Cra-Z-loom Bracelet Maker – Review

With loom bands being very popular at the moment, 6yr old Miss M was thrilled to receive the Cra-Z-loom bracelet making set from Hobbycraft.  Previously she has only attempted basic loom bracelets on her fingers so we were keen to try some more intricate patterns using the loom board which comes with this set.

loom 1The kit includes 1 loom, 1 weaving hook, 600 assorted rubber bands, 25 ‘S’ clips and an instruction leaflet.  The instructions are simple to follow showing you how to make three different bands, a single loop bracelet, a waterfall and a bridge style.

Miss M was keen to have a try and started with the single loop bracelet.  After me starting off the pattern across the loom and showing her where to  place the bands, she was soon off doing them herself.

loom 2The loom seems like a good strong quality and was easy to hang the bands over.  Once all the bands are in place you then have to use the hook to loop certain bands ones over each other to complete the pattern and then the bracelet can be removed from the loom.

loom 3We then tried a four sided loom bracelet using just four of the pegs on the loom band.  Miss M really enjoyed this and was thrilled with the result, a lot thicker and more defined bracelet that looked much sturdier than the basic single loop bracelet.

loom 5

Miss M then looked through the instructions and challenged me to make her the waterfall bracelet.  The instructions for the loom are quite clear and are illustrated to help you know where to place the bands and how to hook them over.  It took me a few tries to get the hang of where I was placing the bands for this one and hooked them over incorrectly at first, but once I got going, it is actually relatively easy.  Miss M would need guidance to make one of these but it’s definitely something she’s aspiring to make soon.

loom 4

We thought the waterfall bracelet looked really effective and Miss M couldn’t wait to show it to her friends.

loom 7

The quality of the contents of the Cra-Z-loom set are good and the instructions are a good starting point to make a few different designs of bracelets.  Miss M could follow the more simple designs on her own and with some guidance from me we are moving on to more complicated designs.  The loom and hook seem strong and durable, and with a big colourful bag of loom bands included, we’ll hopefully have many more delightful bracelets being made over the next few weeks.

Both Miss M and I have really enjoyed the Cra-Z-loom bracelet kit available from Hobbycraft.  The possiblities with loom bands is endless and we look forward to discovering other interesting designs and ideas to make with them now that we have a loom to work on.

loom 6

Have you tried the new loom band craze yet?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the Cra-Z-loom was sent to us in order to write the review.


Super Loop Bands – Review

myStyle Super Loop Bands from Interplay is a fun bracelet making kit for children.  This kit contains 125 silicone loops in five colours, enough to make five complete bracelets, There are five metal ‘S’ clasps and a comprehensive instruction manual to guide you through joining the loops.

superloops 1Miss M was thrilled when she saw the set and couldn’t wait to get started.  She has seen many of these types of bands around on friends and in the shops and was eager to try them.  I followed the step by step instructions to start her off and actually found it really simple.  You literally just squeeze a loop to flatten and link through another loop.  The bracelet simply fastens using an ‘S’ clip although being stretchy you can just stretch it on and off your wrist.  The loops are quite thick and a really good quality, they look superior to other brands I’ve seen.

superloops 2It didn’t take Miss M long to get the hang of it and soon she was happily sitting there creating the bracelets herself.  She was keen to make one for her little brother Mister B, and they sat together picking out the coloured loops to use.  Each bracelet requires 20-25 loops and this Super Loops set contains enough to make 5 good quality bracelets.

superloops 3

We’ve really enjoyed the myStyle Super Loop Bands from Interplay, it has kept Miss M occupied and she had lots of fun making the bands.  I think this is a great little craft set for young girls, something they can do independently, something they can wear after and something they can give to friends.  My two children wear their bracelets everyday and so they have been a big hit with us!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the Super Loops kit was sent to us in order to write the review.