Looking Back – First Day at School

Almost two years ago, I was busily preparing for my daughter, Miss M’s first day at school.  I was a mixture of nerves, excitement and anxiousness as I awaited the day that my daughter took a new step in her life and met a group of people who she will spend the next few years learning with, gaining experiences with and building friendships with.

first dayWe had only visiting the school briefly before the summer break for a welcome afternoon, so there was a lot of new things ahead, new faces, a new environment and getting used to the school routine.  Miss M was really eager to start somewhere new, learn more things and build on her existing skills after spending three and a half years at a very small nursery looking at the same four walls each day.

In the weeks beforehand we went shopping together and picked out various pieces of uniform, a P.E. bag and a lunch box to take to school.  On her first morning she proudly got dressed in her uniform, I plaited her hair and we walked the short journey around to the school.  Her younger brother Mister B came with us and they walked ahead together, Miss M holding on to Mister B’s reins, a proud big sister embarking on a new journey in her life!

first day 2I’m pleased to say the first day went well and although we had a few wobbly days in those early weeks where she felt a little unsure of things, she has progressed really well over her first two years in school and we are looking forward to starting Year 2 in September.

With the start of the new school term nearly upon us, one thing we all need to think about is school uniform.  We all want something that’s durable and lasting and George at Asda have come up with theAsda George at Asda 100 day money back guarantee where you can return any item you are not satisfied with within 100 days along with a proof of purchase for an exchange or refund!

Why not check out the uniform ranges at George at Asda, they have a great choice available  including some rather cute Hello Kitty designs which I’m sure Miss M would love.

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International Walk to School Month with F&F

This October is International Walk to School Month, an initiative to encourage parents and children to walk to school each day rather than jumping in the car.  We do try to walk to school when we can, especially in the summer but on the cold, dark, wet winters evenings with two young, tired, hungry children I have to admit that popping round in the car can be more appealing.

Miss M’s school celebrate International Walk to School Month last week by putting on a special breakfast in the playground for any children who arrived at school on foot, scooter or bike between 8.30 and 8.45 so I was rather pleased when I had the opportunity to try out a couple of coats from F&F to wear on the journey.

One thing that’s essential for walking to school in the outdoors is a good winter coat and F&F have a great variety on offer to keep children cosy and warm.  For winter I like a child’s coat to have a soft, warm lining and a hood as well as being practical and easily washable for everyday wear.

With many styles and designs to choose from,  we chose the Pink Corsage Padded Jacket for Miss M.  With a warm padded exterior and soft fleecy inside which she loved, this is great for windy, wet weather.  It has a snug fitting hood so it won’t blow off, that is fur lined around the edge to make it ultra cosy.  It fitted well and looks stylish.  Being a jacket was perfect for Miss M as she doesn’t like anything too long and is ideal for the Autumn days that are upon us.  With it’s pretty pink design and well made finish we loved this coat suitable for many occasions.

Tesco jacket coatFor Mister B I wanted something comfortable, that he could happily run around in and that wouldn’t show too much dirt.  He always walks to nursery as it’s just round the corner or on the day’s he doesn’t go, he join’s us on the school walk always picking up sticks and leaves along the way.

I don’t normally go for character clothes but when I saw this Disney Pixar Cars Lightning Mcqueen Padded Coat on the F&F website, I knew this would be the perfect coat for him.  His little face said it all when I showed him the coat – Lightening Mcqueen is one of his favourite characters!  The overall colour of the coat is black with a small Lightening Mcqueen logo.  There is also a trophy logo and the word RACER written across the bottom of the coat at the back.  Added details I liked were the checkerboard design inside of the hood and again this coat had a soft fleecy lining to keep him cosy and warm.  I found this coat to be of a really good quality, better than I was expecting for a coat of this style.  It was easy to zip up with the zip coming high across the neck to keep all the cold wind out.

I love this coat and so does Mister B.  It is generously sized although we did get a size up to go over all his thick winter cardigans and jumpers.  This coat should last, is great quality and has a bit of fun with it’s Lightening Mcqueen detailing which definitely helped encourage Mister B to wear it and motivate him to walk to school.

Lightening McQueen coat TescoWe’ve really enjoyed trying out the range of coats from F&F.  I have to be honest that I didn’t realise they did such a variety of coats and jackets and am quite impressed by the choice available.  They are good value for money with stylish, fashionable designs that are of a good quality.  I’ll definitely be back to shop there next time we need a coat but for now my children have some great outerwear to keep them warm and cosy on the school run each day.

Are you supporting International Walk to School Month to keep your children active?

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Miss M starts school!!

So the last 4 years and 8 months has flown by and now my little baby Miss M has become Miss M the little school girl!!!

September2This time in her life always seemed so far away, but the first day of school arrived this week and Miss M was so excited.  She is always keen to learn, explore and try new things so is more than ready for school right now but I will miss her and realise how precious the first few years of her life have been.

The night before school she was very keen and helped to get her bags ready, make her pack lunch and lay out her school uniform.  She then persisted in staying awake until after 10pm during which time she played with multiple toys in her bed.  The final time I went into her bedroom to see what she was up to she had her magnetic letter set on the bed and justified still playing by saying ” Mummy, I’m just learning letters for school tommorow”.  How could I be cross with her?  Eventually she nodded off and the morning arrived to which she jumped out of bed and begged to put her school uniform on.  I made sure she had breakfast first to avoid any unsightly spills, then she hurried up the stairs and insisted on dressing herself entirely doing each button up on her blouse and the zip on her skirt.  I felt very proud of her especially when seeing her in the full ensemble.

With such fabulously sunny mornings it has been a pleasure to walk to school this week(not sure I’ll be saying that on the wintery/rainy/cold and dark mornings that are sure to come).  Little Mister B has walked with us and Miss M has insisted on holding his reins on the entire route to school with him obeying her every command.  It is wonderful to see them getting on so well and respecting each other as brother and sister.

SeptemberFor now I look forward to hearing all the adventures, experiences and turmoils that Miss M will have during her time at school and wish her all the best on her new journey. xx

Harry And His Bucket Full Of Dinosaurs DVD – “Schools Out”

When we received the new Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs DVD – “School’s Out” from Abbey Home Media to review I was very pleased.  With a long wet summer ahead, DVD’s were on the agenda and Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs was a programme that we had caught occasional episodes of on television.  Dinosaurs and traditional style cartoons seem to be hitting the mark with 4 and half year old Miss M at the moment.  When I put this DVD on, both my children sat down and proceeded to be rather glued to the tv.

With six episodes included there are 66 minutes of fun to watch:

School’s Out
Hurray for Pizza
Superheroes Don’t Dance
Is that Really a Lamp?
I Want to Help
Somebody’s Moving

The storylines follow the magical journey into Dino World as Harry jumps into his magical blue bucket and his prehistoric toys spring to life.  The Dino’s attend Dino School in which Harry is their teacher getting up to larger than life antics that are sure to entertain any little one.  My two found the stories fun, entertaining and exciting leaving them with big grins on their little faces as the antics unfolded – the bicarbonate of soda volcano being a particular favourite!!

This is a great DVD for entertaining the children that we would recommend and is available from 6th August 2012 from all good stockists – perfect timing for the summer holidays!!

For 4 year old Miss M’s views on Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs DVD, please watch the video below:

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.