Getting in shape for the Summer!

With the Summer fast approaching, well in terms of seasons rather than the weather, it’s that time we all think about our weight and fitting into Summer clothes.  With an opportunity to lose a few pounds before hitting the beach this year I’m keen to see what foods are around to help me out.  I’m tending to have just a salad for lunch at the moment but sometimes if I’m tired the night before and don’t end up making one for work the next morning, I need something quick that I can grab and chuck in my handbag ready for lunch.

This is where Forza Stir it Slim meal replacement drinks come in handy.  A new range of slimming drinks to rival large competitors currently on the market, Forza comes with two big advantages.  To make each drink you simply stir into water, no need to shake and no need to add milk. Another big difference is that not only do they offer cold shakes but they do hot drinks as meal replacements rather than just milkshakes.


With Latte, Caramel Latte and Hot Chocolate available, I knew Hot Chocolate would be the one for me, so I gave it a try. Ideal either in the morning for breakfast or lunchtime, this is quick and simple to make and only 204 calories, but contains all the vitamins, minerals and fibre needed so you are not losing out.

So the all important, what did it actually taste like?

Well emptying the sachet into a mug, I was quite surprised and the volume of powder, but then again I guess you need that if it is replacing a light meal.  I did wonder how well it would stir in, but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and it mixed with ease and quickly, producing a rich, creamy looking hot chocolate drink.

Then it came to taste and I can honestly say that it tasted just like a thick, rich hot chocolate drink.  I really enjoyed it and have to say, I didn’t feel at all hungry afterwards and happily went through until my next meal/snacktime.

These are definitely worth a try, so easy to use and taste great!


Nothing But. are a range of freeze dried snacks, in fact they are literally just freeze dried fruit and vegetables in individual snack packs, obviously in combinations deemed palatable.  With a ridiculously low calories per pack, just 36 cals for the Sliced Beetroot & Parsnip, 40 cals for the Pineapple & Grape and 34 cals for the Strawberry & Banana, these are the ideal healthy snack, not forgetting the biggest bonus of all – each pack contains one of your five a day!

Nothng butPersonally I prefer the vegetable combinations of these, although my friend loves the Pineapple and Grape variety.  They are not the most filling of snacks but if you are healthy eating then these are a great addition to give keep you going through the day, whilst also giving you some of your daily nutrients.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Nothing But Freeze Dried Snacks – Review

Nothing But are a unique range of snacks in that they are completely natural and each bag contains one of your five a day.  With a variety of fruit and vegetable combinations available, we received a selection to try out.

nothing butAvailable in the following flavour combinations:

  • Sliced Beetroot and Parsnip
  • Pea and Sweetcorn
  • Mange Tout and Red Pepper
  • Strawberry and Banana
  • Pineapple and Grape
  • Apple and Fig

They are called Nothing But for a reason, there is literally nothing but the vegetables or fruits mentioned inside the bag.  The fresh products are freeze dried which removes the water content and leaving most of the colour and all of the nutrients contained within the food.  The bags have cleverly been portioned to ensure they contain the required amount of fruit or veg to give you one of your five a day.

nothing but 3I have tried a few flavours of these before and the colours are more vibrant than I expected with the pieces being easily recognisable.  They do taste like the vegetable they are but obviously a dry, crisp version.  As this is nothing else added, there is no other flavours so no strong tastes to put you off.  Being purely fruit and vegetables does mean that they are exceptionally low calorie, therefore I see these as being a great snack to use for healthy eating.  Easy to take out and about as they come in individually portioned packs, or eaten at home, these are handy to have when you fancy a nibble, but want something healthy.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the snacks in order to write the review.


Nothing But Snacks – Review

Nothing But. are a new, healthy snack that not only contains real vegetables but each pack contains 1 of your 5 a day portions of vegetables.  I was fortunate to receive a couple of packs of Beetroot & Parsnip and Mange Tout & Red Pepper flavours.

Nothing butI was really excited to try these for many reasons, I love vegetable snacks, I’m trying to follow a healthy eating plan and I’m vegetarian.   They are also suitable for vegans, are gluten free with no added fat, sugar, salt or preservatives.

These are literally freeze dried vegetables in a packet with just 26 calories a pack for the Mange Tout & Red Pepper snack and just 36 calories for the Slice Beetroot & Parsnip snack.  You can’t get better than that!

I was amazed by the bright, vibrant colours of the vegetables, they looked crunchy and inviting.  When you bite into them they are light as air, although the taste of the vegetable clearly comes through.

Nothing but snack 1I enjoyed these and think with them being one of your five a day and low calorie makes them ideal for healthy eating, although you have to bear in mind that they won’t be overly filling.  I also would have liked to have seen a few more in each bag than there was.

What I did discover though it that these make the perfect low fat accompaniment to houmous.  I had some red pepper houmous in the fridge and dipped the freeze dried vegetables into it – absolutely divine!!  It gave an added burst of flavour and for me is an ideal healthy, low calorie snack.

Nothing 3

Nothing But, for me, make a delicious snack with houmous and I’d definitely have this again.  They are also available in another flavour, Pea and Sweetcorn which would be interesting to try.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.