Greased Lightning – Showroom Shine Car Wash Review

Greased Lightning is a waterless car wash and wax in a bottle that makes cleaning the car a simple and effortless process.  We received a litre bottle of the showroom shine along with two Microfibre cloths, one to be used for cleaning, the second to be used for buffing and shining.

GreasedWe had a lovely sunny day last weekend and took advantage of it to clean the car, 6yr old Miss M keen to help.  I don’t normally clean the car, what with all the buckets of soapy water required, then the effort of going around cleaning and waxing but with daddy at work, I decided to have a go with Miss M.

The car had a mild dirt layer across it, with a lot of dead flies on the very front and a few large patches of bird droppings across the bonnet.  We set to work with the blue microfibre cloth to remove the dirt.  The bottle of Greased Lightning comes with a spray top which we inserted immediately to use.  You then need to shake the bottle to mix the contents, which activates the product ready for use.  It is then a simply case of spraying onto each area of the car and wiping off the dirt.

greased 1I was surprised how well this worked and really did get the car clean, even stubborn bird droppings which took an extra squirt of the Greased Lightning but did come off relatively easily.  Even Miss M enjoyed cleaning the car and we had no mess with soapy water, refilling buckets or waiting for it to dry.

greased 2After each area had been cleaned, we used the yellow microfibre cloth to buff the car to a showroom shine.  The first cloth used will become dirty and also trap any grit that was on the car within it’s fibres so once the main bulk of the dirt has gone, a new cloth prevents any grit being dragged across the paintwork.

Whilst buffing the car, I have to say I didn’t see any smears as I went along, the car just got shinier and shinier, really glimmering in the sun with minimal effort.  This was definitely a lot easier than I had expected.

greased 3Greased Lightening is definitely the easy option for washing your car, one that I would certainly use again.  It’s waterless, that’s got to be a big advantage on the environment, it cuts through grease and grime aided by the power of a microfibre cloth which is soft and easy to use.  It takes a lot less time than the traditional method of car cleaning and it brings the car to a mirror shine, smear free finish with extraordinary little effort.

greased 4We had lot’s of fun cleaning the car with Greased Lightning, it was so easy to use and great to see results so quickly.  It’s easy, convenient (especially when you can’t park outside the house – we rarely can!) and only requires the bottle of liquid and a couple of cloths to give your car a showroom finish.  Each litre bottle can clean up to 10 cars and with a single bottle costing £14.99, that’s just £1.50 a car wash – pretty impressive for the ease and finish you get!!

I’ll be using this again – why don’t you give it a try today?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.