Woolly & Tig Books – Review

Woolly & Tig has been a firm favourite in this house since the first series aired on CBeebies, so I’m pleased to see a range of books have now been published by Random House.  They have a good selection, covering story books and activity books which include wipe clean and sticker types.

woolly 3If you haven’t met Woolly & Tig before, they are a young girl called Tig and her toy spider, Woolly.  The shows aim to explore new experiences that young children face such as the first time going swimming or being afraid of the dark.  Woolly encourages Tig to try new things, not be afraid of things and learn lots of new activities.

We received a couple of story books, Woolly at Nursery and I Love Mummy.  They are both high quality books, with thick glossy pages and bright pictures.

I Love Mummy discusses the relationship between Tig and her mummy, how much her mummy loves her and all the things she does for Tig.  It then shows Tig how she should help her mummy and understand that sometimes her mummy has to do things and can’t play but it doesn’t mean she loves Tig any less.

Woolly at Nursery explores the fun Tig has at nursery until she accidentally bumps into a little boy one day.  They both blame each other and she no longer enjoys nursery.  But by learning to share her worries and concerns she is happy to go back to nursery.  Both these books build on experiences and we have enjoyed reading them.  They make good talking points if your child has come across similar issues.

We then had a look at the activity books.  The Wipe Clean book is excellent for little ones who are just starting to hold a pen and get to grips with making marks on paper.  This is perfect for 3 yr old Mister B who could follow the lines, dots, shapes with the pen.  It also has simple words to copy which he struggles a bit with, but this makes the book a bit of a challenge and gives him something to learn from.  He is the ideal age for this and has really enjoyed doing it.

woolly 1The sticker books are all of a high quality, with lots of colourful stickers for little ones to add to the pages.  There are lots of other activities such as mazes, counting, colouring in etc. plenty to keep little ones occupied.  We’ve had great fun with these and it’s perfect to sit down with Mister B and do.  He’s really enjoyed them.

woolly 2If you are looking for activity books for your young children, then I’d definitely recommend trying out the Woolly & Tig books from Random House.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.


Butterfly and the Birthday Surprise – Book Review

Fairies of Blossom Bakery is a wonderful series of books aimed at young girls that centres around Blossom Bakery and a group of fairy bakers that live in Fairycake Kingdom. WP_005342Butterfly and the Birthday Surprise is one of the books in the series and is a story about Butterfly getting organised for her birthday as she doesn’t want any surprises so decides to arrange everything herself.  Unfortunately things go wrong but luckily her friends are there to work together and save the day in this cute, Blossom Fairy story.

Butterfly bookAt the start of the book is a map of Fairycake Kingdom, which Miss M was eager to explore and see all the names of the different places.  She liked Blossom Bakery best with it’s big pink roof covered in blossom.

We then read the book, which is a good length for Miss M who is 6, not too short but longer than a lot of picture books.  This was a great story to sit and read in one sitting and although I read most of it, Miss M did have a go herself.  She thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and was keen to follow the pictures as I read to bring the story alive.

This is a lovely book for young girls and even includes a recipe at the back for Butterfly’s Fluttery Wings Cake, a delicious looking double layer sponge with cream and strawberries topped with sponge wings of course!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the book in order to write the review.