i-SPY Books for Kids

i-SPY books for kids from Collins are a great way to entertain children especially when out and about, on long journeys or visiting new places. Pocket sized and packed with over sixty colour pages of things to spot along with useful facts, they are sure to keep children entertained.

With a lot of long journeys for us at this time of year I knew the children would love to try out the i-SPY On a car journey and i-SPY On a road trip books.  We will also be going on a ferry in a couple of months so I knew that the i-SPY On a ferry would be a hit with them then and keep them occupied.  They already been checking out the pages and seeing what they remember from the ferry last time and can’t wait to take it with them on our trip.

The books come with true to life photos of things to spot relevant to the theme of each book so it’s really easy to tell what you are looking for and tick it off once you’ve found it.   There’s even a points system where by each picture is worth a certain number of points which you can add up and apply online for a certificate when you reach 1000 points.  They’ll also send you a badge through the post – a nice little touch that gives that added bit of motivation to keep finding things!

My two children were excited when they caught sight of the new i-SPY books having been fans after using them several times previously and before we had even left the house they were flicking through deciding which things they really wanted to spot when we were out and about.  Just a few days later we embarked on a 260 mile round journey to visit their cousins so this was the perfect road trip to check the books out on.  One had On a car journey, the other had On a road trip and it proved great fun listening to them spotting things and helping each other out along with describing signs for me to look out for in order to help them.

The i-SPY range of books have always been popular with us and we’ve had a combination of both travel and nature themed books which always create a buzz with the children that not only encourages them to learn but they have great fun at the same time.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Keep the Kids Occupied with Collins i-SPY Books

Collins books have recently relaunched their iconic i-SPY books in twenty different titles, so there really is something for everyone and each situation.  So if you have curious and inquistive young children, then this is the perfect way to entertain them on days out and long journeys.


We received ‘On a train journey’ and ‘In the countryside’ to try out.  Each book contains over sixty pages of things to find, each object with a full colour picture alongside a description of what it is.  There is also a points system when you can mark off and score each thing that you find, which leads to an opportunity at the end of the book to fill out a form on the internet to claim a certificate and badge once you’ve reached 1000 points!

i spy 1The book is a handy small size and my 8yr old couldn’t wait to flick through and see what she could spot.  We have a countryside holiday coming up at the end of August and she is determined to reach 1000 points after that as we have lots of woodland walks and trails to pursue on our break.  The points really encourage children to find things and they like to tick things of in the book too once they’ve been spotted.

i spy 2The Collins i-Spy range are a really fun idea, with a hidden educational element as they learn about the objects.  It gives us lots to talk about too and even my little boy was thrilled when he spotted a dandelion out the other day and remember he had seen it in the book so needed to tick it off when we got home – bless him!

If you want something to keep the kids occupied, then check out the various books available. Some others that have caught my eye are London, On a car journey, Every vehicle on the road, they all look great fun and something my kids would enjoy. I definitely think the London book would be ideal for a trip to the capital, which I hope to take my children on soon.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.