Feel Good Infusions – 100% Natural Summer Drinks

The Infusions range from Feel Good Drinks consists of lightly infused water to give it a gentle flavour using 100% natural ingredients.  A new addition to the Feel Good Drinks range are the infusions which sit alongside the other 100% natural still flavoured drinks and also the ones with a few bubbles.

The Infusions range consists of:

  • Lemon & Elderflower
  • Strawberry & Mint
  • Apple & Rose

Each just contains water and natural flavourings meaning they are only 5 calories per 100ml.

So what did we think of the Feel Good Drinks?

Well I had a bunch of family and friends around to try them out with me and the lighter infusions range definitely appealed to the females whilst the men preferred the standard still drinks such as Orange & Mango.

We all found the drinks to be incredibly refreshing and grown up in flavour with the subtle hints of interesting flavours.  Apple & Rose was my favourite with it’s delicate apple flavour and a hint of rose.  Best served chilled these flavours are definitely a twist on the usual flavours you see and were a pleasant experience on the palate.

Lemon & Elderflower proved one of the most popular combinations in our group of tasters, being a great drink for a Summers afternoon!

Have you had a chance to try these out yet?  I’ve spotted them in my local Morrison’s but believe they are also available at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Co-op and Waitrose so check them out if you are looking for something light, refreshing with a bit of a twist!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Tommy Tucker Popcorn – Review

I’d never heard of Tommy Tucker popcorn when I was sent some to review, but little did I know what I was missing out on.  Everything from the packaging to the taste has completely hit the spot with me and without doubt I would recommend

tommy tuckerThe packaging stood out for me as soon as I saw it, very classy looking, definitely one I’d pick up if I saw it.  The choice of flavours is quite vast and we received a selection, Luxury Toffee, Sweet ‘n’ Salt, Coconut Toffee and Fruits of the Forest.

I have to say immediately the Luxury Toffee appealed to me and it didn’t disappoint, it just melted in the mouth, a luxury taste of buttery popcorn – I could go on eating this one, in fact the family didn’t get much of a look in! lol

The children were keen on the Sweet ‘n’ Salt as well as the Luxury Toffee and enjoyed it as the perfect Saturday night tv snack.  They were bickering over the last few balls in the bowl and kept asking for more which is a good sign and confirms that they really did enjoy them.

Not being a fan of coconut myself, but knowing the husband is, I saved the Coconut Toffee for him to try and without telling him what it was, I gave him a bowlful.  He took a few pieces and immediately said “Oh wow, that’s nice!”  so I can assure you if you are a fan of coconut then this will be a hit!

Fruits of the Forest is an unusual flavour of popcorn and although it was quite pleasant and we all enjoyed it, we had other favourites that we preferred, but definitely worth a try for a different taste sensation.

tommy popcornAll in all, our overall opinion of Tommy Tucker popcorn is that it is excellent.  Fabulous quality, taste and something for everyone.  We all recommend it and think it’s an excellent snack that we thoroughly enjoyed!

All reviews are my own opinions and I received the popcorn in order to write the review.


Sugar and Crumbs – Review

Sugar and Crumbs sell an amazing range of naturally flavoured icing sugars and cocoa powders with intense bursts of flavour from using 100% natural fruit.

sugarandcrumbs.co_.uk_My first thoughts on the ready flavoured sugars was how fantastic, no messing around trying to flavour the icing yourself, it’s all done for you.  I did wonder how they’d taste so couldn’t wait to try them out.

I was sent a Chocolate Orange cocoa powder and icing sugars in Tropical, Lemon Drizzle and Velvet Vanilla.  The packets were a delightful hot pink colourful with resealable tops which I think are a great idea, really convenient and easy to use.

Sugar and crumbs icing sugarEager to try out the different flavours I decided to make some mini cupcakes in both plain and using the chocolate orange cocoa powder so that I could add the different flavoured icing sugars to the top and try various combinations.

Sugar and crumbs bakingSugar and Crumbs kindly sent me a basic sponge recipe to use the cocoa powder with and an instruction sheet as to how to use their icing sugars.  They have cleverly made their icing sugars with really intense flavours allowing you to adjust them by diluting with plain icing sugar to reach a level that suits you.  Also each packet will last longer if you don’t use them to their full intensity.

Sugar and crumbs cupcakesThe flavoured products from Sugar and Crumbs are so simple to use, simply exchange them for your plain ingredients and you have flavoured cakes with no effort at all.  So what did we think of the taste?  The Chocolate Orange cocoa powder was very intense but a true, fresh orangey flavour burst came through the chocolate.  This is definitely one that can be used at a lower strength which I would next time.

The Velvet Vanilla icing sugar was sweet and full of vanilla flavour as I would expect it to taste.  My children enjoyed this one and it was their favourite of the flavours we tried.  My first choice would go to the Lemon Drizzle with it’s rich lemon flavours, which tasted fresh and citrusy.  Knowing my husband enjoys tropical flavours I gave him a cake covered in Tropical flavoured icing – he didn’t know what he was about to taste and thought I had just made plain cakes.  I didn’t expect such a strong reaction from him, but after his first bite he said “Oh wow, that is lush!!” and then proceeded to ask me when I was going to make some more.  I think that in itself speaks volumes about the rich intensity and deliciousness of these ingredients and the flavours that they bring to baking.

Sugar and crumbs testingWe’ve enjoyed baking with flavoured products from the Sugar and Crumbs range and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to bring some flavour to their cakes.  Sugar and Crumbs have a wide variety of flavours available and one that has caught my eye is Chocolate Lime while my husband has his eye on the Turkish flavoured icing.  Why don’t you take a look and see what flavours you would enjoy?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the reviews.