Win 1 of 5, 12 Week Porridge on Tuesday Healthy Eating Plans

Porridge on Tuesday is not as the name suggests anything to do with porridge, unless you want it to be of course.  It is in fact the name of an exciting healthy eating plan that can help you to lose weight, at a rate that you want or even just maintain a steady weight by following healthy menus.  There are some delicious recipe ideas using everyday foods that are simple and quick to prepare.

pot foodA few months ago, I took the challenge and followed a Porridge on Tuesday plan in a bid to lose a bit of weight.  You can read about my first impressions here and after 4 weeks here.  I lost just over a stone on my journey and discovered that I loved the meal plans on offer, the flexibility to chop and change meals around, discard meals you are not keen on in exchange for others and tailor your weekly food to suit you.  This meant it was more enjoyable to follow and easier to maintain although for me I do find that following a plan like this keeps me motivated and on track.  When you haven’t got somewhere to check in each week it is easy to lose your way.

Hence why Porridge on Tuesday may be for you, a great opportunity to follow a healthy eating plan at the start of 2014 to get over any overeating you may do over the festive period and lose a few extra pounds you may have gained.  Or if you are looking for a little more weight loss, the plan can be tailored to your individual needs.

pot imageIf you’d like to try a plan, I’m pleased to let you know you can get 20% of any plan of your choice from the Porridge on Tuesday shop.  Each plan entitles you to:

  • A full menu plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks
  • Recipes for all meals
  • A Personal Shopping list
  • A suggested Exercise plan
  • Support via a closed Facebook group to help you achieve your goal

Just email for more info.

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Porridge on Tuesday – A new online Diet & Healthy Eating Plan

For me, food is always something that I struggle to balance, although it was when I was pregnant for the second time that I really started to overeat.  I am now living with the consequences, finding it harder to stick to a diet, with two children to look after and with the husband working shifts, our mealtimes are never routine so I often find myself snacking to keep to going.

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So as you can imagine I was delighted to be chosen as one of the Ambassadors for a new online meal planning site Porridge on Tuesday which gives you a full meal plan and exercise videos for the week ahead based on calories relative to your weight/height and how much you want to lose.  Or if you are not particularly overweight and just want help to maintain healthy eating with lots of recipe ideas then that is an option too.

Being vegetarian I am always sceptical of meal plans and whether the meals will be easy to cook but I have to say I’m really pleased with the Porridge on Tuesday meal plans so far as there are some really tasty dishes that are easy to cook.  Some of my favourites so far are Mexican rice and beans with avocado salsaRefried bean quesadilla and a very simple Spaghetti and courgettes.  I have made some simple changes to basic foods such as switching pasta and rice to wholemeal varieties and having cooked breakfasts – something that was very rare beforehand!  I can only manage this on days I’m at home although scrabbled eggs on toast has become a firm favourite.

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What I love about the meal plan is that you can change, swap or delete a meal if you don’t like it, want something different or just don’t fancy it on the day.  You can then choose an alternative lunch/meal/snack to put in it’s place.  For me this has been a very useful tool and something that encourages me to keep checking my plan and customising it to suit me.

Being two weeks into the plan I have already lost 5lb – yay!!  Although I’ve still got a way to go to shift the couple of extra stone I need to.   I’m hoping that by writing about my weight loss and following a structured meal plan I will stay motivated enough to get back to my pre pregnancy size or perhaps a bit lower!

I’ll keep you posted about both how well I am doing and what I think about the Porridge on Tuesday website – so far all is good!!

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