Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners – Review

Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners are the latest way to freshen and revive your shoes.  A simple shoe shaped elasticated freshener that hooks around any shoe.  After allowing it to hover above the sole of the shoe, the air circulates with the scent of the freshener to really revive your shoe and leaving it smelling fresh and fragranced.

Happi FeetThey come in four fragrances, each in with a differently designed shoe on the freshener.  I received green converse style Happi Feet which come with a caribbean beach breeze fragrance.  Other fragrances available include freshly laundered, madagascan vanilla and japanese cherry blossom (which was my favourite on the scratch and sniff samples I received).

The first thing I noticed when I opened the resealable bag was the strong fresh scent, I knew these would help keep any odours at bay in my shoes.  The elastic makes them simple to hang over any shoe and they do say that hovering the fresheners rather than placing them in the shoes does have a better effect due to the air flow.

Happi Feet 2When you wish to wear the shoes again, simply pop the Happi Feet back into the resealable bag to lock in the freshness until you need them again.  They claim to last for up to six weeks worth of use.

I found my shoes to have a much fresher feeling in the morning with a delightful fragrance to put my foot into.  For me, I think I would get most benefit out of using these during the summer months when I tend to go bare foot in shoes and your feet can get a little sweaty.  I look forward to the warmer weather when these will really be put to good use.  The fragrances are a lot fresher and more modern than other products I have used to deodorise shoes and I think Happi Feet are a great, simple idea that’s easy to use!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the shoe fresheners in order to write the review.