Disney Frozen Play Tent Giveaway

Disney’s Frozen continues to be a big hit with young girls, my daughter for one is a fan and I’m forever hearing the words to ‘Let it Go’ being sung around the house.  One thing I’m sure any little Frozen fan would love to play in is the Disney Frozen Play Tent from World’s Apart.

Frozen tentSuitable from ages 2+, the tent simply pops up and some poles are simply inserted and it’s ready for play.  With an opening door, I can imagine children loving to hide in here or use it for plenty of imaginative play.

If you’d like to win a Disney Frozen Play Tent, then simply fill in the Gleam form below:

Frozen tent

Win a Frozen Princess Elsa Dress Up Costume

I think nearly all young girls out there are fans of the Disney film Frozen so I was really excited when I heard that Fancy Dress Queen have added a selection of children’s Frozen costumes to their website.

With the Anna Coronation costume or the Princess Elsa costume available in ages 2-10 years, one of them is sure to be a little girls dream outfit!

So you’ll be pleased to know I have one Princess Elsa costume up for grabs in the size of your choice, see the beautiful outfit below and just fill out the form below for a chance to win!

I’ll also have a review of the costume coming soon so keep an eye out for that, Miss M is eagerly awaiting an Elsa costume to dress up in, one of the few dresses that she actually wants to wear!


Elsa costume

Disney Wall Vinyls Light and Clock Review

Disney is always a hit in our house and Worlds Apart have a fabulous range of wall vinyls to decorate children’s bedrooms including clocks, night lights, doorbells, wall hooks and light switch stickers.  My children were lucky to get to try out the Disney Planes Lumiglow and the Disney Princess Tick Tock clock.

planes princessMister B has recently been asking for a light on at night and the Disney Planes Lumiglow seemed like the perfect option.  A light that he could make come on by himself and give a soft glow in his bedroom, but goes off again after two minutes.

The Disney Planes light comes with 50 wall stickers to create a scene around the light.  There is a large background sticker to use as the backdrop for the light and other smaller stickers to decorate as you wish.  The light requires 3 AA batteries to work which are easily put in the back of the nightlight.  The light also cleverly sticks to the wall using velcro sticky pads, meaning you can easily take the light off to change the batteries.

planes1The stickers are of a good quality and stick easily and well to to the wall, although you can peel off and re stick should you need to.  Mister B decided he only wanted a few plane stickers around the light and the others have been dotted across his bedroom!  The light is very easy to activate requiring a simple clap, loud voice or other noise.  You can also touch it lightly and it comes on.

planes 2Mister B loves his new night light and has shown every visitor to our house his special light.  He loves being able to switch it on like magic and it’s been a great incentive to get him up to bed at night.  It gives a really soft, gentle glow which is great as it allows him to drop off to sleep with the knowledge that it will switch itself off after two minutes!


The Disney Princess Wall Clock from Worlds Apart has been a huge hit with Miss M who is currently learning how to tell the time.  It comes with 50 accessory stickers to decorate the wall, creating a pretty fairytale scene.  The main sticker is a fairytale castle tower with princesses at the bottom that forms the backdrop to the clock.

princess 1The clock requires 1 AA battery and can then be stuck to the tower using velcro sticky pads for easy removal.  The scene stickers include clouds, hearts, flowers, trees, butterflies and more.  There are also the 12 number stickers that enable you to tell the time, these even glow in the dark which Miss M loves.  The size of this clock on the wall along with all the stickers really does make this a feature on the wall rather than just a clock, brightening up any young girls room.

princess 2Miss M has this clock on the wall to the side of her bed and loves being able to look up at the time in the morning, she just about knows her half and quarter pasts, so we are now trying to learn the rest.

I think both of these vinyl wall products from Worlds Apart are lovely, being both wall decoration but also functional with the clock and the light.  They look good, the children love them, and so I definitely recommend them!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the wall sets in order to write the review.



H&A Kid’s Character Haircare Range – Review and Win

H&A have launched a new kids hair care range to compliment there already successful bath time kids ranges.  With a variety of character hair care products on offer there is sure to be something to entice you child to have their hair washed.  I know with 3yr old Mister B it’s always easy to wash his hair whilst in the bath without him noticing too much but 6yr old Miss M’s hair is a nightmare and she begs me not to wash it due to her natural curls that tangle up.

Shampoo 1For Mister B we received the Ben 10 shampoo.  It has a mild and gentle formula that is all important “tear free”, a must have for little ones.  It has a citrus fragrance which is fresh and fruity, but light giving hair a nice clean smell.

So what did Mister B think?  When he saw the tube, he grabbed it, gave it a cuddle, then danced around the room shouting “Ben 10, Ben 10, I’ve got Ben 10 shampoo, Ben 10, can I use this in the bath mummy, I love Ben 10”

shampoo 5So the packaging definitely appealed and when we it reached bath time that night he excitedly took it up with him and couldn’t wait to squirt it on his head.

What did mummy think?  I thought it was great, simple to use, easily lathered up, ran down his face with no tears and left him with soft, cleaning smelling hair – I can’t ask for more than that!

I must just comment on the packaging of the H&A hair care range.  All the shampoos come in large tubes which stand on a nice wide lid so don’t easily fall over.  I love that the product sits at the opening end so that you can quickly and easily squirt a blob into your hand or your child’s head with no fuss.  The tube is flexible and easy to squeeze, so I give the design of these tubes a big thumbs up!

Miss M tried out Disney Princess Ariel’s range of products from H&A which consist of a conditioning shampoo and a detangler spray.  The products immediately appealed to Miss M and although she would rather not wash her hair, she wanted to try these out on the days I insisted that we had to wash it!

shampoo 2

The shampoo has a fruity fresh fragrance which Miss M immediately picked up on and said “I like that smell” as we started to wash her hair.  As with the Ben 10 shampoo, this lathered up easily, leaving the hair feeling clean and fresh.  You can tell the shampoo’s have conditioning properties as you could feel the hair was softer and more manageable after shampooing, a good start in getting rid of those tangles.

shampoo 3With Miss M’s coarse curly locks the only way we can truly brush it is when wet using a large amount of conditioner and a tangle brush.  Although her hair felt softer and the tangles had eased we did have to add a separate conditioner in order to ease the matted tangles out.  Most children would have a great result using just the conditioning shampoo, but Miss M’s hair is an extreme exception and one that I’ve had to learn to manage over the last few years.  I think it’d be great to see a separate conditioner in the range for children that need it.

Once left to towel dry for 10 minutes we sprayed some of the Ariel detangler spray which Miss M loved the fruity fragrance of.  It really helped her tangle brush glide through the damp hair and in particular allowed me to separate it ready for plaiting.  As recommended on the bottle of Ariel detangler, a great way of keeping tangles at bay is to keep your hair in plaits.  This is something we do regularly with Miss M as when her hair is down it ends up a knotted mess by the end of the day and impossible to brush out or style the next day without another wash.

Without the Ariel detangler, the hair would have started to frizz which leads to tangles and so I’d highly recommend this to aid combing and styling.  It also has a heat defence formula to protect hair should you require it.  Being able to use this spray on both wet and dry hair it’s perfect for us to use each morning to redo Miss M’s plaits.  The Ariel detangler spray is a daily staple for us and we wouldn’t be without it!

Ariel picsWe’ve really enjoyed trying out the H&A hair care products, they are great value, the children love them and they work!

shampoo 6The products above as well as other in the range are all RRP £2.00 and available from Tesco and Wilkinson.


*** GIVEAWAY ***

For one lucky reader I have a set of one Minnie Mouse Shampoo and one Ben 10 Shampoo to giveaway – just enter using the rafflecopter form below!  Good luck everyone!

shampoo prize

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Nemo Bubbly Bath – Review

Nemo has to be my children’s number one fish – they love his brightly coloured body and are always on the lookout for him when we pop down to our local aquarium for the afternoon.  So when a bottle of Nemo Soft & Gentle Bubbly Bath landed through our letterbox, they both squealed in delight saying “Please can we have Nemo in the bath tonight”.

Nemo BottleNemo Bubbly Bath is made by H&A, a brand we’ve come to know and love over the last couple of years, with some fabulous gift sets available at Christmas time.  My two had a great selection including Disney Princess and Jake and the Neverland Pirates which kept them occupied over multiple bathtimes, including bath fizzers, bath crayons and blow in the bath bubbles!

The Nemo Bubbly Bath itself has been specially formulated for a child’s delicate skin and is suitable for newborns upwards.  Being dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and tear free, there really are no nasties in here to upset your child’s skin.  The bright images on the bottle really attract children to want to use it, which for me is a bonus as I know getting two children into the bath each night can be tough, especially when they are tired and grumpy, so there is nothing better than some fun bath products and toys to instantly bring them back to life ready for a fun time in the bath.

When bathtime arrived that evening, Miss M and Mister B couldn’t wait to get in and bath with Nemo, and see if his bubbles were really as soft and gentle as the bottle says.


With Nemo at the ready, the kids all excited,
The water was flowing for the bath of the night.
Miss M’s favourite clown fish, she wanted to pour,
And fill up the tub with some bubbles to explore.
So into the bath, Nemo’s magic ignited,
The children’s eyes lit up, they were so delighted.
It was bubbles galore, Oh, where to explore?
Look shouted Mister B, there’s more and more!
With a soft and gentle formula, I knew they’d be safe,
Hypoallergenic too and no tears on their face.
They giggled, they laughed, they played like little ones should,
Their imagination’s flowing, as much as they could.
With a pirate bubble beard, Miss M said “Let’s party”,
And Mister B shouted out, “Ahoy there, me hearties!”.
He then rolled a bubble ball, the biggest you’ve ever seen,
A snowball he said, then rubbed himself to get clean.
Miss M lay in the bubbles, she said it was like a bed of snow,
So soft and gentle around her face, right down to her toes.
After an hour of fun, it was time to get out,
Wrapped up in their towels, they waved Nemo night, night.
With soft, clean smelling skin, I tucked them to bed,
And watched them drift off to get all their zeds.
  With my little ones calm and asleep, I turned off the light,
Leaving them sweet dreams of Nemo, all through the night…


Nemo5As you can see, H&A‘s Nemo Bubbly Bath has been a total success with 6yr old Miss M and 3yr old Mister B.  They found the formula perfect on their skin and loved the bubbles.  Mummy loved the easy to pour bottle with a simple clip down lid and it’s also excellent value for money.  We would definitely recommend Nemo Bubbly Bath to others to try!

Nemo3We even took a peep at the H&A website to see what else was on offer and their eyes lit up as they made a wishlist of all the products they want to try.  Mister B has his eyes on the Jake and the Never Land Pirate goodies and Miss M spotted the Disney princess haircare.  She has curly, unruly hair so she wants me to buy the Ariel detangler for her to try!

We think H&A have a really fun, exciting range of toiletry products for children, with a wide range of characters, there’s something for everyone.  But the thing that really shines for us, is the different types of fun products, such as the bath fizzers and fun shaped sponges – it really does help entertain little ones in the bath and keep them amused, making bathtime a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience for parents!!

We received the Nemo Bubbly Bath to review and this is our entry into the Tots100 Bathtime Fun Squad ambassador competition with H&A.

Crosse & Blackwell 4Kids Monsters University Jelly Pots – Review

Crosse & Blackwell 4Kids Monsters University Jelly Pots are a new kids snack pot available in two flavours and are the same colours as the favourite characters from the film, Monster’s University.

crosse and blackwell jelly pots monster's universityWe received two Monster’s University jellies featuring Sulley, which is a bright blue blackcurrant flavour and two Mike, which is a green apple flavour jelly.  My two children were eager to try one of each and immediately were drawn to the characters on the top.

The first thing they noticed when they removed the outer cardboard wrapper was a fold up spoon.  They were so excited and couldn’t wait to use the special spoon to eat it with.  I personally think this is an excellent idea as it makes them a simple snack to easily put in a pack lunch or picnic without having to worry about spoons.

The Crosse & Blackwell jellies are made with real fruit juice and contain no artificial colours or preservatives.  The jelly appeared softer and more wobbly than traditional jelly although this made it easier to break up and simpler for little ones to eat.  I asked for their thoughts and got the reply “yummy in my tummy” from Miss M who rubbed her hand round in circles on her tummy as she spoke.  Mister B then copied his big sister insisting his was yummy in his tummy too.

crosse and blackwell jelly potsAfter tasting both flavours they both agreed that the apple flavour jelly pot one was nicer and if I was to buy any that is the one they would prefer.  I would definitely consider buying these for pack lunches as I like to vary what they have and these are ideal especially with the included spoon.  Great for picnics and days out too!

Also available are Toy Story fruit pots, something I will look out for so my children can try them – another great way to boost their healthy 5 fruit and veg a day!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

Disney Mickey Mouse Toddler Dining Range by Munchkin – Review

One thing children love when eating or drinking is fun, colourful cups, plates, bowls covered in their favourite characters.  My two are no exception so when we were sent some of the new Disney range from Munchkin, I had one very happy little boy.

We received the Mickey Mouse range and the first thing Mister B had is eye on was the drinks bottle.  It is a slightly narrower bottle than the one he is currently using which I actually like as I find a lot of drinks bottles quite chunky for little fingers.  And the big bonus I found with it was in the car where it sat perfectly in his car seat drinks holder!  The top of the bottle has a flip out straw which was Mister B loves although the slide over lid to open the straw is a little stiff and he does require some assistance to do this – I’m hoping he’ll get used to it over the next few days so can manage it himself.  Something that really appeals to me is the ‘click’ to lock technology when screwing the lid on the bottle which provides it with a 100% leak proof guarantee – I’m constantly having leaking bottles in my bag and so far this one has proved leak free!!


We also tried out the dining set which consists of a plate, bowl, fork and spoon.  I love the plate – it has lovely bright, colourful Mickey Mouse images and the background is blue – Mister B’s favourite colour (as he reminds me about ten times each day!!).  The plate is divided into three sections which I think all children love.  We have used this every lunchtime and Mister B loves his tomato and cheese in the little compartments or at dinnertime he has his veg in them.  The Mickey Mouse bowl is the ideal size for snacks and a firm favourite of Mister B’s to use.  The plate and bowl both feature a non-slip grippy base to help them stay in place on the table during use which is perfect for little ones.

There is also a fork and spoon with Mickey Mouse shaped ends.  Mister B found these really fun and although he’s a bit reluctant to use a fork usually, with his new Mickey Mouse cutlery he has had a few goes with both the spoon and fork.

Overall I found the Mickey Mouse dining set from Munchkin to be of high quality and well made.  I love the designs and images on the pieces and they are perfect for young children.  All the items included have been a hit with Mister B which I think is the true test as he can be very stubborn and if he doesn’t like something, he won’t use it!

The Disney range by Munchkin not only includes Mickey Mouse, but Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Monsters so there is something for everyone.  They start priced at £4.50 and for more information visit the Munchkin website.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.


Disney Princess Cinderella Musical Jewellery Box

Most little girls love being princesses, dressing up as them and wearing replica jewellery so the Cinderella jewellery box from Disney Princess is the perfect place to store their jewels as well as being a pretty box to accessorise their bedrooms into the perfect princess boudoir.

DSCF5112The Cinderella jewellery box, although made of plastic has been beautifully designed with lots of detail.  The main body of the jewellery box is shaped like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage with intricately designed wheels with a pink ribbon on the centre.  The outside of the jewellery box is very ornate including a very pretty lace effect across the lid with small pearl like beading around the edge.  On top between a couple of blue scrolls is a silver coloured Cinderella shoe which is detail that Miss M loved.  Around the edge of the carriage is a pretty pink ribbon effect and on the front of the carriage is a Cinderella button that is used to open the jewellery box.


Upon opening the Cinderella jewellery box a glass like Cinderella and Prince Charming start twirling around in the centre along to music – This was Miss M’s favourite feature of the box and she loves to open the box again and again to watch the figures dancing around and listen to the music.  Around the centrepiece figures are two pink trays to store jewellery on and these swing open to reveal 4 storage compartments.  There is also a mirror on the inside of the lid.

Cinderella3The Cinderella jewellery box also comes with some jewellery which Miss M was thrilled with.  There is a blue beaded charm bracelet – the charm being a Cinderella shoe and a large blue heart shaped ring.  Miss M couldn’t wait to try these on and even did the bracelet up herself!   They are a lovely addition to any little girls jewellery collection and Miss M loves wearing them each day ( I had to refuse for school!!).

Overall we really like the Disney Princess Cinderella jewellery box and think it is the perfect accessory to any little girls bedroom.  Not only does it have great storage for all their jewellery but looks great on a shelf and plays appealing music to any young princess.  This would make a lovely Christmas present and gets Miss M’s seal of approval with a big thumbs up!!

Please watch Miss M’s quick overview of the Cinderella jewellery box:

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.