Eye Care with Biotrue and TheraPearl

Looking after my eyes is always something I’m careful about doing as I want to keep them in optimum condition but am prone to small infections such as styes several times a year.  I tend to wear eye make up at least six days a week, and it’s important to remove every last trace which can be hard when you have eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow lodged around the lash line after a long day at work.

I’ve been trying out Biotrue, a preservative and detergent free eyelid wipe for daily use.  They are so gentle you can even use them on babies.  Each wipe is individually sealed for hygiene and to keep them sterile until use.  I found each wipe to be a generous size and plentifully moist to really cleanse the eye area and remove any last traces of dirt or make up that are left behind after my regular cleanse.  They leave your eye feeling fresh and clean and hopefully free of infection.  Also if you have an infection, be it a stye or something like conjunctivitus then these would be brilliant for using each morning and night to really help remove bacteria and clean up your eyelid in a gentle way.

Moving on to the TheraPearl eye mask, a new favourite of mine.  This reusable mask can be used hot or cold to relieve dry eyes, headaches, puffy eyes and more.  In this cold weather and with long days I’m incredibily tired in the evening after a day at work and I’ve found this to be a great way to relax before I go to bed.  When the kids are tucked up in bed I gently warm this up in the microwave, go and lie on my bed for 20 minutes with the mask on and totally relax in peace, which sets me up perfectly to drift off to sleep after releasing all the stresses of everyday life away.

It can also be used cold by keeping it in the freezer for a couple of hours which I have tried and it feels great to soothe sore, puffy, tired eyes but I think this will be better used in the Summer months when the weather is warmer and the cold mask will have maximum effect and feel like a total treat.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.







ChillFactor Drinks Bottle – Review

ChillFactor Drinking Bottle is a new style drinking bottle that instantly chills a drink and keeps it cold for up to two hours.  Available in pink or blue, we tried the pink version out.chill bottle 4The bottle is quite large and holds upto 600ml of liquid.  It is not recommended for carbonated drinks but is perfect for water or squash, ideal for summertime!

The ChillFactor Drink Bottle separates into several parts, an inner core which is quite thin and is the bit you need to put into the freezer.  Being quite slimline it easily fits into a drawer in my freezer between other items.  For best results you should keep it upright and freeze for 4-6 hours.

There are also two ways of drinking through the bottle which was a bit of an attraction for Miss M.  By lifting the lid on one side you could simply hold the bottle up and sip out of it.  Alternatively you could pop up the other side and drink out of the straw.

chill bottleOnce the inner part is chilled you need to put it back in the main body of the bottle then fill with your chosen drink.  This is where the fun part starts – the outside of the bottle changes colour as the liquid cools down inside.  So in our case the bottle changed from pink to purple!

chill bottle 2What we love about this bottle is that the room temperature drink that we add to the bottle is instantly chilled and Miss M does like ice cold drinks.  Also the funky changing coloured bottle appealed to Miss M and she loves drinking out of it.  It has been used many times already and I see this as a great bottle to take out on long car journeys and days out over the summer!

chill bottle 3We’ve enjoyed using the ChillFactor Drink Bottle and think it’ll get lots of use.  Why not try it out today for your summer adventures?

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All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the ChillFactor bottle was sent to me in order to write the review.