Harry Potter Magical Capsules – Review

Harry Potter Magical Capsules are the newest collectable in the Wizarding World from Kap Toys.  Each bronze Hogwart’s Crest contains one characters from the Harry Potter series along with a number of accessories that also act as clues as to which figure you will receive. With 10 characters to collect in Series one, lets get on and open our’s to see who we receive!

contents of harry potter magical capsule

Each Harry Potter Magical Capsule is a good size with three different compartments to open containing clues and accessories along with the figure.  This is also perfect for storage of the parts when not being played with or displayed.

The first compartment contains a Hogwart’s crest which is the first clue.  To find out more you simply have to turn over the crest and rub your finger on it until it turns a colour and this tells you which house your character will be from. We got green so we knew our character would be from Slytherin.

Clue two is found behind the second door and contains a spell.  At first it appears blank but when you dip it into water the spell appears.  My boy thought this was really exciting and loved revealing this clue.

Then it’s time to open the biggest door on the back of the Harry Potter Magical Capsule where you will find five bags to open up along with a checklist showing all of the available characters to collect in series 1.

The packages look really cool and my boy was excited to discover what was inside. We saved the biggest one until last knowing that it would contain the main figure.

So here are our contents of our clues and accessories – my boy absolutely loved opening these and trying to guess his character from them.  He was indeed correct with who we got – have you worked out who it will be yet?

We found Snape in our final packet – although I think we’d already guessed that a few clues in. He’s a fairly sturdy character that easily stands up and goes perfectly with the accessories.

Overall we love the concept of the Harry Potter Magical Capsules – my boy thoroughly enjoyed opening them and loved the little clues, in particular the spell that you uncover after dipping in water. He’s also a big fan of little figures and accessories so this Harry Potter collectable is right up his street. His favourite accessory from this bronze chest is the snake and he loves playing with them all.

Why not check them out now and let me know what you think!

Available from all major toy shops and Tesco from July 2020. R.R.P. £9.99


All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.



The Other Kingdom TV Series on Nickelodeon

A new magical live action series, The Other Kingdom premieres in the UK on 8th August on Nickelodeon at 6.30pm.  It brings together the world of mythical creatures, magical beings and high school teens as the series follows the journey of Fairy Princess Astral (Esther Zynn) who has to choose between being a fairy princess or becoming human, as she is set to inherit the crown of her royal kingdom of Athenia.


Leaving her fairy world behind to pursue her ultimate dream of life as a mortal, Astral’s adventures begin when she enrolls into Theseus High School as a freshmen exchange student. With the help of her new friends Tristan (Callan Potter), Morgan (Celina Martin) and Devon (Taylor Adams) and magical spells and fairy dust, her journey through human teen-dom is full of laughs, self-discovery and romance, until a sinister plot threatens the fate of her fairy kingdom. With her time in the human world running out, she is torn between saving her homeland and choosing her new life—and she only has 90 days to decide.

DESCRIPTION: FAIRYLAND SEASON 1 GALLERY: Pictured: ASTRAL (ESTHER ZYSKIND) in FAIRYLAND SEASON 1 on Nickelodeon. Photo: MICHAEL WILLIAMS/Nickelodeon. © 2015 Viacom International, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

My daughter Miss M, has been lucky to preview the first episode of The Other Kingdom and I have to say she was glued, eager to find out what happens next.  She was also sent a box of goodies to help her transform into a fairy princess inspired by the style of Astral.

The other kingdom

She couldn’t wait to dress up and try out the fairy inspired tattoos and had an afternoon of fun trying out the various items.  It also helped her get into the mood and feel of the program leaving her feeling magical and inspired but a world you can only dream about.

The other side

Miss M is 8 yrs old and this series is perfect for her age.  She found it interesting, different to other series she watches and fell straight into the world of The Other Kingdom wanted to know what happens next.  I think it’s great when a series grabs your attention like that and shows that it has a good storyline.

We can’t wait to watch more episodes – make sure you catch the first episode on Nickelodeon 6.30pm Monday 8th August!

We received some fairy inspired goodies for sharing the show information with you.