Mister B’s crafty sailing boat!

At Mister B’s art group at the local museum this week the theme was boats.  We walked around the exhibition displaying various ships and vessels from years gone by and I have to say Mister B loved it.  He was pointing out all the flags and other parts of the ships he recognised and even found a huge boat that he decided was a pirate ship!!

Boat museum craft kids sticking

We then went back to the crafty room to make a boat picture make up of coloured paper stuck on to a boat outline.  He thoroughly loved getting his fingers mucky with the glue stick and pressing down the paper shapes.  And then all the children in the group proudly walked around the ground floor of the museum showing off their boats – so cute!!.  I’m so pleased that Mister B’s crafty side is coming out as he wasn’t so keen at first unlike his big sister who is the crafting queen of the house!!