Casdon Wooden Beach Villa Play Set – Review

Casdon Wooden Beach Villa Play Set is a completely fold up self contained playset that you can pack up and take along with you with carry holes in the top.

casdonThe playset has two fold down sides to set the scene and inside two floors with stairs going up to the top floor.  The scenes on the open sides depicts a beach to help bring this set to life and aid young ones imaginations.

casdon 5There are also a number of accessories included, from a beach bar to stools, bed, tv, windsurf board, sun loungers, palm trees, two wooden figures plus a few more.

casdon 2I love how the playset can be packed up to just a small size box with all the contents inside for portable play and also to keep things tidy.

casdon 6Children can really let their imaginations go with this set, as 4 yr old Mister B did.  He had lots of adventures especially with the wind surfer!  There are plenty of pieces included to use to play although Mister B did add in his own boat so that both figures could go sailing off to sea!

casdon 4Being wooden this Casdon Beach Villa playset set is sturdy and durable, there are no small pieces to break off and everything that is glued together feels strong.  Aimed at children 3-6 years it really is something for those who love using their imagination through play as my son does.

There are other wooden playsets of a similar style to this one available from Casdon, including a Castle and Pirate playsets, so be sure to check them out!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the toy in order to write an honest review.


I was briefly looking through some old photos this morning when I came across a couple that sparked a thought back to the fabulous chat I had at Playfest this week.  For those not in the know, Playfest is hosted by izziwizzi kids and is a weekly meet up on Facebook & Twitter for lovely mummies and daddies who want to talk about and inspire each other with children’s toys and play ideas.

This weeks topic was Imagination, providing ideas of how we can help to encourage and develop our own children’s imagination.  One question asked about what props we can give our children, with the two most popular answers being cardboard boxes and blankets.  This leads on to the photos I came across this morning which completely confirm the ideas of playfest this week and prove that after all these years (more than I wish to remember!!) that cardboard boxes and blankets are a top choice for children’s entertainment and a fabulous aid to help spark their imagination.

Here I am on the left in these two pictures with our homemade den and snuggled in a cardboard box alongside my little brother.  How sweet??  xx