Autumn Crafts from Baker Ross

Baker Ross crafts have proved hugely popular with my children, I think partly because they are simple to do, and also because they are different to other craft sets therefore immediately engage my children’s interest.  We have been sent some Autumn crafts to try, so you can read below how we got on.

Baker Ross xWith the Rugby World Cup due to start on the 18th September (as I keep being reminded by the husband!), these cute little wooden trophy magnets, immediately caught the children’s eye.  They both eagerly sat down to decorate them, using some acrylic deco pens also from Baker Ross which are excellent for surfaces such as these.

baker ross 2Each trophy has a stick on magnet to apply to the back which the children added and then put their trophies on our fridge door.  They really enjoyed decorating these and I think they’d be a great craft for children to do and take home at birthday parties etc.

baker ross 3Next up is this rather fabulous hedgehog sewing kit.  At first glance I thought it may be a bit tricky, but it’s been cleverly designed to incorporate sewing and sticking, meaning children don’t get bored and get to see the finished result surprisingly quickly.

baker ross 4There are two pieces of felt that form the main body of the hedgehog that require sewing together for which a plastic needle is provided.  Miss M loved doing this, then she got to stuff the creature  with the wadding which was also fun.  To decorate the front, there are sticky backed felt pieces making it really simple to do and Miss M was thrilled with the finished result.  Hedgehog now goes to bed with her each night!

baker ross 6Miss M was keen to try the cross stitch kits which are a lovely selection of card animals with a selection of brightly coloured thread to stitch with.  We started with the hedgehog as Miss M wanted a friend for her sewn hedgehog above.  Although it’s was Miss M’s first attempt at cross stitch she did incredibly well.  The cardboard templates are strong and stay flat making it easy for young ones to stitch, there are also big needles included, perfect for little fingers.

baker ross 5I’m really pleased with these kits, they make sewing for children simple and it encourages them to practice and want to do more.  Miss M has started on the fox cross stitch next and I can’t wait to see them all finished.

If you want to see some more fun crafts, then we have some Halloween inspired crafts from Baker Ross coming up next week, so keep an eye out for the blog post.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.

First Sewing by Galt Toys – Review

When we received the First Sewing kit by Galt Toys for the Izziwizzi Kids Play Fest, Miss M was very excited and keen to have a go.  She’s watched me sew and mend various holes in clothes etc and has always asked for a go, so this was the perfect starter kit to let her experience sewing for herself.

I was impressed with the contents of the Galt Toys sewing box which contained five individually packed kits to make, a butterfly bag, neck purse, picture frame, notepad cover and pencil case.  Each kit contained pre-cut foam pieces and cord to sew with along with 2 plastic needles.  There is also a sheet of stick on gems to decorate the finished designs and  a notepad and pencils to add to the notepad holder.

The first project Miss M wanted to do was the butterfly bag.  As Miss M is new to sewing I started her off and also did the more awkward parts like sewing the butterfly onto the centre, but Miss M was very keen and was desperate to finish the rest herself.  I kept an eye on what she was doing and guided her to the correct holes to put the needle through but on the whole she managed the projects very well herself.

A really nice finishing touch to each kit is adding the sparkly stick on gems which all little girls love.  Miss M was really proud of her finished projects and used the bag to carry a couple of the other items round in.

I think this is a really lovely first craft set and a great introduction to sewing.  The foam shapes are really bright and colourful and I think the selection of different kits to make are well thought out.  The set is aimed at ages 5+ which Miss M just is and I think this is perfect to her with a little supervision to guide her along.  The Galt Toys First Sewing kit retails at £7.99 which I think is excellent value for the contents and the craft value to the child.  This would make a great birthday present for any little girl and I would definitely recommend.

Please watch our video review for izziwizzi kids below:

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.