Chill Factor Frozen Brain Slushy Maker

Chill Factor are know for their fabulous home slushy cups and have a new edition to the range called the Frozen Brain Slushy Maker.  This has a fun monster style face on the casing with a brain shaped lid, which is appealing to most kids believe it or not!  My daughter was excited when it arrived and couldn’t wait to get the inner cup into the freezer ready to try it out later that day.

The cup comes with easy to pull apart pieces that are all washable.  To start you need to dissemble and put the bottom part in the freezer for at least 4-6 hours although I always find it best to leave it overnight for optimum slushiness the next day.  You also need a chilled drink to make slush so my children always make up a cup of juice and put in the fridge to chill until their slushy cup is ready.

When your drink is chilled and cup is frozen simply piece the cup together, I did find the monster eye a little fiddly initially to fix on, but once you get the hang of it, it’s ok.  Pour your juice inside and begin squeezing.  Within a minute or two you will see that the juice has turned into icy slush.  It’s quite fascinating to watch and has never disappointed my children who adore drinking a slushy drink.

The straw needs to be inserted under the lid upwards and then you can get the spoon end down into the slush which adds to the fun of drinking these.  Excellent for Summer months, these are the perfect cooler drinks for when kids are playing outside.

My daughter absolutely loves slushy drinks and this Frozen Brain Slushy Maker cup will get regular use having had the thumbs up from Miss M!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.



Chill Factor Colour Blast Slushy Maker – Review

Chill Factor Colour Blast Slush Maker is part of the new brightly coloured range of slushy maker cups.  These cups believe it or not are designed to turn a cup of juice (and various other drinks) into a cup full of slush.  I have to admit, this is not something that appeals to me, but my 6yr old daughter Miss M is an avid slush drinker, having them at every café that serves them, on every school lunch I let her have, and as a treat at the local leisure centre after her swimming lessons.

Chill FactorWe received the red Chill Factor Slush Cup which looks modern and bright and had an eager Miss M desperate to try.  The cup requires approximately 6-8 hours time in the freezer before use, overnight is ideal, after which time it is ready to produce slushy drink.

It is also recommended to chill your drink beforehand, although we’ve found it does work with a freshly made drink.  We do aim though to put a cup of Miss M’s favourite Summer Fruit squash in the fridge at least an hour before we are ready to make up the slush.

When the Chill Factor Slush Cup is ready, it’s action time!!  Bring the frozen cup out of the fridge, pour in a cold drink.  Leave for 30 seconds, then squeeze up and down the cup for a minute or so and the cup converts the drink into an icy slush.  I found this really simple to do and required little effort, the slush just simply emerged from the cold sides of the cup as you squeeze – we are very impressed at the results!  Also due to there being an outer flexible casing to the cup, it is not at all cold to touch.

Chill Factor 1 Miss M has absolutely adored having a homemade slush drink and has enjoyed one everyday since we received the slush maker.   She is an absolute slushy addict and I’m really surprised how much these have appealed to her.  I was worried the flavours may let her down compared to shop bought slush, but no, she just craves one of these every night after school and doesn’t forget, so we always ensure we put the cup in the freezer once it has been washed. chill factor 3The slushy cup has been a total hit with Miss M, in fact so much more than I originally thought.  Firstly, it fulfils the demands of a slushy style drink, secondly it is easy to use, requires little effort and produces slush in minutes.  I guess having a slush loving child helps and Miss M is seriously into her slush!!  A big hit with young children and perfect for the summer months!!

Miss M also wanted to give the slush a try with some chocolate milk which we had in the fridge, the suggestion on the box was to add any milky drink to the frozen cup, then refreeze for a further 3-4 minutes before squeezing to make a slush.  This worked perfecty for our chocolate milk and Miss M loved it.chill factor 4

We would definitely recommend the Chill Factor Colour Blast Slushy Maker for anyone that wants an icy drink.  We have already got value for money from ours and I envisage many more slushy drinks being made.


All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.