Cool Create Daisy Chains Crafting Fun – Review

Cool Create Daisy Chains is a fun new craft set aimed at young girls who enjoy making jewellery.  Miss M loves anything craft related, so she couldn’t wait to get started when she saw the box.

WP_005251The kit contains:

  • 1 flower making unit
  • 30 fabric flowers
  • 20 flower beads
  • 10 round beads
  • 1 picker/hair clip
  • 4 clips to join jewellery

daisy chain 1The kit is designed to allow you to make flowers that are daisy chained together and turn them into jewellery and hair clips.  The flower making unit is cute and gives assistance in putting the flowers together by layering petals, beads and stalks, then using the picker tool to lift the petals over the stems to create the flowers.

daisy chain 2Miss M who is 6 immediately grasped the concept of building the flowers, although they can be a little fiddly, but she was trying to rush.  By going slowly and carefully the flowers all came together more easily.  Once each flower is made you can chain them together to form a daisy chain using the flower making unit to assist you.

The daisy chains can then be joined in circles of varying lengths to make bracelets and necklaces or even a daisy chain to wear around your hair.  The picker tool can also be used to make a hair clip by attaching a flower to it.

Miss M thoroughly enjoyed the Cool Create Daisy Chains and once she got started she didn’t want to stop.  It was great to see her sitting making the daisy chains independently once she got to grips with what she was doing and only required minimal assistance from me.  She loved picking out the different petals and flower centres and had them all lined up ready to make although she did get a little frustrated that the petals didn’t stay at the top of the stalks.

daisy chains 3daisy chain 4The flowers can be taken apart after and used again if you so wish although I would have like to have seen some more stalks,  petals and beads in the box so more things could be made at a time.  Miss M was only able to make one bracelet, necklace and a hair clip which she loved doing but wanted to carry on.

The set is aimed at ages 4+, which is about right but would probably require more assistance at that age.  I loved it because Miss M enjoyed this on her own once she knew what to do and she really enjoyed making the daisy chains, in fact when I asked her opinion she said “I love this, it’s so much fun”, which I think says it all!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the craft kit in order to write the review.

Mister Maker – Watch & Make DVD – Review

When we received the latest Mister Maker DVD from Abbey Home Media to review, Miss M’s eyes lit up – she loves making things and craft – and always loves watching Mister Maker create his masterpieces with gloopy glue, googly eyes and pom pom’s. 

Mister MakerUpon opening the box containing the DVD, we also found a craft kit to make Twiggy the giraffe – this contained lots of pom poms, a glue stick, googly eyes and sticky felt circles amongst other bits so Miss M was in her element and couldn’t wait to start making.  I suggested she watched the DVD first and we would do the crafting later.

The DVD lasts for approx 95 minutes and contains five episodes with 20 different makes – lots of great ideas to inspire little ones on things to do when the craft box comes out!!

Miss M loved it and at the end of the DVD she jumped up and said “Can we make Twiggy now?”.  I kindly obliged and we got to work on getting crafty.  Miss M was very excited and wanted me to read out the step by step instructions for her to follow.  To be honest I thought it would take 5-10 minutes and it would be over but we actually sat there working on Twiggy for a good 40-45 minutes as we carefully glued the bits together – Miss M did find it a little tricky and required some assistance but insisted I had as little involvement as possible!! 

TwiggyThe final result was a yellow and brown giraffe called Twiggy – little Miss M was very pleased with her achievement although did feel a little downhearted that he was a little tricky to stand on all fours but did enjoy wiggling his head around using the attached stick.

The Mister Maker DVD is an excellent way of inspiring children to get more interested in crafting with lots of ideas and simple materials used.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.