flowers are really pretty and after a few days the tulips really started to bloom and show their full potential.

When looking at the OK Bouquet website, I have to say that all of the bunches are simply beautiful and seasonal so you really do get the flowers at their best. I was pleasantly surprised by the prices too, as the website looks far more expensive than the flowers are but these cost no more than any other flower delivery service I’ve used before and therefore definitely one I’ll come back to next time I need to send my mum a surprise bunch!

OK bouquet 3These flowers have really brightened my days for the last couple of weeks, they have lasted well with a few water changes and trimming the ends.  If you know someone that needs cheering up, it’s their birthday or you just want to say thank you, then why not check out OK Bouquet and see their amazing range of flowers that they have available.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Peter Rabbit DVD Review & Giveaway

Peter Rabbit Tales of the Start of Spring due to be released by Abbey Media on 30th March brings together 8 fabulous episode of the hit tv series including a special 22 minute episode of The Tale of the Start of Spring.  Altogether 108 minutes of entertainment that your little ones will love.

Peter-Rabbit-TalesPeter Rabbit is fondly remembered from my childhood and I’m amazed how much my children love the series that is currently shown on tv, with no prompt from me, but one they will always sit down to watch.  One of the new characters Lily Bobtail is their favourite as she always manages to find something useful in her pocket.  This dvd didn’t disappoint and they have watched it several times over already!

Join Peter and his two bosom buddies; Benjamin and Lily, on their whimsical adventures through timeless Lake District.

Peter encounters real dangers, and he and his loyal friends and family must use their wits to outsmart incompetent villains whose barks are way worse than their bites.

Peter is a 6-year-old rabbit who lives with his mother underneath a huge fir tree in a hidden burrow. He misses his late father and desperately wants to grow up to be just like him. Armed with his father’s journal, which is basically a guide to everything one needs to become a truly wild rabbit, and aided and abetted by his two best friends, Benjamin and Lily, Peter sets off to make his own mark in life.


peter rabbitAlso included in the dvd is a little Hop Outside guide with lots of little fun activities to find, do and look out for in the great outdoors.

If you know someone who loves the tales of Peter Rabbit as much as my two children do, then why not enter my giveaway below to win a copy, just fill in the gleam widget below:


Peter Rabbit

All reviews are my own and my families opinions and I received a Peter Rabbit dvd in order to write the review.