Term Roll Top Wellies for Kids

Term Roll Top Wellies for children are the toughest and sturdiest looking wellies that I have seen for a while, whilst appearing of a really high quality that looks to be exceptionally durable and lasting.  They come in a variety of colours with contrasting trim on the soles and a fleecy lined sock that is hand washable.

The bonus of the washable sock is that you can actually use this boot over two sizes.  So buy the wellie in the size that your child currently is and it will last through to the next size too.  Hence the higher price for these wellies is easily combated in the dual sizing along with the amazing quality.  Just looking across the boot and the sole you can see you are getting value for money and a seriously well made wellington boot.  On the back there is a little reflective strip which helps them appear noticeable if walking at dusk or night time.

We tried a pair in Navy blue with a dark green trim on the bottom for my 6yr old.  Although the weather has been quite warm and sunny recently, he didn’t hesitate to try them on and proceeded to keep them on all day long!  I asked him what he thought of them and the reply I got was “I love them, they are the best wellies ever!”.  Well you can’t ask for more than that can you.

They look comfortable, stylish and very sturdy.  Being a keen helper Mister B was eager to help us with the gardening and the boots were perfect for him being near the edge of a muddy flower bed.  He even sat and did his yoga in them at the end of the day (don’t ask – it’s the latest thing my kids do, sitting with their legs crossed humming away – if it keeps them quiet for a few minutes, then why not?).

I think the proof of how comfortable they are is in the fact that he kept them on all day and wants to keep wearing them. These are going to be fabulous in the cold Winter months as I know they’ll keep his feet dry and warm – perfect for jumping in all of those muddy puddles and Autumn walks through trails of leaves.

If you are on the look out for a new pair of children’s wellies (which we all seem to be regularly as their feet are constantly growing) then I’d highly recommend checking out Term wellies as so far they are one of the best pairs we’ve had!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Trutex School Uniform Review

Trutex is the familiar brand when it comes to school uniform and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint.  We’ve tried various brands of uniform over the three years my daughter has been at school and I can honestly say her prefered brand is Trutex as she likes the cut and design of the clothes.

TrutexYou can feel as soon as you touch the uniform that it’s good quality.  There is a good,  thickness to it, and it’s well made.  Miss M loves the Trutex cardigans, she finds them comfy to wear and easy to do up the buttons.  She also likes the style of the blouses and will always take a Trutex one out her wardrobe before any other brands.

Trutex 2The grey skirt is pleated all round but requires minimal ironing after a wash.  We do find the skirts come up a little small so prefer to go up a size as Miss M finds them more comfortable on the waistline and would rather have it down to her knees (I wonder if that will change in a few years time!)

Trutex 3I find the Trutex uniform washes well, is easy to iron and durable.  It will last until the child grows out of it.  If you are looking for school uniform, then I’d definitely recommend giving Trutex a try, as it gets a big thumbs up from us!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the uniform in order to write an honest review.


Vertbaudet – Children’s clothing from the Autumn/Winter range

When it comes to children’s clothes I always look at the quality, does it look good?, will it wash well? will it last?  So when I was sent some items from the new Autumn/Winter range of Vertbaudet, an online children’s clothing company originating from France I was keen to see what the clothes were like.  Although I had heard a lot of good things about Vertbaudet, I had never actually tried them out for myself.

We received a girls striped cotton knitted dress for Miss M, a perfect wardrobe staple for the winter.  This can be worn with tights or leggings and is soft so you know will be ultra comfy to wear.  You can see from the knit on this that it is well made, a good thick quality with a smooth finish to the dress.  The stripes on the body of the dress match across to the arms, something I always like to see.  The added detail of a different coloured stripe across the top with a little woollen bow is the perfect finishing touch to this simple design.

We liked this Vertbaudet dress and think it’s a great winter dress for all occasions, it hung nicely on the body and the length was great too – not too short.Vertbaudet dress

For Mister B we received a Vertbaudet boy’s jumper, I love the style and the colours – in fact it couldn’t have been more perfect as the colours and style are what I would have chosen.  Again this jumper is well made with nice detailing on the backs of the arms and the buttons around the collar.  The jumper is soft and comfortable to wear – in fact Mister B loved it so much he didn’t want to take it off and wore it for the rest of the day.  It did mean I had to wash it due to dinner spills so the photo below on the right is after washing.  The jumper washed beautifully, stayed in perfect shape, all stains gone, and no bobbling in sight – a sure sign of a good quality jumper!

Vertbaudet boys jumperMister B was also lucky to try out a boy’s Vertbaudet yellow Parka coat.  The coat is 100% showerproof on the outside with a soft warm fleecy lining on the inside.  I love the detail on this with lots of zipped pockets and a badge detail on one arm.  It also has a reflective strip on the back so they can always be spotted on those dark mornings or winter evenings.

This coat fitted Mister B perfectly, I loved the way the hood came right over his head to protect him and could be zipped up high with a tab going across the top of the zip.  The quality of this jacket is wonderful, exactly what you’d expect from Vertbaudet.  I look forward to testing this out more through the winter months but I have a feeling Mister B will remain warm, snug and dry all zipped up in this cosy but stylish coat.

Vertbaudet coatI highly recommend taking a look through Vertbaudet’s Autumn/Winter collections, some lovely pieces and it all looks like it would be of the same high quality as the pieces we tried.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.