Easter Crafting with Baker Ross

Easter crafts are always fun for the children and Baker Ross have a wonderful choice of easy to make kits that always look great when finished.  For Easter there is everything from cross stitch card shapes, make your own jigsaws, and some rather lovely scratch art birds.

With Spring finally here and the sun starting to shine in the garden, the children couldn’t wait to paint the Wooden Apple Bird Feeders.  These little wooden house shapes have a metal pole across the centre upon which you can place an apple and then hang from a tree for the birds to eat from.  We have plenty of birds in our back garden so we couldn’t wait to get these up in the trees to see the birds enjoying them.

baker ross easter 1With birds in mind, we had some really lovely scratch art bird kits, perfect for Easter crafts, that the children love to do.  The scratching is really simple to do and my 5 yr old sat eagerly creating a pretty design on his birds wings.  The scratch art effect underneath the main colour is rainbow coloured which is really fun and bright.  He also enjoyed making designs on the Make your own jigsaws.  The first one he made was a volcano with lava coming out, not particularly Easter themed, but a design he thought up himself and enjoyed doing.

baker ross easter 2I love the Baker Ross cross stitch kits.  A simple piece of shaped card that you colour in, and then cross stitch on top with a chunky plastic needle.  8yr old Miss M loves these and tried the egg shaped one first.  These are bright and fun and make a great gift for grandparents at Easter or are also great hung up as Easter decorations.

baker ross easter 3As usual Baker Ross have provided a great selection of crafts to do for Easter.  We also got some golden coloured plastic eggs which we plan to hang some ribbon from and put a little chocolate egg inside and then hang around the garden as part of our Easter hunt.  I’m sure they will prove highly popular with the children and lots of fun on Easter Sunday!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Halloween craft from Baker Ross – Review

Halloween is a time of year my children love, dressing up, carving pumpkins and lots of spooky crafts.  Baker Ross has a wonderful selection of children’s crafts that different and fun, in fact both my children thoroughly enjoyed this selection.

baker ross halloweenThey were keen to decorate the top hats which I think is a really fun idea as it gives them something to wear at the end of it.   We also received some brightly coloured foam skull stickers to use and along with some coloured pens the children got to work.

baker ross halloween 2The hats came in three pieces which were easy to stick together with a bit of pva glue.  Once finished they looked fun as well as scary due to the bright colours and my children proudly paraded them around the house and are keeping them ready to wear on Halloween!

baker ross halloween 3Next we had a go at the stained glass monkey decorations which were really effective.  The monkeys come with pre punched shapes that the children enjoyed popping out.  Then they cut pieces of coloured cellophane which they glued onto the back of the monkey.

baker ross halloween 4This was simpler to do than I initially thought as you didn’t have to be that neat or precise with the cutting out as once the monkey is turned over you can’t see all the cellophane shapes and just see an amazing stain glass effect.  I thought these looked really good especially held up to the light!

baker ross halloween 5The haunted houses scratch art are fabulous, I never expected them to be so easy to scratch and the sparkly silver effect that they reveal underneath is really effective.  The pack comes with pre cut black haunted house shapes in various designs along with some plastic sticks to scratch with.

baker ross halloween 6Just a gentle touch was required with the stick to uncover a wonderful sparkly silver.  I wasn’t sure this activity would be suitable for my youngest but he proved me wrong and without any assistance, created a staircase with a spider hanging down and a bat flying overhead – I was so impressed.  Miss M on the other hand was well away inspired by the designs on the front of the packet.

baker ross halloween 7We absolutely love the sparkly finished designs and will be decorating our house with these for Halloween.

All the Baker Ross Halloween inspired crafts have been fabulous and an excellent way for children to be creative, a lot of fun with some great results!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the crafts in order to write the review.


Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

Baker Ross has a fabulous range of home craft kits and the box of summer crafts we received from them certainly didn’t disappoint.  My two children love arts and crafts and couldn’t wait to get started! baker rossWe started with the Rainbow Lacing kits which they did when a couple of friends came over.  All the children were totally engrossed and loved this craft.

baker ross rainbow 1Firstly they had great fun using a pencil to punch out the centres of the pre cut holes in which the laces go.  Then they laced around the rainbow adding beads at the end before sticking cloud and sun stickers to give it a 3d effect.

baker ross rainbow 2Another lacing craft we did was the Wooden Frame Lacing which I wasn’t sure how keen they would be but both of them were so enthusiastic and wanted to do these, it surprised me.  They sat eagerly in the garden totally engrossing themselves in picking coloured strands of wool and threading them across the frame.

baker ross threadAnd here are their finished results!

baker ross thread 2The Garden Gnome Wind Chimes caused a lot of excitement over who was going to colour which design.  We also received some acrylic decoration pens which I was very impressed with.  They were so easy to use and left really vibrant colours on the wood as we coloured without any mess.

baker ross gnomesI loved the children’s creations and couldn’t wait to hang them in the garden.

baker ross gnomes 2Finally we set to work on this cute little craft baskets which the Deco pens worked perfectly on.  We also had some stick on gems, which had a simple peel off back to add some glitz to the baskets.

baker ross bags4yr old Mister B did his own designs, while 7yr old Miss M decorated some baskets especially for Nanny as it’s her birthday coming up and we are going to get some chocolates to put inside and use as a gift bag.

baker ross bags 2My children have absolutely loved the Baker Ross craft kits and have sat down over many days trying out different ones.  These are all perfect to occupy little ones over the summer holidays and are simple to do, but effective when completed.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.



Back to School with Sainsbury’s Arts and Crafts

With the summer holidays underway and two children to keep entertained, I’m also on the look out for things to do, whether it be days out, trips to the local park, or activities to keep the children occupied at home.  When Sainsbury’s offered to send us a selection of their Back to School stationary range including lots of art and craft goodies, I knew that would the perfect way to entertain my two when we are stuck at home or when it’s raining.

sainsburys 2With a selection of coloured card, tissue paper, wiggly eyes, glitters, sequins, glue, stickers and pens, they couldn’t wait to get started.

sainsburys 1Miss M decided to create a picture inspired by our holiday with a beach scene at night with a dark sky and stars.  She also added a lighthouse and a little googly eyed person.

sainsburys 4Mister B decided to recreate the huge blue and purple jellyfish that we saw lying on the beach.  He drew a blue outline and stuck on some googly eyes.  Then I helped him add some sparkly purple glitter to make it shine and then he drew some wiggly jellyfish legs!

sainsburys 3Miss M then got really creative and wanted to draw one her favourite activities – rock climbing!!  She’s only had a go on the man made indoor rock climbing places but would love to one day take part in some outdoor rock climbing.  She cut out a purple tissue paper rock and stuck it to the paper.  She then created a sparkly purple sun in the corner of the  paper.  She then drew three little rock climbers, one each side of the cliff and one on top with all bundles of ropes.  She gave each person a shiny coloured star sticker for their hard work and to say well done for their excellent rock climbing!

sainsburys 5A bundle of craft materials is a great way to get the children to be creative and also to get them sitting down concentrating just like they have to when they go back to school.  They also really enjoy it and love showing everyone their finished pieces of art.

sainsburys 6With the new school term starting in just a few weeks, there are lots of things to thing about from uniform, stationery to getting your child focussed and ready for the new academic year.

Being organised in the mornings is a great way to start the day and keep things calm and smooth running.  Sainsbury’s have put together a Back to School list of 9 igenious ways to streamline the kids mornings routine – why not check it out?

We were sent some Sainsburys craft goodies and voucher in return for this post.

Suteki Stencil Station – Review

Suteki! Mega Stencil Station by Cool Create is the new Japanese stenciling art craze using a golden ninja stamper aimed at children aged 5+.  The set comes with 9 stencils, 3 picture frames, 4 coloured paints, a ninja stamper and a workstation.

SutekiSuteki! has everything you need to produce three finished framed pictures although the paints, stamper, stencils can be used again and again.

suteki 2The stencils are layered using different coloured paints on each stencil to create a picture.  You receive enough stencils to create three different pictures, three stencils being used for each.  Also included are three picture frames consisting of a front frame, backplate and sticky pad on the back to adhere to a place of your choosing.

suteki 3As soon as 6 year old Miss M caught sight of this, her eyes lit up.  She loves her arts and crafts and the Suteki box really appealed to her.  It was the golden ninja stamper that really caught her eye and she was eager to try it out.

The first design she tried was of a girl.  You start by placing a blank cardboard square into the workstation, then put the first stencil in place.  The stencils are cleverly coloured the same as the paints so you know which colour paint to use with each one.  Although this is only a guide and you are free to colour them as you wish.  The workstation has four areas to squirt each coloured paint into – a job Miss M thought was great fun!

suteki 4It’s then time to start by dipping the golden ninja stamper into a coloured paint.  The stamper is a great size to hold and comes with 2 screw on sponge applicators at the bottom.  This allows you to swap to use a different colour without having to wash the sponge every time.

Once you have paint on the applicator then dab it on top of the stencil ensuring all the cut out bits are covered in paint.  It is then best to allow the paint to dry for about 5 minutes before continuing.  During this time we carefully lifted off the stencil and washed it along with the sponge applicator.

When the paint is dry, you cover the picture in the next stencil and use a different colour repeating the dabbing process as before.  Finally repeat with a third stencil to get the finished picture.

suteki 5As you can see above, the finished result of the Suteki is very effective.  Miss M absolutely loved doing this and it was easy for her to produce a great piece of art without it being too involved.  I like the idea that frames are included as this really brings the picture to life and it’s ready to hang on the wall. This is perfect for her age of 6 years and requires minimum effort for a fabulous return.  Anyone can do this, I think the age of 5+ is correct though in terms of keeping the template steady and not over dipping the stamper in the paint.

Miss M was keen to create another picture straightaway, so she got to work creating the monkey picture.  By now she was well away on her own, happily following the process I’d guided her through on the first picture.

suteki 6 And look how proud she is of the finished result!

suteki 7I have to say Miss M had a huge grin on her face the whole time while doing this Suteki activity apart from a few moments of concentration here and there.  She throughly enjoyed it and was eager and keen throughout.  I like it because it something a bit different, it has an element of fun with the golden ninja stamper and has been designed well with a plastic workstation tray that keeps any mess contained.

Here is Miss M proudly showing her finished pictures!

suteki 8Suteki has been a hit in this house, a fun activity that I think is great for children to enjoy.  It is a lovely to have a finished piece at the end that can be admired and enjoyed long after it was created.

suteki 9What not give Suteki a go or check out the Cool Create website where there are prizes to be won!

And if you are looking for other Cool Create art and craft sets, why not check out our Cool Create Daisy Chains review.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.

FREE toucanBox – Arts and Crafts fun for children

Remember the great, fun filled Artic themed craft box I reviewed just before Christmas?  You can see our review here.  We made some glittery Christmas decorations, an igloo, did some colouring as well as having a lovely polar animals sticker book to complete packed full of animal facts.

Toucan 2Toucan 1Well the fabulous team at toucanBox are giving you the chance to try your own toucanBox for FREE by signing up right HERE.

By signing up to a toucanBox subscription your first 2 pack craft box will be entirely FREE – no postage to pay.

You will need to enter the voucher code: mummyslittlestar in the voucher box and your craft box will be on it’s way to your door.  This code is only valid for the box containing 2 projects and open to new customers only.

If you are happy with the box then you will regularly receive a new themed craft box to keep your children entertained or if for any reason you are not happy, you are free to cancel at any time.

We loved the toucanBox full of crafting activities and hope you do too.


Lightbulb Baubles – Crafty Christmas Decorations

When Lightbulbs Direct suggested using old lightbulbs and recycling them into Christmas decorations, I knew someone who’d be up for the challenge.  My daughter Miss M loves her arts and crafts as is always keen to make something, forever looking for items in the recycling bin to glue together.  I hadn’t thought of using old lightbulbs before, but I found her a couple of and she set to work.

lightbulbs 1

We used some craft bits already at home and started by putting each bulb in a white square of tissue paper and gathering it at the top of the bulb.  We wrapped some Christmas ribbon around the top and made a loop to use to hang our baubles.

Miss M then took one of the lightbulbs and used her purple glitter glue tube to make swirls all around it.  The other bulb she covered in glue and sprinkled coloured glitter on to make it all sparkly.  We let them dry before hanging them on our Christmas tree.  Although simple in design they looked really effective amongst the other tree decorations and with the lights on the tree shining behind the baubles, the glitter shines and glistens away.

Lightbulbs 2

I think these our lightbulb decorations look great, a perfect addition to our tree. Unfortunately the glitter didn’t show up as well in the pictures as it does in real life but hopefully you’ll get an idea of the effect.  Miss M loves seeing her home crafted baubles hanging up and loves telling people she made them.  I’m really proud of 5yr old Miss M’s efforts and we are keen to decorate some more lightbulbs in the future – a great way of recycling your old lightbulbs and having crafty fun too!!

Why not try making some new lightbulb baubles with the children, a great activity to keep them occupied at the start of the Christmas holidays!

This post is a competition entry for LightBulbs Direct ‘Light Bulbles’ Xmas Crafting Competition

Christmas Activites for Children from Vertbaudet

Children love to make things at Christmas time and Vertbaudet have come up with a lovely selection of things to keep them occupied on the run up to the big day!

Here’s a list of things you can make and do:

  • An Advent calendar
  • Paper garland
  • Paper pompoms
  • Letter to Santa
  • Colouring pictures
  • Christmas gift tags
  • Woollen pompoms
  • Paper stars

Most things are easy to make and all have easy to follow instructions, you’ll have most things at home already so why don’t you give something a try.

My 3yr old Mister B wanted to try some colouring sheets so we printed some off for him, while Miss M was keen to try the paper star.  We followed the instructions and with a bit of help from mummy the star came together – she was so pleased and I love it too – it looked really effective hanging up by the tree.  We are going to make some more this week to decorate around the house.

Vertbaudet starsLots of lovely ideas to try – why don’t you try something this weekend to keep the children occupied and add to the festive decorations in your house.


Arts and Crafts Gift Ideas for Children

My two children are so excited about Christmas, the joy of Santa coming down the chimney and leaving them a pile of presents to open.  But with so much choice out there where do I start.  There are a wide variety of Children’s Toys at Littlewoods available but I want to get my children something that’s not too gimmicky, that they will use again and again and has some sort of learning value from it.  So I’ve decided to concentrate this years presents on creative toys this year.

Both my children love colouring, painting, sticking, you name it, they are always entertaining me by making something so this Jake and the Neverland Pirates Colour Your Pirate Ship would be right up their street. They’d have hours of fun decorating this before acting out their pirate adventures!

Littlewoods piratesThey both love getting their fingers stuck in dough, so I’d love to get them each a fun set, to get creative with.  For 5yr old Miss M, she’d just love this Play-Doh Disney Princess design-A-Dress Boutique where she could create lots of pretty dresses for the princesses.  For Mister B who’s 3, the Fireman Sam Dough Toolbox would be perfect for him to mould bits of dough in whatever shape he likes.  With lots of tools, cutters and stencils this would keep him occupied for hours and he’d love the toolbox to keep it all in like one of his idols – Fireman Sam.

littlewoods princess play dohlittlewoods fireman sam


Miss M loves to draw her own pictures and although they are cute and creative, I think she’d really enjoy the Hello Kitty Drawing Projector to aid her drawing skills and allow her to draw fun pictures with the help of the projector light but as if they are her own. It would boost her drawing confidence and hopefully give her ideas on further ideas for her own pictures.

Littlewoods hello kitty projectorOne thing we often find ourselves doing as a family is travelling long journeys in the car, either to visit family or to go on days out.  I’m alway on the lookout for things to keep the children occupied in the back of the car and these Travel Art Easels look just the thing my two would enjoy and entertain them along the way.  The Disney Princess for Miss M and Monsters University for Mister B.

littlewoods princesslittleswoods monsters university art desk

So many exciting present ideas for art and craft loving children, I know my two would be pleased to see all of these on Christmas morning.  They’ll have to write their wish lists for now and wait and see what Santa brings!

In collaboration with Littlewoods

Origami Farm Book – Review

Origami was always something I enjoyed as a child, fascinated by the different shapes and models you could make just from folding a sheet of paper.  When I received Origami Farm from Cico Books to review, I knew it be something I’d enjoy and exciting to share the joy of the papercraft with my children.

Origami Cico book FarmThe Origami Farm book is packed with 35 different things to make, each set out over a couple of brightly coloured pages in easy to follow instructions – a far cry from the old black and white diagrams I desperately used to attempt to build from library books!

The book is divided into four chapters covering the seasons, with appropriately fitting animals and foods that you would see around the time in each one.  Each model is also given a level of difficulty from one to three.

As well as the glossy pages and beautifully illustrated book, a huge bonus for me was that at the back of the book was a plastic wallet containing 50 individually designed sheets of origami paper ready to create each of the designs within the book.  Each sheet was decorated appropriately to a design in the book to really help bring each model to life.

OrigamiMiss M was very excited looking through the books and couldn’t wait to make some animals. We chose the chick first as this was an easy level one origami model.  I made all the folds required while Miss M looked on in awe – she was truly fascinated by what I was doing and loved the end result.

Origami ChickI then got challenged to make the sheepdog – and yes he took a little folding and unfolding but I got there and felt very proud of my result.

Origami SheepdogThe next request was a pig…

Origami pigAnd then Miss M kindly informed me that the animals were getting hungry and needed some food.  She insisted I made them some broccoli next so they had something to eat (bless her).

So mummy set to work on the broccoli.  And then Miss M and Mister B took the animals and their food over to their wooden railway where they joined the other animals and became part of the play set.

Origami farmThey loved the novelty of them, Miss M in particular was fascinated that I could turn a flat piece of paper into a 3D shape.  When I asked her what she thought of the designs she immediately said with a big grin on her face “they are fun, I love them, can you do some more please mummy?”.  How could I refuse so off I set to work making cows, horses, a butterfly, oh and some asparagus “as the animals really need that to go with their broccoli” says Miss M.

I loved the Origami Farm book, I thought it was totally inspirational in the world of origami, and with the included array of detailed papers to make your designs from this has to be excellent value for money.  Retailing at £14.99 I’d definitely recommend this book.  We have many more designs to make, but the fact that you can make them over and over with your own paper, I think this is a craft book that you would revisit many times.  The children loved playing with the finished models and it has totally inspired them in the art of paper craft.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.