Painting in the Garden

I’m never keen on messy play, so summer is the ideal time of year for me to get the children outside and let them be creative with paint.  A few days ago, I took a long strip of paper (some packaging paper that had come with a parcel I was sent) and laid it across the patio.  We had some 99p sponge paints from the 99p shop, along with some solid paints, brushes and some cut up potatoes.

My two couldn’t wait to get stuck in decorating the piece of paper anyway they chose.


They even decided to paint their hands to make prints.paint4paint5My children had so much fun free painting as they wished using the materials they were given.  They were kept entertained for a couple of hours and loved every minute of being outside with paints, using their imagination to create their artistic masterpiece!

So simple, yet so much fun can be had being outside on a sunny day, keeping the mess out of the house.  We had great fun – why don’t you try outdoor painting too?