Kids Capture the Colour – Children’s Photography #KIDSCTC

Miss M was thrilled when she was sent a new camera to try out.  It made her feel really grown up and her chunky old Vtech was passed down to Mister B who was thrilled to have a camera of his own.

With Miss M being a very independent, determined little five year old, she went ahead and took her pictures, but wouldn’t listen when I said don’t move the camera until the picture is taken.  So she moved the camera immediately the second she released the shutter but I can honestly say the pictures below are her own work.

This is her entry for WHITE – a stingray in the local aquarium.

DSCF0023Unfortunately most other pictures from the aquarium were a bit blurred of if they were good didn’t really fit the colour brief.  So when she ventured outside on the journey home she took plenty more pictures.

Miss M came across this blue building/shop and decided this would be her entry for BLUE.

DSCF0052Under a bench by some flower beds she saw this collection of leaves/debris and chose this to be her YELLOW picture.  It had an old beer can in which she insisted on kicking to one side to ensure she captured just yellow.

DSCF0053For GREEN she found these bushes/shrubs.

DSCF0049And my favourite of her pictures is this RED flower that she came across.

DSCF0050I’m pleased Miss M took such an enthusiastic approach to photography.  I just hope it continues and she’ll let me guide her in taking better pictures.  I’m no expert but hope I can pass some hints and tips on to her for the future.

This is our entry into Travel Supermarkets Kid’s Capture the Colour #KIDSCTC


Street Photography – Las Vegas

When I saw the Street Photography prompt this week it made me think back to various city breaks that I have taken pre children and got me looking back through holiday memories!!  I came across my Las Vegas break from 2006 it reminded me of how surreal the whole place is and had been so different from what I had expected.  Being in it’s own little oasis of the Nevada desert really sets it apart from any other city and you truly feel a million miles from everyday life.

The bright blue skies and constant sunshine ensured there was never a dreary moment during our stay and one day I would love to return – although it could be some years yet!!   Family holidays are now on the agenda with sandcastles, swings and swimming so taking city breaks with sightseeing, street cafes and shopping has to take a back seat for a few years!!

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