Play Fest with special guests Orchard Toys

Every parent wants to do their best for their children and an important part of being a child is playing.  They learn and experience so much through play, helping them to engage in the world around them and build up their social and interactive skills.  Which is why I love Play Fest – a fun, interactive weekly chat with other parents based on a guided topic along with friendly chat held by izziwizzi.  You get to share ideas and pick up lots of tips and activity ideas to do with your children.

You can find izziwizzi on Tuesday evenings on Twitter and Thursday evenings on Facebook from 8.30pm for fun chat – Play Fest.

Next week the wonderful Playfest have a special guest – Orchard Toys!!  For those who don’t know, Orchard Toys produce some fabulous board games and puzzles, and next week they are looking for your input into a brand new Orchard Toys product launch – Where’s my cupcake?

The topic will be turn taking and sharing in play, and Orchard Toys will be there to give their views as well as opportunities to talk about new products, get product recommendations and discuss Play Fest Orchard Toys product reviews.

If you register in advance then when you participate in Play Fest you will have the chance to WIN Orchard Toys games including the brand new release Where’s My Cup Cake?. Plus there will be extra give aways in the Twitter party on the evening! And on top of all that you can get a free Tangram on your next order at when you register.

So hopefully I’ve inspired you to come along and join in the fun – don’t forget to register and hopefully I catch up with you at Play Fest next week.

Happy playing!!


I was briefly looking through some old photos this morning when I came across a couple that sparked a thought back to the fabulous chat I had at Playfest this week.  For those not in the know, Playfest is hosted by izziwizzi kids and is a weekly meet up on Facebook & Twitter for lovely mummies and daddies who want to talk about and inspire each other with children’s toys and play ideas.

This weeks topic was Imagination, providing ideas of how we can help to encourage and develop our own children’s imagination.  One question asked about what props we can give our children, with the two most popular answers being cardboard boxes and blankets.  This leads on to the photos I came across this morning which completely confirm the ideas of playfest this week and prove that after all these years (more than I wish to remember!!) that cardboard boxes and blankets are a top choice for children’s entertainment and a fabulous aid to help spark their imagination.

Here I am on the left in these two pictures with our homemade den and snuggled in a cardboard box alongside my little brother.  How sweet??  xx